44 Responses to BuddyPress Moderation Tools

  • Initial release.

  • Enhance UI for report forms.
    Fix activity button for Boss and other premium themes.
    Optimize the queries. Benchmarking shows huge saving(only needs 3-4 queries at most).

  • Fix static abstract issue in strict mode.

  • Add more stricter test for collection before iteration to avoid notices.

  • Fix fatal error caused by conflict with other plugins using pt-settings. It fixes the conflict finally.

  • Fix the table creation statement. Use timestamp instead of datetime for the updated_at column.
    Also fixes the notice for accessing total_reports_count when the first report is submitted.

  • 1. Fix the popover position.
    2. Add filters to allow modifying the button args as well as button output.

  • Added support for WordPress posts.
    Refactored admin panel.
    Released on: 10/23/2018

  • 1. Fix translation file not loading.
    2. Fix image size in admin when the sizes are too big.

  • Add a fix for avatar image size in the dashboard queue

  • Adding support for bbPress forum topics and replies moderation.

  • Fix category pagination issue. Show more than 10 category correctly.

  • Added support for custom post types.
    Added support for Geo directory plugin.

  • Fix the version header

  • Added a filter to make an item white listed based on item type or id.

  • 1. Add a shortcode "bpmts_report_button' to show the button for an item using shortcode(useful if you are using visual page builders)
    2. Improve code for handling admin table lists.

  • Added auto moderation for activity – If enabled, You can keep new activities in moderation and only admins can approve the activities.
    Added auto moderation for activity comments:- If enabled, You can keep all activity comments in moderation. Only approved comments will be visible.
    Added option to make the item being moderated, visible to the content author(who created that specific content item).
    Added a filter to white list users. The content from whitelisted users can not be reported.
    Added option to control the visibility of report button on members directory/user profile.

  • Fix an sql bug for hidden groups query.

  • Added support for auto moderation of bbPress topic and Replies.
    Fixed some queries for holding post type entries in moderation.

  • Fix for topic/reply recording in activity. If auto moderation is enabled, only allow recording of approved activities and replies.

  • Add option to restrict who can report. Now, you can limit reporting to certain user roles.

  • Added button markup compatibility with BuddyPress Nouveau/BuddyBoss

  • Fix compatibility of button markup with BuddyBoss theme.

  • Fix auto moderation for group activities

  • Added support for suspending user accounts.
    Added support for whitelisting user roles.
    In dashboard, added notification bubble to show pending items in the queue.
    For more details, Please check documentation

  • Fixed reporting issue due to a bug in 1.3.2
    Added support for delegating management of moderation to other roles.

  • Change the order of the reported action to allow us easily setup custom redirects via code.

  • Add option to disable forum topic creation and replies creation for hidden users(reported users)

  • Fix icon for BuddyBoss theme

  • Added support for showing form in a modal box. You can either use popover or a modal box for showing the form.

  • Added option to use one or more email addresses for admin notification emails.

  • Added hooks to allow disabling the button at any location.

  • Fix:- Do not hide newly posted activity from the poster when auto moderation for activity is enabled.
    Fix:- Notices with BP Nouveau template when auto moderation for comment is enabled.

  • Added settings for site admins toe exclude the suspended users from directory and other listings.

  • Added settings to disable message send and receive for the suspended user.
    Added content author's email in admin reports screen to make it easier for admins to access their email.

  • Fix the reply blocker for suspended users acting incorrectly.

  • Restrict suspended user profile access

  • Fix bbPress topic/replies not getting deleted from admin screen of the moderation queue.

  • allow the topic author to access topic under moderation

  • Ensures that deleted content in the moderation queue are clearly marked as Deleted.

  • Disabled messaging from suspended account when using REST API.

  • Added REST API for reporting items as well as checking the status of suspended users.

  • Update admin framework
    Support PHP 8.2
    Update language file
    Security checks

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.