Presenting MediaPress: The BuddyPress based Social Networks Plugin


MediaPress is now available on WordPress.org. For more details, please see https://buddydev.com/mediapress-development/presenting-mediapress-stable/

The wait is over. Today, It is my pleasure to finally present you the first beta of our MediaPress plugin.  

MediaPress is the most advanced gallery/album plugin for BuddyPress-based social networks. If you are looking for a photo/video/audio gallery-like Facebook for your BuddyPress-based social network, your search ends here.

MediaPress is open source and is freely available.  It is lightweight and is designed to scale with your social website. Over the next few days, I will be covering most of the features of MediaPress on our blog. For now,  I am listing as many as I can remember.


  • User media/gallery/album support
  • Group media/gallery/album support
  • Photo, Audio, Video support inbuilt
  • Integrated tightly with WordPress & BuddyPress
  • Supports privacy
  • Drag and Drop Uploader
  • Upload from Activity
  • Automatic Wall galleries creation
  • Wall gallery support for Groups/Users
  • Easy to extend API for other components
  • Easy to extend API to support new media types (we will cover in the next few days in another post).
  • Grid Layout for media
  • Playlist view support for audio/Video Galleries
  • 2 Shortcode for everything you want.
  • 2 widgets to help you list galleries, media, playlist, audios, etc.
  • Extensive admin options.
  • And I am going to give you the power to list all other features you find( well, I am too tired today and I need your help here). Please do let me know which features you discovered.

Are you a developer?

Here is a shortlist of things you can do with few lines of code:-

  • Use a different storage manager( we support local uploads, you can write one for the cloud, check core/storage/storage-manager.php for details)
  • Add support for a new Media Type. Check core/common/api.php, core/common/init.php for details.
  • Write a custom media loop( check MPP_Media_Query in core/common/query-media.php)
  • Write your own custom Gallery loop/list. Check MPP_Gallery_Query for details.

Btw, did I tell you MediaPress is fun to use? Go ahead, download it and see for yourself.

Are you a plugin developer or theme developer? Let us join hands together and make this the only default plugin for every BuddyPress site. We are here to help you develop with MediaPress. Please give us a few days to document the plugin and I need you to take a look at the plugin in the meantime. The code should be self-explanatory. Take a look at mediapress/core/common/api.php to see how we register various things.

Download & Installation:-

MediaPress is now available on WordPress.org 

Stable Release: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mediapress/

Most Recent Update Download Link: https://github.com/buddydev/mediapress/archive/master.zip

or download an older version

Old Version: https://buddydev.com/downloads/mediapress/versions/mediapress-1-0-beta1.zip

Installation steps:-

  • Download the MediaPress plugin
  • Unzip it and upload to wp-content/plugins of your WordPress installation ( or go to dashboard->Plugin->Add New-> Upload and upload.
  • Activate the MediaPress plugin from the Dashboard->Plugins->Installed screen
  • Visit Dashboard->MediaPress->settings and click save (Or change the settings as you please).

Please make sure to save the MediaPress->settings at least once before you start uploading any media.




Improvements? Yes. We need to improve the plugin experience in WordPress back end. Also, support for root gallery is on the card as well as support for the WordPress (non BuddyPress) and  bbPress. I will be posting milestones and other details in my next post here. Please make sure to join the MediaPress plugin mailing list to be the first one to be informed.

I am looking forward to your ideas, suggestions, and feedbacks. Please let me know your thoughts and let us make the best MediaPress for BuddyPress even better.

363 Responses to Presenting MediaPress: The BuddyPress based Social Networks Plugin

  • Checking it out now! Looks fabulous!!!

    • Hi Bresh…..
      Great Job! It looks beautiful!
      Here’s a couple small issues I noticed;
      1. When I first started uploading images, I was getting a red error message like:
      An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.

      I am using Paid PremiumPress Dating Theme.

      When I activate a default theme Twenty Fifteen then I is working, I can upload image.

      2. I am not able to audio, video file also.

      Please help me.
      I am very upset with it.

      Thanks in Advance

      • Hi Kolvin,
        I am sorry for the trouble.
        1. Please do not post as a reply to earlier comment. makes it difficult for us to reply. In future, please post a comment. That will make it easier for us to support you..

        2. Have you configured MediaPress? https://buddydev.com/mediapress/topics/getting-started/settings-options/configuring-mediapress/

        You need to save the settings atleast once after activating MediaPress. You can enable audio/video/doc etc in the settings

        3. If it is not working with your theme, can you please check in the console if your theme is throwing notices. If a theme or plugin throws notice, that will make the JSON response invalid and cause this issue.

        Please check and let me know.

        Thank you

  • Is there a specific Forum you would like us to report bugs etc… too?

    • Hi Zabrina,
      Thank you.
      You have access to forum, Please report there. For those, who don't have access to forum, please report here.

      Thank You

      • Hi Brajesh
        Great job with this plugin! But what happened with your friend suggest plugin? You mentioned that you were going to allow friend suggestion based on the xprofile fields in 2011. Is this till something you are considering? Cheers!

        • Hi Safia
          Thank you.
          It is easy to do the only issue is confusing settings page for the admin in widget option? Can you help me on the design of widget options page? If yes, please post on that plugin page and let us create it this week.

  • Looking good. A few issues though: When single media and single gallery commenting is enabled, the comment/activity form has the name of the owner of the media, not the commentor's name.

    Suggested Improvements:
    Ability to comment and favorite media that's open in lightbox.
    Ability to disable certain media types and such should reflect on the activity upload icons.
    Ability to perhaps switch between icons and text for what are now only icons below the activity form.
    Last but not least,adding support for the buddypress followers plugin when setting media privacy and the abilty to detect that friend connections are enabled or disabled (the plugin assumes friendships are enabled, i know buddypress sites that use the followers plugin only with no friendships enabled)

    • Hi Zipho,
      Thank you or the comment & suggestions. I am hoping to add them in our next update this weekend.
      About media disabling, It is already there, I just forgot to enable that option in admin at the last moment. Same is true for the component. Any media type/ component type can be enabled/disabled. I will update the admin settings to reflect that in the next release.

      Can you please provide a mock up for activity icon switching? I will love to have it i the update.

