Introducing bbPress Notify Admins plugin: Notify admins on new topics or new replies

Today, we are sharing the plugin we love. We developed this plugin out of our own needs and it has changed the way we looked at support. bbPress Notify Admins plugin notifies all the admins on a site by email, when a new topic is created or a new reply is posted on the bbPress Forum.

When we relaunched our support forums last week, we needed some type of notification functionality for our bbPress based forum that could keep us informed of anything new happening at the forum. All we needed was an email notification when a topic was created or a reply was posted. We have a small team, still we wanted to keep an eye for  notifications if another team member replied to the topic too.

I wrote this plugin last week and after some testing by @anusharma, we finally put it on our support forums. And if you want to ask me whether it helped or not, It certainly has. Our response time have improved tremendously.


  • Notify all site admins when a new topic is created
  • Notify all site admins when a new reply is posted

Whether you are a single person or a team, this plugin can help you improve your support time and build better client relationships. So, what are you waiting for, go get the plugin now and improve your support.

Download Link:- https://buddydev.com/plugins/bbp-notify-admins/

Mention not, you are most welcome 🙂

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