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  • This is the first release in 1.0 series and is being considered as stable.

    Here is the list of features present in 1.0 release:-

    • Unlimited profile Photo Gallery
    • Unlimited profile Video Gallery
    • Unlimited Profile Audio Gallery
    • Group Gallery support
    • Gallery can be enabled/disabled for a particular user/particular group
    • Gallery can be enabled disabled for User profile(You can disallow profile gallery and keep it as group only gallery)
    • Gallery can be disabled for groups completely and can be used as profile only gallery
    • Multilevel privacy for profile gallery(public, friends only, private)
    • Multilevel privacy for groups gallery(public, private)
    • Privacy is applicable to gallery as well as individual media level
    • You can enable disable allowed media type(keep it as photo only, audio only or video only gallery)
    • Integrated to activity for media commenting/publishing to activity
    • Publishing media to activity can be automated
    • Publishing media to activity can be set as Bulk Publishing(Multiple photos/media in one activity entry) or  just single media item per activity
    • Media can be uploaded from  computer or added from web
    • Uploader will work with Non flash based device(Not tested with mobile device though, I tested by disabling flash in browser)
    • You can add images from flickr/photobucket(and extend for any site which provides oembed support with a single filter and 2 line of code)
    • Videos can be added from youtube and Vimeo(Can be extended for any site which supports oembed with a filter and 2 lines of code)
    • Light box everywhere(You can have light box in activity for image view/on directory page/on gallery listing page or even on directory page(using Pretty Gallery plugin)
    • Group Galleries available from profile
    • Improved Gallery directory(lists my galleries/my group galleries)
    • Multiple templates(with flowplayer/mediaelement.js player, you will have  to download templates separately)
    • Delete Audio from Play List[in case of flowplayer template]
    • Delete Video from Playlist[In case of flowplayer template]
    • Comment on video playlist page[ with flowplayer template]
    • Comment on audio playlist page(When an audio is played, the comments are loaded for that video/audio and user can comment further)
    • Square Thumbnails support
    • Original Image can be preserved now
    • You can create any number of thumbnails(It is using media meta) and access it(will need you to register the sizes with key name)
    • Uploader fallback for html5/non flash based device
    • New filters for allowing size limitations based on roles/individual user
    • Gallery API to create new Media types easily with gallery(*say pdf documents and so on, It is not finished yet but can be done with current gallery, will have fully functional api in 1.1)
    • Gallery API to attach gallery to any other component
    • Group Admin Can enable/disable gallery tab
    • All the widgets are re-written for better compatibility and flexibility(see the screenshots below)
    • Improved shortcodes
    • Embedding of gallery media in other places possible.
    • Fixing css conflict with WordPress gallery
    • Improved privacy(fixing the bugs)
    • You can easily enable gallery to show external media only or uploaded media If you want
    • Complete code refraction and organization
    • Powerful template system, allows you to customize almost everything from gallery template/functions.php
    • Removed the notice plugin
    • The video/audio player is decoupled from plugin, so you can use any video player of your choice and change player if you want.
    • Uploader is decoupled from Gallery to allow you to switch to other uploader if you want
  • Fixes a couple of Bugs in v1.0/1.0.1

    Bug Fixed:-

    • cover upload
    • bouncing of upload screen/organize screen
    • issues on Audio/video bulk edit page
    • Add from web on audio page:-now will not be peresent

    features added:-

    • Disabling/enabling flash uploader
  • Changelog for v 1.0.3:-

    • Fixed the bug with public group, public gallery visibility
    • Fixed a shortcode bug when owner_slug was specified
    • fixed a bug when the list of external allowed service sites are empty for add from web method


    • updated the code for directory url which used site_url() to make it dependent on bp_get_root_domain() for better compatibility
    • Added support for completely disabling upload/add from web method
    • Added support to store image meta, can be retrieved for later display/usage
    • added filter for different media sizes for audio/video/photo
    • updated bp_get_media_css() to return .bp-media/.media_type instead of .media
    • corrected the class name .sing-media to .single-media on single media page
    • A few more changes in css to make it uniform for post emebeded gallery as well as normal gallery
    • removed deprecated is_site_admin() and get_usermeta and replaced by is_super_admin() and get_user_meta()
    • Updated included mediaelement.js player to version 2.0