      Also, Taking a cue, next beta 2 will have the support for followers plugin.


    • Just updating again,
      With the recent update, everything you have mentioned is now part of MediaPress(Including follower privacy).

  • We've been waiting for this for years and now it's here!! Yaaay! I'll check the plugin, I recall I had made tons of modifications on the plugin two years ago, will check them too. One first question, does it allows friends tagging on pictures? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Juanma,
      Thank you and welcome back :). It is nice to see you again.
      1. Tagging is not available at the moment but It will be the first plugin after we go stable in next 2 weeks.

      More documents and tutorials coming soon 🙂

  • One thing i realised is that the plugin doesn't optimize big-sized images. It creates resized versions but the original image remains. Making Mediapress compatible with plugins like "Resize Image After Upload" would help. Also adding an interface to change the dimensions of images on the activity stream will be cool.

    • Hi Zipho,
      Good point. I am including it in our next beta coming this weekend. I kept the original image as we plan to do a lot of manipulations using ad dons on the image and for that we need the original image.

    • Just tested this out myself (developer for EWWW Image Optimizer), and noticed all the derivatives are properly optimized via the wp_image_editor hooks, but not the full size version. Many media handling plugins hook into wp_generate_attachment_metadata, which MediaPress doesn't appear to do. A hook after upload would be sufficient for EWWW IO, but running that function could help maintain compatibility with a lot of other plugins too.

      • Hi Shane,
        Thank you so much for taking time to check the plugin compatibility. I like your plugin and thank you for the great work there.

        MediaPress provides the hook 'mpp_generate_metadata' which is equivalent to the 'wp_generate_attachment_metadata' hook and have similar data.

        Hope that we can make it compatible.

        Thank you

  • Hi Bresh…..

    Great Job! It looks beautiful!

    Here’s a couple small issues I noticed;

    1. When I first started uploading images, I was getting a red error message saying the images were failing. When I went into the setting page, two options didn't have a “yes” or “no” checked (There was no default setting);

    -“Show orphaned media to the user?”
    -“Delete orphaned media automatically?”

    When I changed the settings to Yes (show..), No (delete..), the previsoly failed uploads showed up in the gallery and uploading started working correctly.

    Because I cannot uncheck the two options, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue to guarantee that was the cause of the errors. But I thought it was worth mentioning. Could be as simple as adding a default setting.

    2. I found the same issue as Zipho’s, where the uploads are bypassing the “Resize after Upload” plugin and uploading the images at full resolution, which seems to quickly eat away at the “maximum Upload space per user?” setting.

    Two features I wanted to ask about are;
    1. Will there be a way to link the gallery thumbnails to an “Image File”, instead of a page, so it can hook into Easy Fancy Box to create a similar experience to your “PrettyGallery” Plugin? The comment link could then direct to the current page to allow for user comments.

    2. Are you planning on adding “Forward” and ”Backward” Arrows or Icons to cycle through the images in a gallery?

    3. Finally, an option to remove remove some of the Media formats from the users upload options would be helpful, so the admin can decide if he wants to host all three or just one of the media types.

    Again, Great work! Really excited to watch it’s development!


    • Hi Carl,
      Thank you.
      1. Settings must be saved atleast once. If you don't save settings, the media type parsing has issues. I need it to parse type from given extensions. About these 2 options, I will enable defaults. What do you think is good default?

      2. Agreed and will have the compatibility in next beta this weekend.

      About features:-
      1. very easy to accomplish. I have added the gallery ids/media ids to the dom element using html data api. So fetching images,media and listing will be easy. i am going to audit the templates and make sure it is everywhere.

      2. Yes, That is a major feature missing.

      3. Removing Media form, component, status all are there. I just forgot to enable them. I will enable them in next update.

      Thank you for the kind feedback. Let us make it better together 🙂

      • Hi Brajesh,

        I apologized! I just saw your response.

        1. For defaults, I’d say the most conservative settings would probably be best to start with, so;
        Show orphaned media to the user? – YES
        Delete orphaned media automatically? – NO

        I’m happy to help out anyway I can and thanks for your responses! Just let me know where to download the updated beta versions and I’ll keep the notes coming. Thanks again!

  • Brajesh, is this MU compatible?

    Got this on activation

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/core/common/feedback.php:2) in …/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/core/activity/actions.php on line 15

    • Hi Ryan,
      I am sorry, I left an space at the top of feedback.php, Please delete that space before the tag in feedback.php and It will work. Yes, It works with multisite but I strongly recommend not activating it network wide. Instead, activate on the main BuddyPress blog.

      Thank you

  • one of the most important thing for an buddypress media plugin for me, is allow to use photo for other purpose like background, featured photo, need one or two unique actions for using anyone photo that user has uploaded.

    I don't know if this plugin could do this…

    • Hi Keno,
      This plugin at the moment does not allow you to use the photo as profile photo(avatar). Except that everything else is possible( what you have mentioned). I will be posting more details/tutorials after we get the beta2 out this weekend.


  • I found two problems.
    >>The first: In the area of posting, the icons are deconfigured, see: http://prntscr.com/4vyywj
    >> The second: Is there some kind of lightbox? If so, not working, it redirects the link to the gallery.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for pointing.
      1. Are you using some other plugin that adds some content on the activity form? I haven't tested it with activity privacy plugin or other plugin, so that may be causing disfigured box. Can you please provide more details.

      2. Yes, there is a lightbox for activity screen. If you are not seeing it, It mean, I have missed to enable it for dynamically added activity. Can you please refresh the page and check if it gets activated? I will enable it for dynamically added(loaded via ajax) content this weekend.


      • Really the "Lightbox" works! Sorry … I started to realize the translation into Portuguese of Brazil. Thank you!
        Regarding the place of posting'm using two plugins: MyMood and Privacy, I think you better take a look in another plugin like BuddyPress Activity Plus, he did not have this problem!

        • Thank you Michael,
          I am going to add compat for these plugins. Please keep the ideas coming 🙂

  • Hi there,

    I would like to point a few things

    1) It would be great if it was possible to add an image/video using a url
    2) If a member uploads an image via his profile / Gallery it would be great this to be posted in Activity Stream as well. For example Userx uploaded an image to the Gallery(name)


    • Hi Nikos,
      Thank you for the ideas. I like them.

