MediaPress 1.4.0 and support for remote media

Today, we are releasing MediaPress 1.4.0 with the support for adding remote media. MediaPress – Your preferred BuddyPress Media and gallery solution has got the new wings now.

The new version allows now to add videos from youtube/facebook etc to your BuddyPress Activity and BuddyPress User/Group galleries.  It also allows you to add a media using direct link(say http://example.com/hello.jpeg).

It has been a long demanding need to support adding videos from youtube, vimeo etc to MediaPress/BuddyPress. Since we have added support for Oembed, you can use the link from any oembed supporting site to add videos/photos to your BuddyPress Site.

Some of the sites that support Oembed are

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Hulu
  • Imgur
  • …..

For a complete list, Please check WordPress's list of sites here.

I will suggest taking a look at the MediaPress demo site for the actual experience.

Important links:-


Here are a few screenshots.

Adding videos from BuddyPress activity

Youtube Videos in BuddyPress Activity

In the lightbox.

Gallery Page

Single Video Page

Adding an image using direct link


The Remote media settings is available in the general settings panel of MediaPress(below the storage settings).

You can

  • Completely turn off the remote media feature
  • Enable/disable support for oembed media.
  • Enable/disable linking directly to file
  • Configure if you want the file to be downloaded to your server when adding or not.

Hope that the new versions empowers you and your sites to be more powerful. Thank you for using MediaPress.

4 Responses to MediaPress 1.4.0 and support for remote media

  • Ben #

    As always great work @sbrajesh
    I'm loving this new update,
    Keep up the great work! ^5

    • Thank you Ben.
      I sincerely appreciate you taking time to comment here. I am glad you liked the update.
      Thank you for being part of BuddyDev for past 7 years 🙂

  • Love this too! Excellent product!

    • Thank you Leland.
      I am sure it was your thread in the forum that got me started on these features. So thank you for the suggestions there.