15 Responses to BuddyBlog Groups

  • Initial beta release for the BuddyBlog Groups Plugin

  • Updated to fix group admin page not appearing for multiple post types.
    Fixed activity actions in case of BuddyBoss

  • Fixes various issues reported in Beta 4

  • Adds support for showing Taxonomy archives on groups when single post view is enabled on group.

  • – Group token for email messages
    – Added None visibility/availability to tabs/sub tabs
    – Filter for default sub tab customisation
    – Single post redirection to respective group page if post view on group is enabled.

  • Fixed the settings bug introduced in previous release

  • Updated workflow(Needs BuddyBlog Pro 1.3.5+) to allow group admins to publish directly.
    Added better defaults for tab settings.

  • Fixed bug with group post submission state

  • Fix the issue with self notifications. Do not notify to site admin/ group admins for approval, rejection, submission of their own posts.

  • Added filters to allow disabling notification emails on post submission, approval and rejection.

  • Fix specific group tab creation

  • Updated localization string

  • Render manage tab even if group override allowed through settings
    Fix translation

  • Fixed issue with uploads.
    This version required BuddyBlog Pro 1.4.0

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.