Introducing BuddyCommerce:- Making WooCommerce and BuddyPress Integration a pleasant experience

Do you use WooCommerce and BuddyPress together and need to integrate WooCommerce into BuddyPress?  Today, we are presenting BuddyCommerce which makes it a pleasant exercise.

BuddyCommerce helps you integrate WooCommerce accounts with BuddyPress user-profiles and allows you to do a lot more. It is highly flexible and gives you the control to integrate WooCommerce to BuddyPress as you please.

You can integrate all WooCommerce features as a single BuddyPress user profile tab or you can create custom tabs for each. You can add each WooCommerce account page as a top-level BuddyPress tab or under a single tab or even under any tab.

For example, you can add WooCommerce downloads under account settings. You are the master and you decide how the integration should be. The plugin aids you.


  • WooCommerce user account to BuddyPress user profile integration
  • Configurable redirection from WooCommerce account to BuddyPress profile tab(Can be enabled/disabled)
  • You can limit which WooCommerce account content appears on BuddyPress profile
  • You can configure the slug, label, position, etc. for each tab
  • You can configure if the tab appears as a top-level user profile or as a child of any tab.

Here is a brief video overview.

For the sake of completion, here is a list of all features of our WooCommerce and BuddyPress Integration:-

  • Integrate WooCommerce my account to BuddyPress profile
  • Redirect WooCommerce my account to BuddyPress profile
  • Integrate WooCommerce Orders and view orders to BuddyPress user profile as a tab or sub-tab (You can configure)
  • Integrate WooCommerce My Downloads to BuddyPress User Profile as a tab or sub tab (You can configure)
  • Integrate WooCommerce Address(View/edit billing and shipping address) to BuddyPress user profile as tab or sub tab.
  • Integrate WooCommerce Payment Methods tab on BuddyPress User profile as tab/sub tab.
  • Enable WooCommerce Cart as BuddyPress profile tab/sub-tab (we don't recommend it as it does not make sense. It is for feature completion)
  • Enable WooCommerce Checkout on BuddyPress profile. You can enable/disable it.
  • You can choose which tabs you want to integrate with BuddyPress.
  • You can choose which tabs you want to enable/disable redirects from WooCommerce account tabs to BuddyPress profile tabs.
  • Add Track Order tab on BuddyPress User profile.
  • You can configure Label, slug, position for each of the tabs.
  • You can put all of these tabs as top level tabs or as a child of some other tabs. For example, you can put addresses under profile and Downloads under settings, etc. or you can pure these as top level tabs.

The best part about this plugin is it is simple and flexible and does not restrict you from enabling /disabling any feature. Create and integrate as you want.

Downloads & Documentation:-

Link: https://buddydev.com/plugins/buddycommerce/

Thank you for using BuddyCommerce. I hope you and your members have a pleasant experience using it.

Please share your ideas in the comments here or on our forums and help us improve them. We are looking forward to enhancing it and make it the only go-to solution for BuddyPress & WooCommerce Integration.

One Response to Introducing BuddyCommerce:- Making WooCommerce and BuddyPress Integration a pleasant experience

  • You are freaking awesome!!!!!!

    This plugin is almost perfect but I still think one thing is missing which is buddypress profile and woocommerce address synchronisation like this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/vibe-buddypress-woocommerce/ also with the ability to sync the default wordpress/buddypress registration email with the default woocommerce email.

    For example the billing fields on my checkout are just 2 fields which are (member type) and (email address) since my produts are digital products. but the user is still being asked in woocommerce checkout page for another email address it would be better to sync the wordpress default email with woocommerce. This will enable the checkout process to be faster