Force BuddyPress Users to Upload Profile Photo

Do you want to force your BuddyPress users to upload avatars/photo before they can use the site. Well, In that case you are in the right spot.

"BuddyPress Force Profile Photo" plugin forces users to upload their profile photo/avatar before they can use the site.



The site admins are not required to upload Β the photo just the normal site users.

Downloads & Installation:


Have fun guys πŸ™‚

55 Responses to Force BuddyPress Users to Upload Profile Photo

  • Vik #

    Nice plugin. Was looking for something like this.

    Thanks for sharing !!

  • Indeed nice plugin, but I had to deactivated as it does not recognise profile images from social login users. Lets say when someone logins with Facebook and the same avatar is used, plugin keeps forcing him to change his avatar.

    Maybe a restriction to check only for mystery man.

    • Hi Giorgos,
      Thank you for the comment. Which social login plugin are you using? I am in the process of collecting data to exclude the users from facebook/other social sites. need to know the plugin you are using. Can you please provide me the name/link to the plugin you are using?

    • Hi Brajesh,

      Really cool (and much needed) plugin – thanks.

      Unfortunately though, like Giorgos and others, when someone logs in with Facebook and the same avatar / profile picture (from Facebook) is used, the plugin keeps forcing him to change his profile picture. Can you please look into this? I uninstalled my old version and downloaded the most recent version from the GitHub repo, but still had no luck. Please help, as this is really annoying for end-users (especially those that use Facebook to register on my site). FYI, I use the KLEO WordPress theme. I hope you can help!

      • Hi,
        Thank you for the comment.
        Please upgrade to version 1.0.1 . It adds support for excluding users joining from multiple social networks using various WordPress plugin. It does have support for KLEO included too.

        Please give it a try and let me know if that works or not?

  • Would it be possible to combine the features of this plugin with the BP Force Profile plugin which forces users to complete 'Required' fields on their profile pages. Right now using both of these plugins causes an infinite loop. Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Brajesh,

    For Facebook I use the one that is intergraded with my theme. (Kleo) . And for the other social networks I use super socializer

    • Hi Giorgos,
      Thank you.
      I will have an update tomorrow that fixes it for 2 other social plugin compatibility too.

      • @Brajesh, Can I download now? Is it updated?

  • Dear ,I just upload the plugin but i don't how it works any advice please

    • Hi Majdi,
      Please activate the plugin by visiting your Dashboard>Plugins and It will work automatically.

  • Hi Brajesh. Thanks so much for your wonderful plugins. Our school community is thriving and your plugins are a big part of it.

    Everything was going well with the BuddyPress Force Profile Photo plugin until members who signed up with Gravatars complained that they are being asked to upload a new profile photo. Is this a mistake? πŸ™‚ Eric

    • Hi Eric,
      Thank you for the comment and appreciation.

      The problem is we can not detect which user has gravatar photo and which does not. Are you using any specific plugin for that.\?

      I did add the support to exclude facebook/social users from being forced in the current dev branch at github, if you are using any specific plugin and that allows us to identify users with valid photo, please do let me know. I will add support for that.

  • This is great, I love this plugin and I love the way members come to me complaining that they can't do anything on the website and that they keep getting redirected to the user profile page! Amusing.

    One question: can you do something similar with background image? My members page looks a bit rubbish when only half the users have uploaded an image.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Hi Jamie,
      Thank you. I am not sure If I understood correctly, which plugin you are using for managing background?

      • I'm using BuddyPress and a theme called Woffice. However I assumed that all user profiles had a background image?

        • Hi Jamie,
          that is most probably a theme feature I believe. Cover photos are coming to BuddyPress 2.4(hopefully) but there is no background feature available in the default. Please ask your theme developers, they will be able to help better.

          Tank you

        • Thanks for the confirmation and for getting back to me, Brajesh.

  • Hi Brijesh!
    First of all, good work with your plugins.
    I was wondering since I am using Social
    login (https://wordpress.org/plugins/oa-social-login/)
    which lets my members register using
    social profiles like facebook, it automatically
    pulls their social profile pics.

    So what will happen in this instance, will it
    still force the users to change the profile
    picture. Or will this work exclusively for
    non social logins, meaning, email based


    – Rishab

  • Hi All,
    I have updated this plugin. Version 1.0.1 include support for excluding users joining from various social networks. I have excluded the user registering via all the popular social network plugin. If you have any issues, please do let me know the plugin you are using and I will add support for that too.

    Thank you

  • I am also trying to use the bp-force photo with the bp-force profile and it is confilciting I can not use both at the same time it is one or the other. Is there a workaround for this

    • Hi Samir,
      can you please point me to the force profile plugin?

  • Just wanted to thank you for this plugin. Bots managed to get around my google recaptcha and this plugin stopped them from leaving any spam on my forums. I did it to make the site look better, but it ended up being a great form of security. Thanks!

    • Hi Carlen,
      Thank you for the comment. Appreciate it. It is strange but very useful outcome πŸ™‚
      All the best with your project.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    just downloaded the plugin it was exactly what I was looking for and never thought anything like this existed.. came across it on http://wptavern.com/ posted by Sarah, don't know if you know her or want to thank her but she gave it an awesome write up.

    I am trying to find a plug in which allows you to share media from the activity stream in buddypress to Facebook and Google plus but none of them work, they won't grab the image… I know its something to do with facebooks end and app id but do you know anything about this and could you offer any suggestions? I dont want to launch my site with out this facility, and I have been searching for weeks.