      1. I have only one issue in allowing remote(oembed) videos in gallery. That is, how to provide the UI to do that. I am specifically confused about activity media adding UI. For single gallery, It si coming in next update? If you have any other ideas, please do let me know.
      2. agreed, how about adding an option in admin to enable this feature? will that be good?


      • Hi Brajesh,

        2) Giving the option in admin would be great!

      • Hello Brajesh! Thanks for a great plugin. For allowing remote videos in gallery, Facebook does this in a great way, where you just post an url to the status update, and it automatically fetches all info for the video, and posts it in a friendly format. Maybe Mediapress could reproduce this feature somehow?

        • Hi Paul,
          Thank you for the suggestion. It is really a nice idea. I am still a little bit confused about showing the video/media inside gallery. How do we mix local video and the remote (say youtube video) and still make the list look good.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I downloaded the plugin today and I findes absolutely awesome.
    Also have the same everything (frontend and backend) translated into German.
    Unfortunately, I do not see the translations in the frontend or backend.

    Where there is the problem?

    Place the file at your disposal. The translation is kept in the form of the German "Sie".

    Really a great job.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for the generous comment.

      For translation, please name your file de_DE.mo and put it in mediapress/languages directory. It will be taken from there.

      Thank you

      • Hello Brajesh,

        I translated everything, hopefully correctly,

        we make the file available for download, or you can also have it and unpack with in the language file with pure.

        I have one wish:

        It would be nice if you could go through the images in the lightbox with "next" or "- >>" so you do not re-click on each picture has this large to see.

        With greetings from Vienna


        • Hi Thomas,
          Thank you.
          I will need your help in translating after tomorrow when I am releasing the RC. Also, I have included the next/prev on the single gallery page. I am still working to have it in the lightbox though.

        • Hi Brajesh,

          Thanks for taking my idea. Of course, I help with the translation, and will update this.

          The plugin is just really great, WOW, Great JOB

          Thanks for that.

          Greetings Thomas

        • Hello…
          It´s a good modul…
          there is a translation into German?

        • Hi Henk1060,
          I don't know if there are any translations available. If you(or anyone else) want to translate, Please do translate it on wp.org here
          Thank you

    • You could put it in a lightbox and show an image or add bp youtube feed master as an option… I have the bp youtube feed working on my website… I simply did not move the code over to the suggested folder and left in the plugin area…

    • I am look for a buddypress plugin that will allow members to embed a soundcloud playlist or all of their tracks with pagination…. Either will work for me… No one on the web has produced any buddypress plugins for soundcloud… I would pay money for that…

  • So I love it and where you are going with the plugin, looking forward to the updates and add-ons.

    3 Questions:

    1. Id the theming tab in the back end supposed to do something? because it does not for me.
    2.I noticed the css is off in the light-box? . I am using Twenty Twelve theme and because I know css I can fix it, but the way it is in the capture here http://prntscr.com/4w4xrv it very hard to tell which comment is which.

    3. When I make a comment in the light box or view the image and make a comment on that image, each comment I made, in the activity stream is posted as a separate comment instead of being added under the image I am making the comment about http://prntscr.com/4w4xta , would be fine if it at least linked to the image the comment is being referenced too. Id this only happening to me?

    • Sorry about the typing for some reason I have Id instead of Is.

    • Hi Brajesh,
      If you have ready the newest update, write me and i will
      Translate in German.
      Thanks for your great job.

      I also would have the great plugin: friend suggestion for my
      Community in the new version, for WP 4 and BP 2.


      Greetings from Vienna


    • i will translte to Malay language

  • Hi Zabrina,
    thank you.
    1. Theming tab allows you to control the media grid/gallery grid view on galleries list. Also, you can choose the playlist option to have the audio/video listed as playlist.

    2. I see the issue now. I could not see that on bp-default. If you fix it, please do provide me the css. I will be looking into it more though.

    3. It happens when someone comments on a comment on the media. Media/Gallery comments are linked to proper media/gallery. The issue arises on the 2nd level comments( which are in fact activity comment logically). I will link them to the the original media page.

    Please do let me know other enhancements too, I am looking forward to beta 2 on this Saturday and will love to include more ideas.

    Thank you

  • Hi again,

    One idea and one question 🙂

    Idea: When someone commented in a photo, this appears in activity by this:
    Userx commented on Userz's photo 2 minutes ago

    It would be great if the word photo was link to the commented photo

    Question: I want to change the dimensions of the media thumbnail in media press in order to have constrained proportions. For example I want every image appease in a a gallery have max height: 100px and accordingly max-width:none.

    Is there any css trick in order to achieve this?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Nikos,
      Thank you for the suggestion. I am including it in the update.

      About the question:-
      You can easily override the thumbnail size.

      Please put this code somewhere in your functions.php
      [sourcecode language="php"]
      add_action( 'mpp_init', 'nikos_mpp_custom_thumbnail_size');
      function nikos_mpp_custom_thumbnail_size(){
      mpp_register_media_size( array(
      'name' => 'thumbnail',
      'height'=> 100,
      'width' => 100,
      'crop' => true,
      'type' => 'default' //applies to all media
      ) );

      That will do it.
      We are overriding the actual size for the thumbnail. When you upload next, the thumbnail will be saved as 100px X 100px

      Hope that helps.

      For older image, just use max-width:100px;max-height:100px; in the css.

  • Hi,

    One more idea! What about integrate media press with a point system like mycred (www.mycred.me)?


    • +1 for mycred integration

    • Thank you Nikos and Zabrina.

      We will be putting an addon fro myCRED support once we get the MediaPress stable by this weekend.

  • yep, +1 for myCRED too. The other BP media plugin has it already 🙂

    • Hi Giorgos,
      thank you for the suggestion. I am going to do my best to have support for myCred but I am not able to put it in the core. Please allow me this week to get the MediaPress stable( tomorrow, I am releasing RC) and then we will put an addon to support myCred points.

  • I would like to point that translating some wordings doesn't work.

    For example: “Want to Say Something user?"


