44 Responses to BuddyBlog Pro

  • Initial release.

  • Fixed label for the Update button.
    Fixed Content getting truncated when using tinymce editor if the content had special characters.

  • Fixed default landing tab not showing posts lists if the posts lists slug was not set. Now falls back to list.
    Added support for Youzer.

  • Fixed options not rendering in the form for the radio and select custom fields.
    Fixed admin workflow metabox overflowing on mdpi screens.

  • Updated custom fields markup to be consistent.
    Fixed support for multi values field(such as radio, checkbox, multiselect etc).
    Fixed form field layout for checkbox, radio, select fields.

  • Fix Media Uploader tab visibility for BuddyBoss

  • Added support for displaying custom meta data with post entries(single post as well as post excerpt).

  • Fix the activity recording when CPTUI is used for registering post types.

  • New:- Introducing New Field Type API and including support for Image, Oembed(video), Rich Text fields.
    Fixed:- Recording of activity for post types registered by CPTUI plugin

  • Fixed: New field type not saving text/text area field in admin forms manage page.

  • Added support for the "File" field type and fixes tinymce editor values not being saved in bbcode mode.

  • Added support for placeholders to be shown as description/help text in post thumbnail, image and file field type.
    Added support for better link field display control.

  • Fixed:- Posts count for visitors.
    Fixed:- Publish date. It should be current date if the previous status of draft/pending and not the original date of post creation.
    New:- Option to require confirmation before post deletion.

  • Fixed: Remove debugging code

  • New: Added support to use standalone page for post creation & edit.
    New: Added support for Excerpt field.
    New: Added Date custom field type.

  • Fixed default comment status not being shown to the post author.
    Added filter for submission button class filtering.

  • Added compatibility with plugins enqueue media uploader early.
    Updated Taxonomy terms checkbox to scroll if there are large number of entries.

  • – Fixed Media uploader not loading previously uploaded media if the post creation is via shortcode.
    – Fixed excerpt not being used when rich text editor was enabled on it.
    – Fixed Terms exclusion not working.
    Рadded German translation contributed by Thorsten Wollenh̦fer

  • Added support for making the terms selection required.
    Added support for allowing custom redirect on post submission.
    Fixed the capability required for editing non published/submitted posts. It fixes settings featured images too even if the editing is disabled.

  • Added compatibility with plugins loading WP Media modal on create page while using shortcode.
    Added filter to limit which post statuses should be included in the post tab count.

  • Improved styling for posts list when used with BuddyBoss platform.

  • Added a filter for field markup args. Allow customizing field rendering experience via code.

  • Added Iframe/Embed custom field type. Site admins can use this field type to allow embedding iframes.

  • Added support for choosing view for taxonomy. Now, you can enforce one term per post or allow multiple terms(using checkbox view or select view)

  • Fixed required taxonomy not being honoured issue.

  • Fixed terms dropdown not honouring the default and excluded terms.
    Fixed global notices location for better experience on mobile.
    Fixed ajax submission not working when featured image was not used(a regression for last release).

  • Added options to choose order by and sort order for the terms list.
    Update date field to show the date in site's current date format when the bbl-meta shortcode is used.

  • Added compatibility with BuddyBoss posts layout for profile posts. The layout can be controlled from BuddyBoss-> Theme Options -> Blog screen.
    Added support to load functions.php from individual template packs for BuddyBlog Pro.

  • Fixed and made the required option work correctly with thumbnail field.

  • Added a filter for form ids based on post types.

  • Added Gallery field.
    Added Form type support.

  • Added support for front end creation of term. It can be enable for each taxonomy on the form edit page.
    Also, added upgrade routine for form type.

  • Fixed comment reply not working on single post screen.
    Minor change in 'post' post type action name.

  • Added support for better editing of embed in the visual editor

  • Minor fix for the BuddyBoss profile posts loop to use the_excerpt.

  • Improved workflow for post submission when post approval is needed. Super admins now skip the workflow and can publish irrespective of the submission state requirement.

  • Fixes a bug where all the included terms were added to post if no term was selected by user.

  • Added support for Video upload field type

  • Fixes compatibility issue with Video and field field type.

  • Added WooCommerce compatibility while uploading media

  • Added support for BuddyPress 12.0

  • Added experimental support for post visibility(password protected posts).

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.

  • Added support for Anesta theme.