28 Responses to BuddyPress User Badges

  • Release notes

  • Fix Badge image not saving for roles.

  • Remove the hardcoded dimension from the images. If you need to restrict height and width of the images, Please see plugin page.

  • Fix positioning issue between custom badges and role bade or member type based badges.
    Include default css style for badge list(minimal).
    Add option to disable default css in settings.

  • Fix php notice for array.
    Add better compatibility with BuddyBoss.

  • Fix badges list in the members list under user profile(friends/followers etc).

  • Avoid space if badges can be shown in members list for BuddyBoss platform

  • Css fix for shortcode members listing

  • Add shortcode support with 2 views.

  • Update shortcode to list users having a specific role/member type badge correctly.

  • Better compatibility with BuddyBoss theme.

  • Fix number of badges shown for the user.

  • All custom badges bug fix in admin

  • Fixed the listing of badges in dashboard(was limited to 10 custom badges earlier)

  • Add badges shortcode compatibility with BuddyBoss theme.

  • Updated admin interface.
    Fixed directory badge issue with BuddyPress Legacy template pack.

  • Added support for Youzer on Member's directory and Member's header

  • Added bbPress single topic screen as display context

  • Fix double badges row on the Members directory when BP Nouveau template was being used.

  • Add support for BuddyBoss platform/theme specific tool tip for badge description.

  • Add css to make the profile badges list look better on mobile devices with BuddyBoss theme.

  • Hide inactive badges on the frontend

  • Fixed the incompatibility and Bugs introduced by BuddyBoss platform 1.9+

  • Added support for BuddyBoss theme 2.0+. Tested with BuddyBoss theme 2.2.3

  • Fixed iteration warning where roles are empty for user

  • Fix admin bug while editing user profile in admin

  • Added compatibility with PHP 8.0
    Updated admin framework
    Fixed plugin language directory path

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.