Introducing BuddyPress Limit Group Membership Plugin

Today I am releasing one of the plugins I developed a couple of months ago. BuddyPress Limit Group Membership plugin was conceived in the comments of my other plugin Limit groups Per User.
So, My special thanks to everyone who commented there and motivated me to create this plugin. This is for you all 🙂

The BuddyPress Limit Group Membership plugin allows site administrators to limit the no. of groups a user can join. Yes, That includes the no. of Groups a user can create. If you don't want to limit the no. of groups a user can join and just want to limit the no. of groups a user can create, please use Limit groups Per User instead.

What It does:-

  • Limits the no. of Groups a user can Join

A few screenshots:-

On group create:- As an administrator, you can set the no. of Groups a user can join by visiting Dashboard->BuddyPress->settings as shown below.

Download & Installation:-


It is a simple plugin and I hope it helps you all the Social admins out there 🙂 Please don't forget to let me know your views in the comments.

PS:  I haven't released many of the plugins I developed in last couple of months. I am planning to release around  8-10 plugins this month. Please keep visiting for the updates.

15 Responses to Introducing BuddyPress Limit Group Membership Plugin

  • Thank you Brajesh. Will be checking it out this weekend 🙂

  • Thanx for the plugin! I was just searching for that. But does it work with bp 1.6? I can't find the Settings in the Admin area.
    The same problem i have with the Limit Group plugin.
    Best regards.

  • thx for that.
    But I need to limit groups per user. And it doesn't work with bp 1.6
    Are there an update ?

    • Hi Eric,
      Please upgrade to version 1.0.3. That will allow you to limit the no. of groups a user can join.

      • fI think I 'm not in the good page sorry. I talk about "limit groupe per user" not membership. I jjust need to limit groups that user can create. I try this update : https://github.com/sbrajesh/limit-groups-per-user but I can't see input field in settings buddypress

        • Hi Eric,
          I have just updated that plugin. Please use version 1.1.3 and It will work with bp 1.6.1

          Hope that helps

  • Thx a lot brajesh . It seems to work 🙂
    Thx for good job

  • Is possible to set the limit per group?
    Useful for limited vacancy.

    Maybe option to groups with unlimited vacancy

    • Hi Andre,
      sorry for my delayed reply.
      You mean limit users per group ?
      Can you please tell me who should be able to set the limit(site admin or group admin) and how do we handle the case invitation/membership requests?

      It can be a pretty easy and nice plugin. If you can explain me a little more about these two cases, i will put some quick code.


      • Users should be able to join if the limit has not been reached.
        Admin to admin group and master admin.
        After limit invites will get a message maximum useres reached

        Thanks for your time

  • So, was this feature / code added ? The ability to restrict the number of users per group ? Restrict the users in the groups created by a member of a particular user group / role capability. Just similar to restrict group numbers created ..

  • RS #

    Can the limit be set at the subscription level vs having one limit across the board?

    • Hi RS,
      Please take a look at the filter. There is a filter that you can hook to set the different limit for different subscription level.