18 Responses to BuddyPress Activity Shortcode

  • Initial release

  • Updated to fix the issue with template compatibility. Now will work with any theme.

  • Updated to include #buddypress div as wrapper in theme compat mode.

  • Added option to allow showing activity post form.
    Also, do not show the activity listing on site activity, user activity and group activity when user is logged in to the site.

  • Updated to fix pagination issue

  • Added readme.txt file

  • Updated to allow load more for non filtered activity. Please do not use load more with filtered activity

  • Updated to allow using on the activity pages too.

  • Added support for displaying activity for Logged In, Displayed user and post authors.

  • Add support for filtering by roles.

  • Added actions to allow adding extra content to the shortcode.

  • Added support for scope='following' with context for='displayed', for='logged' or for='author'

  • Add support for load more. Sponsored by Shay.

  • Added support for for_group option
    Enhanced posting to group
    Respect role when scope=following

  • Fix pagination.
    Fix posting to group without content.

  • Added a filter for filtering activity list css class.

  • Fix css class name issue.

  • Add support to show private activities of a group if the user is a member of the group.