12 Responses to BuddyPress Notificatios Widget

  • Initial release.
    Compatible with Bp 1.2.8

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.5

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.6+

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.7+

  • Updated to fix the compatibility with jQuery 1.9+ and also some code cleanup

  • Fix the notification message formatting issue.

  • 1. Complete rewrite of the widget
    2. Added option to allow showing widget even when there are no notifications.
    3. Changed text-domain to ‘buddypress-notifications-widget’
    4. Widget will be disabled automatically when notifications component is not enabled.

  • Tested with BuddyPress 2.9.0 and fixed the name of the translation files.

  • Adding a line break before the clear all link. Also changing some labels.

  • Added support for shortcode for listing notifications

  • Remove unnecessary directory

  • Added lining to the notification text message( e.g you have (n) notifications).