    • Thank you. You are right about that. I am almost done with auditing all the string. We should have better translation support( for everything in the RC) tomorrow.


  • Group photo uploads miscounts. Behind with a single number.

    • Thank you Zipho. Have fixed now. Will upload the release candidate tomorrow which will have it.

  • Hi!

    In privacy options for each gallery you give the three following choices:

    1) Private
    2) Public
    3) Friends

    I would recommend to add one more

    4) Logged-in users

    Furthermore, I noticed that if I select Friends only, a non-friend can see the gallery thumbnail but if he clicks on the thumbnail he will get the message "Nothing to see here".

    I believe that when someone creates a "Friends-only" Gallery the gallery should not appear at all.

    Kind Regards!

    • Hi Buddypal,
      My apologies for following after so long.
      I have included Logged In users only privacy now and also fixed the issue with the Friends Only gallery visibility.

      Thank you

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I first used your image plugin back in 2010 or 2011 – congrats on this major release! I'll be sure to check it out 🙂


    • Hi Dave,
      Welcome back 🙂
      I am looking forward to your tests and suggestions .


  • Great job here Brajesh!

    You did an amazing work.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    When do you estimate the next update will be ready?


  • Hi, thanks for the plugin, after i've installed the plugin, and after change the plugin's settings, all i had was a blank screen in my wp admin… no php error…
    Than, when i go to the frontend, i can use the plugin but when i click on an image to see it, i get this blank screen again! (sorry for my english, i'm french).
    Please help (i use the latest buddypress and wordpress version, all my plugins are compatible and i use the roots.io theme).


    • Hi Mecanographik,
      For the time being please disable the plugin. remove it using FTP from wp-content/plugins folder and your site will return.

      I am away from my desk right now, Will check tonight with roots theme and get back to you.


      • Hi,
        Thanks for your answer. Any result with your roots theme test? Maybe i'm going to install a "white" wordpress on my dev server to check if the issue is coming from the server's configuration…. Please keep in touch, i really need your plugin!

        • Hi Brajesh, any news about the white screen of death your plugin can produce on the wp backend ? did you install the roots theme?

        • Hi Mecanographik,
          It does work with the roots theme. I have tested it today. please enable WP_DEBUG and let me know if you see any error there.

        • i am facing same issue..

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  • I have enabled Media directory (Create a page to list all photos, videos etc)

    But how do you access the page?

    I assume that the Media directory show all photos or videos of all members.

    • The Gallery directory is functional but the media directory settings are not worth at the moment.

      Please use the shortcode [mpp-media to list the media files]

      here is small example, I will have a better example on Tuesday's post.

      [mpp-media type="photo|video|audio" max="100" component="members|groups" ]

      all the options are optional. There are around 20 more options in the same shortcode, I will post them in my upcoming post.

  • How do you add aYoutube link in Mediapress?

  • Brajesh – this is exciting! Thank you for your generous contribution to the BP community. One question at the moment…

    Would there be any plans to somehow convert RTMedia images/galleries to MediaPress for those of us already using RTMedia who would like to switch to MediaPress?


    • Hi James,
      Thank you for the comment and asking about migration.

      Yes, the migration script is very high on priority and will have soon it out after getting the MediaPress stable.

  • Is there a way to limit gallery creation to admins only?

  • Hi Brajesh, great plugin (also featured on WP Tavern) but can you please also have a look in the support forum? Kind regards

  • Thanks for the plugin. However I was unable to make it work, upload fails with message " Server can not handle this much amount of data. Please upload a smaller file or ask your server administrator to change the settings." This even if the file is really small, and I've checked limits, tey are muche larger. Also other uploads do work (eg wordpress media).
    I'll check if I can find the problem, but in the meantime if you have any idea that can help…

    Options have been saved several times. Plugin is activated on the main site of MU install. Theme is Salutation from Parallelus, a theme that plays well with other software, at least until now.


  • Hello Thomas
    I These are some suggestions


    In fact, I am very impressed at (MediaPress)
    (MediaPress ) seems to be quite promising!
    Indeed, other
    I'm planning a huge project
    I own more than 200 000 image
    The number is on the rise
    I can not Begin with (MediaPress) at the present time
    I am in dire need to provide the following characteristics
    * Unlimited number of main and sub Albums
    * Download photos via FTP
    * Maintain the quality of the picture and its normal size (length, height)


    internal structures
    Must be (internal structures) Flexible
    For modification and expansion and added in the future
    Margin: repeat with me two positions with some of the scripts. Asked to add some properties. They told me we can not. Because there is no possibility of the amendment to the internal structures. Therefore, it is necessary to be flexible for the future.


    I strongly recommend the experience of using 4images
    In order to explore the characteristics and the way it works
    Especially the experience of adding photos via (FTP) and then summoned via 4images
    Perfect way then perfect then too perfect
    Must be applied in (MediaPress)


    The ability to add images to Albums (FTP).
    The best way to add images via (FTP) to Albums is the method used in the Script 4images
    I'm sorry. I do not speak English, so it is difficult to explain the way.
    I hope you experience, is the best practical application of theoretical explanation.


    I refer to three points:
    • Add an unlimited number of basic Albums + add an unlimited number of sub Albums + add an unlimited number of sub Albums within Albums Subcommittee also.

    • be the names of folders Albums and galleries (id) is numbers. As is the case now. To assure that not to change this approach.
    Reason: some languages ​​that do not use English letters, you will encounter a problem, if a different method was used in the naming of folders. Will show the names of the folders is incomprehensible symbols.


  • Hi All,
    My apologies for the delayed reply. Last week I got my left thumb broken and was having trouble in doing anything. I am going to release the next version on Monday/Tuesday depending on your feedback. The one issue troubling me is Videos/Audio from sites like youtube/vimeo/soundcloud etc( oembed supporting sites).

    We can easily allow to add media from these places but when a gallery is having playlist view, these can not be played using the native player ( In case we mix the uploaded videos, audio and the videos added via youtube, vimeo etc)

    What I have been thinking that we provide a dropdown with "Videos from URL" or something on that line and force user to create separate galleries for these remote url types. For example, a user can Create a video gallery where he/she can only keep the youtube/vimeo videos but can not upload a video file.

