15 Responses to Blog Categories For Groups

  • Fixes the issue with all blog posts showing in the group blog.

    • BuddyPress 1.5 Compatibility
    • Add support for creating post via BP Simple Front End Post plugin
  • Rewrote the code & Updated for BP Simple Front End Post Plugin 1.1.3+.

  • Updated for BuddyPress 2.0+
    Added support for theme compat. There is no need to move any file any more.

  • Updated for compatibility with the new Group extension API. Fixes various notices.
    Also, refactored the code to follow WordPress coding standards.

  • Added an action to allow modifying the group extension settings.

  • Updated to fix comment issue

  • Updated to add Admin options, rewritten parts for activity stream handling and a lot more

  • Updated for a lot of enhancements.

  • Fix the Post link in group activity. Code cleanup.

  • Fix bug when BuddyPress groups extension not active.
    Admin framework updated to fix deprecated function create_function

  • FIx fatal on frontend due to calling a not existing function.

  • Minor change

  • 1. Added option to disable showing single post inside the group. It can be shown as normal site post instead.
    2. Updated post list to only show posts from current group and not all posts for the selected category.
    3. Added option to disable edit link linking to post edit in the WordPress dashboard.
    4. Added option to disable the option for group creators/group admins to "Disable Blog Category"
    5. Fixed term selection of group create/ blog categories settings page. Now it is required to select some term on group create or blog categories settings update.
    6 . Small improvements in template.

  • Better integration for activity publishing for posts published from dashboard. Also added option to lists all posts from the terms on group page.