27 Responses to BuddyCircles

  • Initial release.

  • Updating the settings framework.

  • Added more information on the single circle page. Also, added some css enhancements on circles list page for adding circle.
    Released on: 10/27/2018

  • Added German translation contributed by Thorsten Wollenhöfer

  • Add support to show circles as directory tabs. Use the settings page(misc settings) to enable it.

  • Fix compatibility with BP Nouveau. Prevent nouveau from reloading the user list on single circles page.

  • Fix button markup to avoid showing empty button for logged out/own profile with some of the themes.

  • Fix circle delete issue on user deletion.

  • Fix non unique circle ids causing issue with user add/remove.

  • Fixed the circle checked/unchecked bug introduced in 1.0.7
    Added css classes for selected/non selected circles.

  • Add extra check before adding admin nav item.

  • Fix various issues related to caching. Correctly clear cache on circle delete.

  • Updated hooks to be more flexible.

  • Creates default circles on user registration instead of activation. Fixes default circles not working when user is registered from dashboard.

  • Add support for custom parent component via code.

  • Fixes local notification not being sent.

  • Fixes version inconsistency.

  • Adds support for add/remove circle in BuddyBoss theme's members directory

  • Added Support for BuddyBoss on user circles screen.

  • Nouveau compatibility is added to filter activities based on circles.
    Fix bug of showing logged-in user circles in activity filters on other user profile.

  • Added better support for showing circles as Members directory tabs when used with BuddyBoss or BP Nouveau Template pack.
    Fixed compatibility issue with loco translate not translating all strings.

  • Fixed translation issues with plural string( circle count)

  • New Setting introduced for default circles privacy

  • Updated included Webui script to latest version. Added filters for extensibility.

  • Admin framework update
    Language file update
    Strictly type checked
    Typecast function return type

  • Added compatibility with BuddyPress 12.0

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.