Introducing BuddyPress anonymous Activity Plugin: Allow users to Post activity/comment anonymously

Do you want your users to post activity/comment on activity anonymously on your BuddyPress based social network? If ye, this is the plugin you are looking for. BuddyPress Anonymous Activity Plugin allows users to post updates/ post in groups and post comments on activity without revealing their name/link.


  • Users can post activity without revealing their identity
  • Users can comment on other users activity without revealing their identity
  • All notifications/mails hide the identity of the anonymous user.

I believe a few screenshots will clear the things in better way. So, here we go.


Activity Posting form:-

Activity comment form:-

Anonymous Activity Example:-

Notification for anonymously posted activity

Email Notification:-

The User who posted the activity can see these activities on his/her profile but others can not see it on his/her profile.

Download & Installation:-


This is a premium plugin and if you have got a BuddyDev subscription, please go ahead and give it a try 🙂

Credits:-  Thanks to Sebastin from http://conwide.de for the idea of the plugin and partially bearing the cost of development.

Please do let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment below.

29 Responses to Introducing BuddyPress anonymous Activity Plugin: Allow users to Post activity/comment anonymously

  • Really cool plugin thank you!

    Could be nice also to post as a group (if we are group admin)

  • A #

    I just tried this and noticed a potential issues.
    In the public profile page site/members, it shows the last thing a person posted and includes the full text of the last post they made, anonymous ones too under their profile page at site/members/username.
    If people are not aware of this or the plugin does not let them turn that off, they will think it is anonymous but it will be listed to the public even everything they write under their username as the do it and retain the last thing they did, making no distinction of whether it is anonymous or not.
    This is an amazing idea at the right time though!
    Specifically I am trying to enable users to:
    1. Edit their profile background image
    2. List usernames instead of nicknames everywhere, because this confuses people trying to use @messages.
    3. Specify a headline or tag line for their profile, and replace the public profile listing with username+tagline instead of nickname+lastthingtheysaidordid.
    For the public profile, along the nature of this plugin, I don't want to expose the full user activities to the public, and instead let users decide the tagline the public sees. Maybe they can still have the option to post their last activity but I would definitely want to remove any anonymous postings from there since anyone would expect that.

    For item 1, I am currently testing and trying to implement your Buddypress profile background image plugin, and have posted the questions/issues under that plugin thread.
    For 2, I found a good plugin to replace user nicknames with the username to make @messages more intuitive, the Buddypress Usernames Only plugin at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress-usernames-only and am working out a little bug with php warnings, but wanted to give you an overall idea of what I am trying to implement and how it relates to this plugin.
    For 3, this plugin will be wonderful for creating a user experience with tailored privacy, but I would need to remove any anonymous posts from their public stream or even showing up for friends that they just posted something "anonymous" under their ID. I found CSS to remove the display of last user activity but this just hides it and is still vulnerable to page source. If this can remove the last user activity, or give them the option, and let them display a public tagline there instead that would be amazing.

    Any advice or consideration is greatly appreciated. I am a new member testing this membership and it seems off to a great start. Please be patient as I increase my understanding to try to discuss intelligently, since you are levels above my wordpress code capability 🙂

  • Thank you for the update to Buddypress 2.0 !
    You are Great !

    Greetings Conwide.de

  • a little advice, anonymous activity listed under extra activity tab "xxx" instead of on main activity stream page… ?


    • Hi Tangpage,
      That's a very good advice an quiet doable 🙂
      Do you want this so a user can see his/her own anonymous posts?

      • a tab for display user only… lol.

        cuz, if user default front page is activity, so, those anon activities show as well… could be embarrassing when someone else could see them right away , right? lol.

  • Just found this, i activated the plugin, then i can't see others any other activity, under others profile, the activity page show no activity, like never posted anything yet.

    • after i deactivated it, then i could see the activities that other posted…

  • Hi Brajesh,

    In my previous theme i not noticed, that in "just-me-activity (activity-me)" the anonymous content also display?

    Of course, anonymous content must be hidden in activity-me ..
    What make i wrong ?

    Can you help me, please.

    Many Thanks! 😉

    • Hi Sebastian,
      I have looked into the plugin.
      Only your own anynymous activity will be visible to you when you are logged in. Other's can not see that. This is correct behavior and allows people to see their own anonymous activity and modify it if they want.

  • Hi .. ,

    the same in members-loop.php the
    and ajax-search.

    Can you contact me..
    we find a solution, when a lot of programming i will pay for that.


    • If you are using a plugin that does not respects BuddyPress query and does its own database query may cause this. We are filtering bp_has_activity() , so any proper search(or default BuddyPress search will not list it unless it is your own activity and you are own your own profile.

      If you are using a 3rd party plugin for the search purpose, please open a topic in forum and We will get back to you there.

  • ok ..
    see you in forum .. 😉


  • I build my website with maintenance mode. In this terms i am the admin and can see all activitiy also anomyous entries in member-profile.

    ((( sorry, Brajesh .. , sorry .. !!!!! )))

    Your Plugin works fine !!! 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • Hello,
    I have a problem. The plugin works flawlessly on the front end. But the administrator area, Activity page, appears the names of the people who write as anonymous. Is it a bug? how can I fix it?

    • HI Luis,
      Thank you for the comment. This is on purpose to allow site managers(admins) see it. They may need it due to legal and other reasons. This is not visible to normal users, only site admins can see that.

      Still, if you want that even site admins should not be able to see that, I can add that feature.

      Thank you

  • hi can i keep anonymous comments that can expire in 5 days in this plugin

    • Hi Vinod,
      Can you please tell me what do you mean by expire? Do you mean removing the anonymous status or deleting the comment automatically?

      Thank you

      • Hi Brajesh,
        Yes, if anonymously posted comment can delete automatically after 5 days is it possible with this plugin.

        • No, This plugin won't do that. You will need to use wp-cron to do that.

  • Hello Brajesh,

    Before purchase, I want to ask some questions. I'm working on a bbPress forum and I want a anonymous option there for registered and unregistered user (unregistered users need to fill name and email of course). So is this possible for someone to post topic or comment and participate in forum anonymously but will get notification with it get any reply? Can you please check Quora website, they have a anonymous feature, I want feature like.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Ayush,
      Thank you for asking. I am sorry but currently, this plugin only Supports BuddyPress Activity/activity comment. It has no support for the bbPress topics and we don't have any plan to do it in near future.

      Thank you

  • Hello Brajesh,

    The plugin you shared was great but I want a plugin with which anonymous user could privately message the members of WordPress site.Can Any plugin do that?

  • there's a bug… "bp_activity_latest_update" will still display any anonymous activity publicly.

  • How to hide activity when activity is anonymous, if use:

  • I wonder How not to display activity when activity is anonymous, when using:

  • bp_activity_latest_update( bp_displayed_user_id() )

    • Please upgrade to 1.0.6.

      There was a bug caused due to recent BP updates. If you upgrade to 1.0.6, any new update will honour the visibility.


  • WOW, You rock! you made the progress soooo fast. thank you so much!