Introducing BuddyPress Notify Blog Authors On New Blog Comment Plugin

I did not get the chance to say earlier, so I will say now.  Happy New Year to all of you,  my friends. It's a new year and a new beginning for all of us.  I wanted to start my new year and offer my sincere gratitude to you all  by offering this free plugin 🙂 I hope you will like it.

BuddyPress Notify Blog Authors On New Blog Comment does exactly what the name suggest. It notifies the author of a blog post( Using BuddyPress notification ), of any new comment recieved on a post written by him/her.

How it works?

When someone comments on a blog post:-

  • If the post author has the capability to approve the comment, It will notify the author and clicking on notification will take to the comment approval screen as shown in the screenshot below
  • If the post author lacks the capability to approve the comment, no notification is added. When someone approves the comment, the post author gets notified about the comment.


New blog comment notification:-

Blog comment Notification

Blog comment Notification

Adminbar Notification of blog comment

Blog comment adminbar notification

Blog comment adminbar notification

Download & Installation



Credit: Thanks to Martin for asking me about this plugin. You can also suggest plugin via our plugin suggestion link.

Hope you all had a good time during the holidays. Let me know the suggestions and keep the feedback coming. And keep tuned for another post about our focus and plans for 2015 🙂

6 Responses to Introducing BuddyPress Notify Blog Authors On New Blog Comment Plugin

  • Hi, @sbrajesh. Good plugin, but this users of this plugin need you solve a little error of this plugin. There is a new topic open related with this plugin. Thank's for your support. Bye. (https://buddypress.org/…/blog-comment-reply…/…)

  • Hi. Thank you very much for your input.

    Any chance of solving this problem?

    -And I wanted to make a request.
    You could notify "answer" of a user comment other than the author of the post.?

    Again, thank you very much for your time

    • Hi Jonas,
      sorry I could not see that on bp forums. Can you please open a topic on our forums with the list of things you want to be included/updated. I will be happy to have it.

      Thank you

  • hi..
    I am not able to get the blog form on clicking blog option.
    nothing is happening on click the blog. installed bp-simple-front-end-post also …still stucked with this.

    • Hi Neha,
      I am sorry, I could not assist you earlier. In the future, please open a topic on our forums for faster assistance.

      In the above case, Most probably the buddyblog settings were not updated.


  • Hi. would this work for other post types such as products? also, can it notify other wordpress users of additional comments or replies, and can users turn off notifications for particular posts?