27 Responses to Facebook Like User Activity Stream for BuddyPress

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.6

    Does not redirect to the stream page by default.

  • Update and remove personal sub tab in the user activity and default to your stream(It is almost same as 1.0.6 except the tab defaults to your personal)

  • A critical fix.
    I messed up sitewide activity page in 1.0.7.
    Please upgrade to 1.0.8. It also keeps the personal activity on user profile intact and defaults to your stream tab.

  • Just fixing my last mistake. Seems like I have done a lot of trivial mistakes recently. Finally, I am assured of this plugin now 🙂

  • Updated to allow working when the groups component is turned off

  • Fix for wpdb::prepare warning

  • Fixes call time reference passing error.

  • Updated for BuddyPress 1.8+(tested with BuddyPress 2.0). Also added support for BuddyPress Followers Plugin

  • 1. refactored the code and moved most of the code to Helper class
    2. Fixed the empty status issue caused by the changes the way BuddyPress not stores last activity.

  • Add the filter fblike_activity_get_friend_ids to allow filtering returned friends/follower ids.

  • Updated to fix the hs_more_items notice.
    Also changed the directory name of the plugin to allow future updates via Buddydev updater.

  • Rewrote parts of it to make it flexible. Include supports for friends, groups, followers, following

  • Fixed notices.

  • 1. Rewrite the plugin.
    2. Introduce better Query filter for scalability.
    3. Add option to use the sitewide activity directory as user's network stream
    4. Add admin settings panels.

  • Fix the sql issue on new post update from activity.
    Released on: 05/02/2018
    Last tested on: 06/06/2018

  • Fix settings.
    Allow changing label of your Stream.

  • Fix the activity query. Makes the 1.2 branch work again properly.

  • Update the settings framework. Fixes issues with other plugins using the settings class.

  • Fix activity filtration using activity filters on 'Your stream' and activity directory page

  • Added support for the follow/followers in BuddyBoss platform

  • Fix BuddyBoss media not showing up on profile stream(if profile stream is enabled)

  • Fix bug due to undefined function

  • FIx bug causing fatal

  • Fix the issue with Follow/Followers activities due to confusing naming of BuddyPress Follow and BuddyBoss Follow

  • Fix support for BuddyBoss directory if the setting is enabled.

  • Fixes an issue with BuddyBoss compatibility.
    Enforces the stream preference only for logged in users.

  • Bumping version to regenerate archive for WordPress 6.4.3 compatibility.