14 Responses to BuddyPress Anonymous Activity

  • Initial release

  • Updated for BuddyPress 2.0

  • Code refactoring, adding translation support.

  • Mentioned user email notification poster name fix to anonymous

  • Version Update

  • Updated to fix compatibility with BuddyPress 2.8+

  • Fix the status update visibility issue.

  • Updated for BuddyPress 3.1 and BP Nouveau template pack compatibility.

  • Add experimental support for bbPress forum actions.

  • Add admin settings to enable for group/user and change avatar. Also, Add filters to allow enabling/disabling for specific user/groups.

  • Fix nouveau bug in groups
    added support for BuddyBoss

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.

  • Group activity action issue fix
    RT Media and Legacy secondary avatar fix

  • Added support for verified member plugin