Introducing BuddyPress Auto Clean Notifications

Do you want BuddyPress notifications to be removed after a certain number of days? If yes, This is for you.

With BuddyPress Auto Clean Notifications plugin, you can set the number of days after which all the older BuddyPress notifications will be automatically removed.

For example, if you need to delete all BuddyPress notifications older than 30 days, you can easily do it. The plugin uses WordPress cron jobs and runs the check every hour to clear the notifications.

The plugin will not be part of our official BuddyPress plugins. It is a tiny plugin which is available from our github repo(see the link below).

Important Links:-

Download:- Link

Github Repohttps://github.com/buddydev/buddypress-auto-clean-notifications/

Installation:- Just like any normal WordPress plugin. For more details, Please see this.

Credit: Tosin(@teeboy) for asking about it in our forums.

Customizing number of days:-

By default, the number of days is set to be 30(days). You can modify it in your downloaded copy in the class-action-handler.php

You will see that there is a method declared as below

Just change the return value to exclude notification until those many days . For example, setting the value to 60 will only remove notifications older than 60 days.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  • Really, helpful plugin!
    Thanks 🙂 may god bless you.