    What do you think of this? Please let me have your suggestions asap.

    Thank you

    • I think that would be cool … would be more organized at least!

    • And… Photos in comments… It is a great ideia!

    • Hi

      I am again. Ilove your Plugin more and more
      The Media Gallery for all pics on one Site is wonderfull .
      I think the same as Michael, is more organized.
      Good Idea.

    • Thanks Brajesh.

      Separate albums for media from URL and uploaded media should be ok for the next version.

      However, I think ultimately users would like to put media in the same album regardless of their source — uploaded or from a URL.

    • Please count me as a very emphatic YES!!! Including a player mechanism and larger quotas would make it perfect!

  • Hi guy, i had found this error: "
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function class_alias() in /wp-content/plugins/mediapress/admin/init.php on line 23"
    I'm falling in love with these images but i can't try it on my website due this error 🙁

  • Hi Brajesh and thanks for this excellent plugin. I have translated it in french and uploaded it to the french buddypress community site :

    Let me know if you want me to send you the translation.

    Greetings from France

    PS Some words though don't show in french even if they are translated…

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  • Hi Brajesh,

    there is already a new version. Question only because of the translation.

    Greetings from Vienna


    • Hi Thomas,
      Please checkout the link from the post again. The github version has the updated localization file.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Hope your thumbs doing better!

    I know this is a really difficult question to answer, but do you 1. Have a rough date for when the next version will be uploaded? and 2. Do you feel this second version will be stable enough for live websites?

    Thanks for everything!

  • One more thing,

    I noticed when I removed MediaPress in my Staging Area to perform a few tests, a few folders and one file were left behind in the “plugins” folder; “mediapress” -> “admin” -> “options-buddy” -> “read.md~”.

    Are these files supposed to be left behind or are they not being removed properly during the uninstall process? Thanks!

    • Hi Carl,
      I am sorry I could not follow up.
      I am removing that. It was a temp file generated by the gedit. The generated naming caused issue in delete. I will make sure to check and update so that these temp files don't get included.

  • Hello, Brajesh,

    I wrote you a couple emails before I found this forum. I took your advise and replaced BP Gallery with your MediaPress. It works fine except for a couple issues:

    1. How can I add YouTube or Vimeo videos to my gallery?
    2. How can I increase the storage quota?

    I uploaded a couple short videos (13.9MB total) and was rejected with an over quota error when I then tried to upload a 1.8MB audio track. Perhaps working out the first item will help solve item 2 but I would still like to increase member storage quotas.

    I found the gallery-user-space-manager.php that you wrote for BP Gallery. It looks like an updated version of this may fix my increase storage issue. Does it exist?

    Again, thanks-in-advance and I look forward to your response!

  • I read your idea about "Separate albums for media from URL and uploaded media". Please count me as a very emphatic YES!!! Including a player mechanism and larger quotas would make it perfect!

  • seriously… this mediapress awesome.. work perfectly at my wife blog

  • Great job, … when will you implement a lightbox function, page navigation is very cumbersome for users. Also may I suggest infinite scroll, in lieu of pagination – at least as an option

  • Hi, Its look great, thx fot that, but I have problem whit post pictures on activity wall. I use newest wp and bp, it is problem about this or some problem on my site?

  • Hello, plugin looks great. However, just having a couple of issues:

    1) Keep getting an error when uploading images
    2) When i create a gallery, it doesn't save in my profile

    Just wondering if i am doing something wrong?

    Kind regards

  • Error when trying to update settings:

    Warning: join(): Invalid arguments passed in XXX/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/admin/admin.php on line 226

  • seems the previous error was due to be removing all extension options in audio and video upload options. I've put them back in and the error goes away, however I think there should be the option not to allow those file types to be uploaded.

    • Hi Mike,
      Thank you for reporting the issue. I am glad that you got it fixed.
      I have fixed it in the current trunk 🙂

  • J #

    Aren't you the same guy that coded Bp-Gallery ??

    Are you competing against yourself ? 🙂

    • You are right about the BP Gallery. I am not competing. MediaPress will replace BP Gallery. I have updated the BP Gallery plugin to reflect that. and not be be confused, MediaPress is free and will always remain so 🙂

  • Is this project abandoned?

    • Hi Mathieu,
      I am just posting for others what I posted on wp tavern.

      I am sorry I could not reply on BuddyDev earlier too.
      No, this project is not abandoned and we have made some great progress in bringing more features.
      I have been working on a documentation site for this plugin to help developers adapt/extend this plugin. That’s why you haven’t seen any new news from me.

      Please do take a look at the most recent version which you can find here


      It has a highly optimized version and a lot of functionality added in the admin panel.

      I will be writing a new post with the updates in next couple of days after finishing the documentation site.

      Thank You

      • I've upload the version from Github, it is the same beta version that we can find here…
        On my site, it doesn't work…
        Do I have to move some folders to get it run? I have access to the admin panel but no upload option appear on member profil page. No way to create galeries either.
        I use BP Gallery 1.3.2.Should I keep working with this or upgrade to version 1.3.9 until I get MediaPress work for me?

        • Yeah, I tried the one from Github as well. Does not work on my site either.

        • Hi Claude,
          Please visit the MediaPress->Settings and enable the status/media types and It will work. In current trunk, you need to visit MediaPress settings and enable the media/status types to make it work.

          I still need to provide a script for migration from BP gallery to MediaPress. You don't need to upgrade the BP Gallery plugin. Upgrade script will work with it.

          Please do let me know if that makes it work for you or not?

        • Hi Brajesh,
          I've enable those settings but nothing appear beside it: just blank space…
          I've placed some screen capture on Dropbox to let you see : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x3hx75s61eo1piq/AACZ5xSbMFKixmbwuowtth8-a?dl=0
          So, to describe what is happening, I now have a way to create galleries but it isn't saved (in reality, it is saved but I can only see them in the admin panel)
          And if I try to add something from the admin panel, it says that this type of file is not allowed.
          There is really something missing to make it work for me… Is it supposed to work on multisite?

        • Is there any chance that you are on BuddyPress Multinetwork or Multi blog mode enabled?

        • @sbrajesh Yes I'm on a Multinetwork. Is it bad?