    Template Changes-

    • modified gallery/index.php to allow other entry points using filter "gallery_locate_template"
    • Updated included mediaelement.js player to version 2.0
    • Fixed the issue with showing only 12 items on edit page(which was introduced by mistake in 1.0)
  • -A fix for updating the different size for groups/user gallery

    Template Changes:-

    No changes in template

  • Fixed a bug with Group gallery single media page

    -Fixed the localization issues in the template

  • Fixes a problem with url catching when special characters are used in gallery permalink.

  • Updated for compatibility with BuddyPress 1.2.8+ WordPress Mutisite 3.1


    • included mediaelementjs player upgraded to v 2.0.7
    • fix for loading javascript/css from parent theme while loading other files from child theme

    Please note,  follwoing file changed in this version of gallery template

    • gallery/functions.php
    • gallery/inc/mediaelement
    • gallery/groups/home.php
  • Fixing the bug in shortcode.Allow more than 12 media to be listed using shortcode.

    There are no changes in template. The only change  is in the file bp-gallery/core/shortcode .php

  • Update for WordPress 3.2/BuddyPress 1.2.9 Support

    -Only changes are in the javascript files/css file

  • Compatibility Update for BuddyPress 1.5

    • Fix to show the statewide widgets properly(was not visible after BuddyPress 1.5 came out)
    • Fix the search form text on Directory for Bp 1.5
    • Fix the gallery Directory title
    • Include the no. of galleries on activity page
    • Use span instead of the small bracket in the count
    • and a few more cosmetic fixes in the template
    • fixed the problems with various translation
    • added support for wp adminbar
    • Fixed issues with the misspellings
    • fixed the various gallery drop down issue on directory page when some of them are disabled
    • Fixed  My Group Galleries link from directory page when Groups are disabled
    • Fix problem with single images when photo size is smaller than any of the specified size
    • Fix a mall issue with space allocation of user(No impact on existing users)
    • Completely localize the comments section
  • #only changes in bp-gallery/inc/ajax.php to allow it work with admin-ajax.php

  • Just a small fix for the error while building wp-adminbar

  • Updated for WordPress 3.5/BuddyPress 1.6.2
    Fixed a couple of notices and inappropriate usage of wpdb::prepare

  • Fixed activity-functions.php
    removed the echo from template to void printing template name

  • Fix the problem with ajax upload introduced in 1.0.11.
    Add the facility to upload from activity/cover upload without flash support

    Theme template must be updated to avail the features.

  • Updated to fix a bug when groups are turned off.
    Also a small enhancement to avoid showing the activity upload box if gallery is turned off for the component.

  • Fixes the search display for non logged in users(introduced with BuddyPress 1.6.x)

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.7+(Tested with 1.7.1)

    • Bumped version from 1.0.16 to 1.3 to avoid the users trouble of upgrading because of name conflict with one of the plugin with same name on wp.org repo.
    • Updated to avoid notices and fixed bugs for BuddyPress 1.8
    • Updated the included media element player
    • And a lot of usability fixes
    • Do not get confused, It is also a minor release, the version bump is to avoid the confusions to our users
  • Add support for theme compat. BP gallery is not compatible with any theme out there. Isn't that awesome?

  • Updated to fix some layout issues with the theme compat.

  • Updated to Fix a Meta table Bug.
    Also enhances inline media editing screen experience.

  • Fix the typo causing trouble in gallery meta functions. thanks Amir, Andrej

  • Updated to fix the activity upload issue

  • Updated the js, activity stream bug and updated translations.

  • Updated to fix translations.
    Uses the mediaelementplayer that comes with WordPress 3.6+
    Fixes the player visibility issue

  • Updated to fix the media player visibility issue when activities were loaded via ajax.
    Tested with BuddyPress 2.0

  • Updated to fix the template compatibility issue with BuddyPress 2.0 on Gallery directory pages. Also fixed the issue with adminbar on single gallery/media pages.

  • Fixes various js issues . Also fixes for PHP 5.4+ compatibility. This is a maintenance release.