60 Responses to BP Profile Visibility Manager

  • Initial release

  • Fix the profile visibility problem for user when the friends only option is selected

  • Update strings to make it translatable

  • Update to fix the logged in only privacy

  • Updated to add the support for Profile visibility link under the My Profile -> Settings menu of wp adminbar.

  • – Fix bug where friends were not visible in the friend list
    – Add filter to allow changing redirect location
    – remove pass by references to make it compatible with PHP 5.4

  • Major changes in the plugin. Now It will remove the users from various widgets if they have disabled the listing on directory or search. Also, test with invite anyone plugin for compatibility
    Date: 16th April, 2014
    Tested for BuddyPress 2.0 compatibility.

  • Updated the Label Profile Visibility to Profile Privacy as BuddyPress 2.2 uses the profile visibility label for field privacy

  • Updated to change the Privacy policy text. Also, refactored to reflect correct user count in the loop.

  • Adds admin options for site admins to choose default privacy for the new users.

  • Updated to fix an issue where friend requests/friends were not visible if they had set their profile hidden in search/listing. Now, Friends/Friend requests are always visible.

  • Updated message shown to the user when profile is not accessible. thanks to Dan for correcting it.
    Updated the way we handle the last activity, Do not delete last activity in future, just hide it.
    and a few more small edits.

  • Updated to fix fatal error when BuddyPress is deactivated.

  • Updated to fix fatal error when Settings component is disabled.
    This release include changing of the plugin directory name from 'bp-profile-visibility' to 'bp-profile-visibility-manage' to allow us provide future updates via BuddyDev Dashboard plugin.

  • Updated to allow admin only settings. Also changed text domain to allow loading the translation files from WordPress Languages directory.

  • Fix to make sure admins are able update other users settings from front end.

  • Added support for allowing friends list visibility.

  • Updated languages file

  • Updated to fix redirect issue

  • Added support to allow setting default profile & Friends visibility to only me from the admin settings.

  • Allow setting up default privacy even when users are being imported. Move the default settings configuration from account activation to account creation.

  • Updated to fix the visibility of the Friends widget and the request membership button of the groups.

  • Updated to fix the visibility of the Friends widget and the request membership button of the groups.

  • Updated for better handling of private group membership requests.
    Also updated the translation strings for admin settings page.

  • Updated to properly fix visibility on Group membership request page.

  • Updated to lower the sub menu options in the adminbar.

  • Update to fix fatal errors in case the WP_User_Query is used before bp_include action

  • Updated to fix the visibility of Last activity on the members directory. It was not working due to recent introduction of live time stamp in BuddyPress. Also, redirects to the previous page now.

  • – Added My Group Memers Privacy Level
    – Added Option to display the Protected Privacy message on user profile or keep usign the old redirection
    – Added filter to allow easily adding new privacy level.

  • Fix the protected nav showing on current logged in user's profile all the time.

  • Harden the friendship settings. Never let the request pass if it is disabled by the user.

  • Fix translation for the protected profile message.

  • Updated to fix notices when some other plugin modifies button args and makes it string instead of array.

  • Cleanup and update translation files.

  • Make the keys available in a function to allow addons manipulate it.
    Released on: 03/21/2018
    Last tested: 06/06/2018

  • Fix pagination issue for 3.0+
    Add support for template override.

  • Add support for the BuddyPress follow "Follow" button/action visibility. Site admins can enable the visibility and users can enable/disable follow.

    Released on: 10/29/2018

  • Update optionsbuddy removed PHP deprecated function create_function

  • Fix the visibility of user in recently active list if they want to be not visible. It stops recording of last active time.

  • Add support for group tab visibility.

  • Added option to allow admin view/search all users on front end(even if a profile is private).

  • Add support for members directory protection.

  • Allow admins to disable friendship request preference by user.

  • Allow admin to control which options are available to the user.

  • Added a filter to allow delegate the admin capabilities to non admins if needed.

  • Do not show private profile in auto suggestions.
    Also if BuddyBoss platform is active, change settings nav label to "Profile Visibility" to avoid ambiguity.

  • New filter to modify profile visibility

  • Fixed visibility of users in Private/Hidden groups for Nouveau template pack and BuddyBoss theme.
    Fixed Compatibility with BuddyBoss global search.

  • Added snippets feature to allow us keep the most used customizations inside the plugin. Can be enabled via filters.

  • Do not exclude friends from the message compose box.

  • Add compatibility with BuddyBoss Site restrictions

  • Changed behaviour for members visibility in group. Now the members preference for listing/search is respected in all groups. Earlier, we only applied this behaviour to public groups. Private/hidden groups did not respect the listing privacy. It does now.

  • Fix issue of friends listing in Nouveau template.

  • Fixes the visibility of the members in groups members list and group requests screen.

  • Fixes a bug caused by BuddyBoss 2.1.4 due to their change of args for the 'bp_members_suggestions_get_suggestions' filter.

  • Added compatibility with BuddyPress 12

  • Added support for Paid Member5ships Pro membership map user visibility.

  • Added support for PMPro Members Directory addon to support directory privacy.

  • Added support for BuddyBoss photo, video and document tabs visibility

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.