24 Responses to BuddyPress Simple Front End Post

  • Initial release with support for custom post types and Categories. No taxonomy support in this release.

  • A major update to Simple Front End Post Plugin.
    It allows adding custom post type, custom taxonomy and custom fields now.

  • Update to allow validation of post data by other plugins. Also, add enhancements to keep the form data when a post is not successful.

  • Updated to allow settings comment status for post.

  • Update to support post thumbnail.

  • Refactored and updated. Fixes various notices. Breaks down into multiple files with better architectre.

  • Allow the developers to register an update_callback with each form that gets called after saving the post successfully.

  • Allow passing child_of with specific term id

  • Update to allow the dropdown categories to be ordered and sorted.

  • Add support for number, url custom field type.

  • Add support for Media uploader

  • Add proper support for post thumbnail and upload

  • Fix upload permissions for subscribers

  • Updated to fix notices, improve code quality and fix an issue with custom field due to the auto draft usage.

  • Fixed loading of form from theme files.
    Fixed notices.
    Added from id to forms.

  • Updated to fix the thumbnail attachment and the New button.

  • Updated with various action hook. The changes are limited to form.php

  • Categories in dropdown fix

  • Fix the sanitization for check boxes.

  • Post date as per creation date if updated

  • Add support for post visibility(public,private)

  • Fix the taxonomy checkbox issue. The checkbox now works for all taxonomies.

  • Fix js bug due to undefined object property

  • Added action hooks to allow intercept the form saving.