    • Hi Thomas,
      Apologies for the delayed reply.

      Sarah is a great person and has written some nice posts about our plugins. I have always been a fan of her writing and thankful for covering BuddyDev plugins.

      About the activity media issue, do you mean when someone share an activity from the site, facebook should pick the media just like normal post? Do you use any plugin to attach media to activity? It should be simple enough to generate the open graph meta and facebook will pick the media.

  • dan #

    hi, i'm using WordPress Social Login (http://miled.github.io/wordpress-social-login/) with your plugin and it is forcing members with social media profile images to still upload a profile image. Can you help me with this please?

    thank you!

    • Hi Dan,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The WordPress social plugin uses two meta for storing images and a separate table for user id associations. I have pushed a new version, Please do check if that fixes it for you or not?

      Thank you

  • Hi, IΒ΄m using WP-FB-AutoConnect and your plugin forces the Facebook connected members to upload the avatar again. Can you help me please?

    Best regards.

    • Hi Than,
      Which version of Force profile photo plugin are you using?

  • Hi, I installed the plugin and when I logged in it took me to the Change Profile Photo page but it didn't give me the message in red that says "Please upload your profile photo to start using the site." How do I get this message to appear?

    Many thanks!!

    • Hi Travis,
      Thank you for the comment.

      Please make sure that you are using the lates version of this plugin and your theme has this line

      Please do post on our forum if you need further help.

      Thank you

  • Hi,

    I downloaded this plugin just a couple days ago and it works great except once I upload my profile photo the red notification bar that says "Please upload your profile photo to start using this site." appears everywhere even after I uploaded the photo. How do I remove this message completely or simply have it removed after I have uploaded my photo, thanks!!!!


    • Just following up here. As explained in the forum, seems to be an issue with your server or theme.

  • I am running a University site like Udemy, but I don't want new users who register to be spammers. So I am forcing the upload of an avatar photo, with this problem. Only one problem…I only really need to require this, if they are visiting certain subdirectories of the website, namely: /Forums/ , /Members/ , and /Groups/

    I would very much like, that newly registered users are not required to upload an avatar if they are just registering to take an online course, or view content that required registration (restricted content only viewable by registered users, not by anonymous/public).

    Can you please update the plugin to work in either WHITE LIST or BLACK LIST mode? So that, it's required to view ALL PAGES on the website, except such and such, OR that it's not required to view ALL PAGES of the website, except for such and such directories.

    You may send me a beta of such a fix, to the email listed, and I will be happy to let you know if it's working on my site and if there are any bugs or conflicts, with which plugins the conflict exists, and further beta testing cooperation from me.

    Yours truly,
    Evan Evans

    • Hi Evan,
      My apologies for the delayed reply.

      I have updated the plugin and have added the filter to allow skipping checks. Please see the plugin page for a code example.

      Hope that helps.

      Thank you

  • I don't think it still forces profile pictures. It was working before but i think it does not work again. Please try to update it. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Arize,
      Which version of WordPress/BuddyPress are you using? Please do note that if you are logged in as site admin, It will not restrict you.

  • This is the best plugin for getting avatar to show up correctly– i tried numerous other plugins and work arounds but none of them worked. This is awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing this with the community! You rock!

  • Just wanted to say thank you for this plugin Brajesh.

    • Hi Kenny,
      Thank you for taking time to comment. I sincerely appreciate it πŸ™‚

  • Great plugin – just picked up an issue though, days of troubleshooting, but I can now solidly reproduce it, and attribute the issue to this plugin. Should you convert your WordPress site to HTTPS, and you're on a SPDY / HTTPS2 enabled host, your first login attempt, or attempt to post anything such as a page update, menu change etc, you will be met with a browser error SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR. I suspect it may have to do with relative / hard-coded path issues in the plugin. The wp-login.php page breaks as well.

  • D #

    Great plugin so far. I started a dating site few months ago and half the members would not upload the profile photo or fill out a profile – so frustrating to spend money on advertising and then get empty profiles as a result. Also many new members cancelled their memberships upon seeing so many empty profiles. I have learned the hard way. I have now enforced both, mandatory profile fields at sign up and profile photo with this plugin and it seems to work well so far last couple days. It might detract some users but honestly, that's ok, they were not going to add any value anyway by just lurking there.

  • This plugin doesn't work for me.

    • apologises, it not your plugin. It's another plugin interfering, your plugin works with it disabled.

      • Thank you for confirming that it works.

        If there is a conflict with some plugin, please open a topic in our support forums with details and we will try to assist with it.

        Thank you

  • I tried to use the plugin and worked fine at the beginning with kleo, bur after few days it blocked the total access to the site, when you try to access the access it just gets stuck and makes impossible the access.

    Hope there is an update to come o a guide to solve this issue.

    • Hi Jorge,
      the plugin is working fine for me.

      Most probably you are using another plugin or code which is restricting/redirecting and that's why the problem happens.

      I am guessing it is infinite redirect due to a mixup of multiple redirect. Please try disabling recent changes and see what could be causing it.

  • is it possible to move the notification position to header or as a popup?
    because on mobile view, this notification is appear under the fold, and afraid the user doesnt know about this notification, if they dont scroll down

    • Hi irman,
      Thank you for the comment. The location and the presentation is contolled by the theme. We are using BuddyPress API to add notice.

      Please check for this code

      do_action( 'template_notices' );

      In your theme and move it wherever you want the notice to be available.