        • Hi @claudegagn,
          No it is not bad. I have not tested the plugin for BuddyPress Multi Network installations. I need to do that. In the mean time, I will suggest activating the plugin only on the sites/networks you need(Please do not network activate)., and then saving settings. I am going to check it today and Will be posting back my findings 🙂

      • @zabrina,
        Please see my above comment in response to Claude.
        You will need to enable the Media/Status types in backend to make it work.

      • Hi @claudegagn,
        Thank you for the images. I am sorry but the settings page does not look right. The settings page should list the name of the privacy/media types which seems just blank in your screenshot. Can you please provide me access to your site. That will make it a lot easier to check and fix the issue. Please PM me the details if possible.

        Thank You

  • I think that a nice addition would be to add functionality to migrate from rtmedia to mediapress. And when a user is browsing into another users album it would be nice to have a lightbox showing the picture and the possibility to add comments, something similar as Facebook.

    • Hi Wannabe,
      Thank you for the suggestions. Both of your suggestions are important and I am sure I am going to include it soon 🙂

      • hey! happy new year @brajesh 🙂 and thanx for the this plugin, it really works for me.

        And looking forward for the lightbox feature, meanwhile Do you have a sugestion of how can I implement this option on the galleries?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Very impressive plugin. It looks awesome, I can't wait to start using it! I'm trying to test it out on my test site, but when I activate the latest version of the plugin from github on once of my network subsites, I get this php error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /home/xadmin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/MediaPress-master/admin/functions.php on line 11

    I'm running WordPress 4.0.1 (Multisite) and BuddyPress 2.1.1.
    The error goes away when I activate it on my main site, but I do need to activate it on a couple of the other sites on my network. Can you make it more multisite friendly?

    Besides the multisite error, I was not able to upload a video or an audio file. When I press add media and choose the file, nothing happens. But it does upload photos.

    Here's my idea:
    – There should be a way to limit media additions to URL submissions only (So users can only add links to video, audio, and photo hosting services like youtube, soundcloud, and flickr)

    *On a side note, how is the myCRED integration coming along? I've written a few code gists to add myCRED hooks for a few plugins, and I know I can code one up for MediaPress in about 30 minutes. If you haven't already done this, can you provide me with a list of action hooks that I can use for awarding/deducting points for MediaPress actions such as adding a video, audio, or photo?

    Thanks for creating another great plugin.

  • I really like the concept and it really puts competition out for RT media. my only concern is the buddy Device history of completing plug-ins. I would hate to adopt this one and then it goes into the unfinished pile like it rest. No offense.
    I keep getting cannot modify header error – Header already sent

    • Hi Claron,
      My apologies for the lack of reliability. I do understand that last two years haven't been very good. I am sure I am going to turn around the things this year. So, expect the positive changes 🙂

      About Header sent issue, Can you please enable WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php and then give me the exact error.

      I can have much better understanding then.
      Thank you

  • Error using the upload buttons. Once I choose between pic, video or the other iption from the activity it loads add media element while reloading the actual page so it's stuck in a loop. Btw and fyi your link on buddydev leads to the plugin different than the GitHub. my first issue arose because I was using outdated version

    • Hi Claron,
      Thank you.
      I have updated the post with a link to the download from github repository now.

      Please point me to your site. Also, Since you are using the github version, Please make sure that you have saved the settings at least once.

      • Im probably going to install this plugin today, Sorry Brajesh for the late reply, you know how it is. So far the bugs that I have come across which I'm sure you know of, but just incase here they are.
        1. On a mobile device the activity buttons cause an issue with where the device uploads images from. The activity buttons cause a reload loop, but it does work on desktop.
        2. EXIF data should be removed I "countered this with EWWW IMage Optimizaer and PageSPeed rewriter.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Great plugin! Is there a way to show the author's name of the gallery in the directory page (between the cover and the gallery name)?


  • Hello,

    I get an error:

    Headers already sent in /home/sqiijgpv/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/core/common/feedback.php on line 2.
    This is not a good sign, it may just be a poorly written plugin but Headers should not have been sent at this point.
    Check the code in the above mentioned file to fix this problem.

    How to solve?
    Thank you.

    • Hi spilomac,
      Please do not use the beta1. Please download the plugin from github(First link in the downloadsection in the post). The github version does not have that issue.

      Hope that helps.

  • It should be available as a Network Plugin just like Buddypress, so that in WP Multisite-BP environment its settings can be saved centrally
    for example its admin url should be like wp-admin/network/settings.php?page=mediapress

    Since this is "Network Activated" with no settings options there, users in such a network can create Gallery but when they try to upload pictures the pictures are not uploaded, instead an error message is shown. Unless the end-user manually configures the settings (which he is not aware he has to do) pictures cannot be saved

    Having two interfaces – the WP dasboard interface and again Buddypress interface is confusing for the end-user – can there be any sync between the two?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just uploaded the new version and here are a few notes;

    1. Media (Pictures) is not currently hooking into "Easy FancyBox".
    2. Images are bypassing "Resize Image After Upload", causing memory allotment to be quickly filled.
    3. The setting "Allowed extensions for photo" input field is case sensitive, causing the error message "photo 3.JPG(2.4 mb)x This file type is not supported." if an upper case JPG is not added.

    Suggestions/ Questions;
    a. Can uploaded photos also be posted to the activity feed when uploading to the individual member galleries?

    I'll keep testing and see what I can uncover, but so far looking good! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • Joe #

    I was really excited to try out this plugin as a solution to my social networking gallery issue but I'm stuck with these errors.

    Warning: join(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/admin/admin.php on line 226

    Warning: join(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/admin/admin.php on line 226

    Warning: join(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/admin/admin.php on line 226

    Warning: join(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/admin/admin.php on line 226

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/core/common/feedback.php:2) in /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 748

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress/core/common/feedback.php:2) in /home/xlanmm/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 749

    • Hi Joe,
      I am sorry for the trouble.

      The error was caused by the empty media extensions. Please visit MediaPress->settings and save the extensions there(also check the enable status, components).
      I have just updated it on the github repo and It is fixed for new installs.The old installations will need to manually enter the type/allowed file extensions. Please visit your MediaPress->settings and update the settings.

