16 Responses to BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier

  • First release.

  • Fixes following bugs:-

    Notification not clearing when a comment is made on a new blog post in activity stream
    Notification not clearing when comments were made on new blog comment in activity stream

  • Fixes notification when an activity item is deleted
    Fixes Conflict with BuddyPress 1.3 trunk

  • Fixes activity comment notification clearing issue on new forum topic comment/new forum post comment
    notification link points to the activity thread permalink
    improved database handing

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.5

  • fixed issues with wp 3.3 admin bar, thank to @mrjarbenne

  • Fix the page not found issue when the activity directory page is a child page or don't have activity slug. Thanks to @Jarret for reporting.

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.6

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.9. Uses the new BP notifications component.

  • Updated to include support for notifyiong favorite action. Also, now the comments on private/hidden activities will work too.

  • Updated to fix the deletion of notifications related to favorite

  • Updated with readme file.

  • 1. Fix the unfavorite notification issue
    2. Do not delete notifications, mark them as read when viewed
    3. Add a filter to skip some activity types from notification

  • Adding translation support. Also, Added a filter to skip favorite notifications

  • 1. Links to the actual comment fragment on the page
    2. A little bit of code cleanup

  • Fix double notification bug.