32 Responses to BP Editable Activity

  • Beta testing 🙂

  • Updated to support themes using template pack

  • Initial public release

  • Updated to fix the misspelled capabilities.

  • Updated to allow editing group activity.
    Also added some css for responsiveness.

  • Updated for jQuery Ui 1.11 to make it work with WordPress 4.1

  • Updated to fix the read more issue with long activity
    Also, fixes the js error due to new jquery ui version( Thanks Mike ).

  • Updated to use jEditable insdtead of xedit. Now, It will works with BuddyPress 2.0+

  • Even more theme compatibility.

  • Allow long text edits too. Add index files to avoid directory listing.

  • Updated for group activities.

  • Always allow site admins to edit activity irrespective of time.
    Cleanup. Load translation properly.

  • SuperAdmin can edit activity and activity comment irrespective of settings in admin.

  • Fix the issue with content editing when an activity was edited multiple times without reloading, the last updated content shoudl be used for next edit.

  • Added translation files. Cleaned up and tested with BuddyPress 2.9

  • Update translations

  • For better experience, hIde activity/comment meta while editing.

  • Adding compatibility for BP Nouveau template pack.

  • Allow editing from Sitewide activity widget too.

    Last updated: 05/30/2018

  • Better content formatting when inline updating the content.

  • OptionsBuddy updated.
    Removed deprecated create_function function

  • Add support for visually editing the content.
    Also fixes escaping of quotes (no more double escaping).

  • Better support for BP Nouveau, BuddyBoss and Community Builder.

  • Fix the edit action for BuddyBoss group activities

  • Fix the incorrect selector issue.

  • Update to save default settings on activation. Fix icon with BuddyBoss theme.

  • Fix issue with editing with Oembed(on BuddyBoss platform) as well as empty status update with media. Disables editing of activity in 2 cases.

  • Completely rewritten with a new editing experience with modal dialog box instead of the inline. This is aimed at making the plugin work with all BuddyPress themes.

  • Added UTF-8 support

  • Make sure to unslash value

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.

  • Fix modal box alignment issue in cera theme