  • Using the latest master file listed above on wordpress 4.1 I am unable create a new gallery as i'm unable to choose a status. The box comes up empty upon selection and there are no tags in the source code.

    • Hi Joe,
      Just replied to your first comment above. I hope that helps.

  • Ok having an issue. I do have multisite, mediapress is not network activated just on each subsite. I can get mediapress and buddypress to work , but once I install woocommerce I get an error or once I activate buddypress, if mediapress and woommerce is activated I get the same error as well. Its driving me crazy. I can't get all three plugins to work nicely together. Just to add, I just checked my single site install and it is doing the samething . mediapress and woocommerce do not like each other LOL or its just me. Wondering if anyone else is getting this error or just my site.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /var/www/vhosts/myhosting/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/MediaPress-master/admin/functions.php on line 11

    • Hi Zabrina,
      I have just committed the fix on github. Can you please upgrade and let me know if that works for you? More fixes coming today 🙂

      • Yeah, I got my lightbox back 🙂 but unfortunately, I am still getting the error when ever I try to activate all three plugins 🙁

        • ok So unfortunately, it was not working still after I upgraded. I did a lttle of my own research and got it working. Just Added :

          require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/screen.php' );
          and now I have all three working 🙂

  • Hi!
    Does this plugin make it possible for users to add video galleries to their personal profile?

    • Yes It does, pictures, audio, videos and documents.

  • As well to my previous issue. After I close the lightbox, comments are not staying in the lightbox. They are showing up in activity but not in the lightbox. They are not there if you open the lightbox again. Lightbox will not allow you to reply/comment on a comment, nevermind its the theme I am using.

  • This is a great plugin and it works perfectly… The only issue I can see is there no ability to load links… Like Youtube, Vimeo, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, ect…. This would be a viable way of posting outside media… Check out the BuddyPress Activity Plus Plugin and it will give you an idea of what can be done with the code linking to videos, audio, or pictures would be awesome…

    • Hi Push,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The link is the only issue that has been acting as a blocker for this plugin's stable release. I want to get that it before going stable but I am confused about the organization of teh links.

      The problem I am facing is rendering of the youtube/vimeo etc in the gallery will be different than that of the normal uploaded videos and that will cause issues on the layout if we allow mixed content( youtube video/local uploaded video) in the same gallery.
      A work around is to create new gallery gallery for the remote links. The problem with this approach is that It may confuse the users.
      If you have some time, Please help me take the decision here

      Thank You

      • Ok… Most users are not going to want the user to upload video to their servers, because they are not on VPS or Dedicated server. I would suggest allow integration of youtube and vimeo only at this time to reduce server load. This is just my opinion, because you have already created this integration with the BP youtube feed plugin… It's easier not to recreate files that are already on youtube… This would allow you to focus on the picture and audio galleries…

    • Sorry for the late reply… I will look at the media press code in a few days, but I have made progress in making the bp youtube feed plugin for my site… There are a few issues, but I will be done in a couple of days… There is a pagination issue and some responsive design issues, but I will take care of them on my end…

  • Hey Brajesh after testing the 1.0 beta 1 there is major problems with the lightbox commenting sytem as far as i can see, it just does not make any sense? when clicking on a photo in the stream in the lightbox there is a text box saying Want to say Something, username? then when you add a comment a second reply box is added and for each comment after that there is another and it then starts to look like each picture has its own activity stream! (this is not functional and is the most confusing thing ive seen when using a plugin from a users standpoint)

    also after closing the light box rather than the comments made showing under the picture the comment was made on it creates its own activity item stating that user has commented on other users photo (again this does not make sense at all! and adds extra activity items that just are not needed.) ,

    it just does not in anyway make sense the way it works right now, i know its a beta thats why i am giving you my own take on it, you need to llok at how facebook and rtmedias lightbox commenting system works in lightbox mode to make it functional and useable and do it in the same way because it really does not work in a justified way right now. this plugin can be great! the best! and is much lighter weight than rtmedias plugin on all my tests , you need to fix this lightbox commenting system before anything else or at least have an option to turn comments off in lightbox mode until this is fixed and useable.

    please take a step back and think about how you have this feature configured and try to make it useable like fb and rtmedias bversions, this will make your plugin supreme, but until this is sorted i would have to pass on ever using this plugin , but i have faith in your work and will continue testing future releases. 🙂

    • This is what I was trying to say in an earlier comment I made. Unfortunately, I have to agree the way the comment are showing up in activity stream and the light box makes it very confusing. Thank you for explaining it a little better than I did.

  • Just one more thing there is a widget error…


    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/pushpxww/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/core/gallery/template-tags.php on line 700

    (End Error)

    Other than that this is the best plugin that I have found so far and I have done a lot of research on gallery plugins… Great Job! 🙂

  • Hi, I really like this plugin.
    Everything seems working fine in PC.
    But when i tested on iPhone or iPad or mobile device.
    When i click the add picture button, it throws an error "Please enter some content to post. "

    It seems that its still not possible to upload picture or video from mobile device yet ?


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I've been testing the latest version and it's looking great!

    One thing I can not stress enough, I think you'd be doing the plugin a Major disservice if you didn't give some way for image file sizes to be reduced. I use "Resize Image After Upload" because it's simple and reliable, but really any method you deem appropriate would work. BP Gallery even has the "Image sizes" options in the settings which work great.

    With image sizes only getting bigger and no way for Admins to regulate it, everything else is just details.

    I also found one small bug and have a couple small suggestions but I don't want to cloud the importance of file size so will submit the other details later. Thanks for all your hard work on this!


    • I've also experienced this same issue on an iPhone.

      My hunch is that it relates to the way MediaPress is attempting to access files for the Activity Stream which is different then the way it works in the Galleries.

      On a computer when you click on the 'Photo' icon on the Activity Stream, the "Add Media" button displays and my computers file directory automatically opens. When in my 'Gallery', I click upload and just the "Add Media" button displays, and to open the file directory you must click the 'Add Media' button.

      The iPhone uploads photos correctly in a Gallery but behaves as @hikari outlined when adding to the Activity Page and I believe whatever is causing the file directory to automatically open may be causing the error. Let me know if any more detail or testing will help. Thanks!

