9 Responses to BP Xprofile Member Type Field

  • Initial release

  • Added compatibility with BP Profile Search plugin for searchable member type field

  • Updated for allowing to use radio field using a filter

  • Updated for 2 way synchronization of the membertype and profile fields.

  • Fix the infinite loop on member deletion.

  • – Fixed recursion on selecting empty field.
    – Allow filtering allowed member types in the field using 'bp_xprofile_member_type_field_allowed_types' filter.
    – Fix a bug where member type was not syncing to the profile field if the use's profile field was not set earlier.

  • Added support for BP Profile Search 4.8+

  • Fix field description. Update markup to be more inline with current BuddyPress profile field markup.

  • Add filter to allow electing default member type.