15 Responses to BuddyPress Auto Join Groups

  • Initial release

  • Fix BuddyBoss specific code causing fatal error on BuddyPress

  • Fix the auto removal of group from list on syncing if one of the users were member of the group.

  • Added two new operators. Starts With/Ends with to match prefix/suffix.

  • Adding API function for synchronizing groups instead of just adding. It does not change any functionality for now.

  • Added support for core WordPress fields while creating an auto list.
    Added default settings.

  • Added support for Fluent Forms BuddyPress registration.

  • Fix group_id while calling group join function call

  • Added support to use Role in the condition

  • Added option to enable group joining on user_register action. This is helpful if mapping group with user emails.

  • Ensures that values are scalar when using with equality operators

  • Admin framework update
    Strictly checking functions
    Fix language directory path
    Added POT file

  • Added compatibility with BuddyPress 12.0

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.

  • Improved admin ui/ux
    Added more plugin actions link to easily navigate to the screens
    Added support for BuddyBoss member type field
    Admin notices on relevant screen if necessary component disabled
    Fix Error