Introducing BuddyDocs theme for WordPress: Build your Documentation, Help Center, Knowledge base website the WordPress Way

Today, I am really happy. Not because I am releasing a free theme, It It is our first WordPress theme publicly available.

BuddyDocs is a specially designed, premium quality WordPress theme for building knowledge base, help center, documentation style websites.

Let us start with a screenshot.

and before saying bla bla bla, let me point you to the demo 🙂

Live Demo:-


In case you are in hurry, here is the download link.



While you have checked the demo, why not look at the list of features below.


  • Specially designed for Knowledge base/Help Center/ Documentation
  • Responsive Design( Looks and works beautifully on tab, cellphones)
  • Clean and simple code
    • Semantically meaningful markup
    • HTML5 validated
    • Optimized for SEO (Check the page outlining using html5 outliner)
    • Minimalist code (no code bloat)
  • Multiple Layout option
    • 3 layouts options
    • Two column left sidebar Layout
    • Two column right sidebar Layout
    • Single column Layout
  • Multiple Page Template
    • 3 page templates included
    • Two column left sidebar page template
    • Two column right sidebar page template
    • Single column Page template
  • Live search
  • Admin options
    • Options to control Layout
    • Options to upload logo and favicon
    • Options to add javascript/analytics code in header/footer
    • Options to import export settings
    • Single column Page template
  • Translation ready
  • 100% GPL licensed and opensource
  • Awesome Modules
    • Breadcrumb (uses breadcrumb trail by Justin)
    • Taxonomy Posts List shortcode (uses our very own Taxonomy Posts list plugin)
    • Nice pagination
    • Font awesome Icons
    • Scroll to top
    • Live Search
    • Faq post type

That's all available for free. I built it for the upcoming documentation section of BuddyDev. So yes, in future, we are going to have an awesome documentation section on BuddyDev.

Where Can you Use it?

  • For building general Help Center for your users
  • For building help docs for your softwares( We will be using it on BuddyDev to document all our themes/plugins)
  • For building any knowledge base site (college, hosting, anything)


While we are wrapping up, let us forget the philanthropist who made their codes/resources available free to the opensource community. Here are the links to the resources we are using in BuddyDocs


That's all I have got for today. Why not let me know what do you think about it in the comments below. I will appreciate all the feedback, suggestions 🙂

9 Responses to Introducing BuddyDocs theme for WordPress: Build your Documentation, Help Center, Knowledge base website the WordPress Way

  • Wow @brajesh you really out did yourself! This theme is amazing! Congratulations!

    • Thank you Ben 🙂 That sure motivates to do better 🙂

      • @sbrajesh
        You are a hero! I wish someday I could be as good a web developer as you. I look up to you and you are super nice!
        The world needs more people like you. 🙂


    woot! thank you soooooooooooooo much @brajesh !!

  • Would it be possible to make this a plugin instead of a theme so that it can be added to existing websites instead of being a standalone website?

    • Thank you for asking.
      I created this theme to convert the entire WordPress install as a knowledge base system.

      Integration with existing site was a point I too considered, and That is very easy. As this theme can be turned as the child theme of your main theme. The only hiccup is it takes over the blog.

      It can be done as a plugin using custom taxonomies/post type, the only downside is we will loose all the awesome formatting.

      • Brajesh, I understand but you must realize that the demand for this as an addon is much larger than the demand for it as an website.

        There are so many sites out there that need a documentation section but very few that are just a documentation website.

        I know you've put a lot of work in this, and boy, does it ever show! I'm just pointing out that with one small change it would be even more useful and popular.

        Heck I'd even gladly pay for it as an addon.

        • @Wilson, I absolutely agree. @Baresh, this really is quite amazing, but I don't see many people ditching their entire theme in order to make the switch. If it were available as a plugin / add-on I would also be happy to pay for it. 🙂