  • When the new version, with YouTube integration will be released?

  • I have now the German translation for MediaPress for free downlaod in my blog, under http://www.blogdepot.de ready.

    I will be happy for comments and likes, tweet, etc.


  • Testing mediapress I encountered a few problem that I am reporting here.
    Setup: WP multisite 3.9.2 BP 2.02, mediapress from github repo activated on main site only.

    1) if max upload size is set to 0 in WP (for no limit), all mediapress uploads fail, since function can_handle @line 569, local-storage.php is dumb.
    2) if uploaded image size is too small (haven't tested exactly how much small), uploads succeed but images are not displayed. There is some error affectin var sizes @uploader.js line 333: sizes has no .thumbnail member, only width and height. With larger images, instead, the sizes object has 'large', 'thumbnail', 'full' members etc.
    3) after uploading an image of adequate size, the image appears under the "what's new" text box, but when posted the image is non incorporated in the activity: it simply disappears. Currently investigating this one.

    I like the idea of this plugin, but at the moment I can't use it

  • Hi Brajesh, quick question: are you also planning on extending the 'search galleries' results, or hooking into BP Global Search? So far the bèta works nicely, but not being able to do a quick frontend search for files in our media library is a bit of a bummer…

    cheers, Simon

  • I am continuing to test your plugin. I've had a look in depth to the code, that appears really well organized and clear.
    My last issue (see preceding post) was due simply to having let unchecked the 'public' privacy type in Settings. The other two remain unresolved.
    Testing quotas, it seems that setting quota to 0 does not means 'unlimited' and strangely does not seem to affect the displayed quota, can you confirm this?

  • Also… what there is some anticipation about an official release date?

    We are ready to move away from RT Media in favor of this solution.

    A small number of issues we have noticed:
    1.When adding media, it shows up at first in the global activity stream, but when the page is refreshed, the media uploads and the corresponding are not shown. We have "show orphaned" set to yes and "delete orphaned" set to no.

    2.We do not see a "post comment" button after the comment areas on galleries or lightboxes.

    3. High-res video are not handled well, low res work fine. Also there is not a thumbnail for videos, should there be?

    We downloaded the latest version. We are using BP 2.2, WP 4.1 and on the Kleo Theme from SeventhQueeen.

    Thank you again for this amazing contribution!


    We are preparing to move away from RtMedia in favor of MediaPress.
    We have a noticed an issue we hope you can help us with:
    1. When we post media, The post shows up initially in the activity stream, however when we refresh the page, all posts from MedaPress are gone.
    We have delete orphaned set to "no" and show orphaned set to "yes"
    We do see an activity stream under the gallery page, but the activity does not show up in the global activity stream or the user's activity stream.

    We are on BP 2.2, WP 4.1.1 and the latest version of MediaPress

    Thanks again for this awesome contribution!

    • Very sorry for the double posting! We have figured out the post button not showing. We are still interested in solutions for the others. Thanks!

    • Hi Daryl,
      My apologies for the delayed reply.

      Let us say you select upload, then the media is uploaded and a list is shown below the activity post form, right?
      Now what happens after you put some content in the activity post form and click submit? Does the new entry that was added via ajax shows the attached media or not?
      If it is not showing the media in that case most probably them theme is missing a hook in activity/entry.php
      Please check if the entry file has 'bp_activity_entry_content'. if that is not the case, please drop me a mail via the contact from here with the link and I will assit you.

      Thank you

      • Brajesh,
        Thank you for your reply! When we attach media, add content and click the post button, the post adds to activity via Ajax. Both the media and post content are displayed in the activity stream. This is true for posting from profile or from the global activity stream. Once we refresh the page or leave the page and come back, the posts are gone. The media is still in the gallery, so it is not deleted, but the posts are no longer visible in the activity stream.

  • Brajesh,
    Looks like this was a matter of timing. We updated to the latest version of BuddyPress the same day we installed Media Press. It turns out the Activity Loop hooks are slightly different in this version of BuddyPress than the one that we did some custom coding on. When we backed out our old code, it all worked like a charm. It was not MediaPress at all. Posts are showing up perfectly now.


    • Hi Daryl,
      Thank you for the update. It's good to know that it is working 🙂

  • Pat #


    Seem a very interesting plugin.
    I would like to know if there is a possibility to moderate the media by an admin prior to its publishing on the site.

    • Hi Pat,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Currently, It does not allow moderation but I will put an addon in a month to allow admins to moderate the media. That was one of the things that I had thought while planning this plugin.

      • Pat #

        Hello Brajesh,
        Thanks for your return.
        I'll wait for this update. Thanks for taking care.

      • Pat #

        Hello Brajesh,
        Are you still in line for the moderation in 2 weeks from now?
        I'm eager to use it.

  • Brajesh,

    How do I change the top menu tab from Gallery to a different name?

    I would appreciate your help… You have done an outstanding job.

    • Brajesh,

      I found it in the loader.php file and made the changes..

      Thanks for all your hard work bro…

      Push Wilson

      I am almost done with my site and I have made the bp youtube feed work correctly without any problems from the buddypress core css… It works just fine and I can send you the updated code…

  • I am currently receiving this error when I try to upload audio files on a user account…

    01_Track_1.mp3(6.2 mb)x This file type is not allowed in current gallery. Only files are allowed!

    users can't create galleries either…

    When I use the admin account I do not have this issue… The plugin works for me as the admin, but users can not upload audio tracks… I have changed every thing in the mediapress settings…

    What could be the issue…

  • hi
    the users can not comment the Pictures.

    i don't Know why?

    Thanks for Help


    • Thomas,

      Are you using a custom user role on your site like student or teacher. The custom user roles have level permissions and can cause an issue with mediapress. One thing that I always remember is that MediaPress is in a development phase and it is a beta version of what Brajesh is developing. I have tested MediaPress on my development server with minimal issues accept when a user role is customized. You can attempt to change the permissions for the custom user role, but this can cause other issues to ensue. If you are using a custom theme then you can contact the theme developer for support, because Brajesh is probably working on this code and he has not responded in about a month.

      I would not advise using this on a live site, because it is a Beta Testing plugin. It is actually the best media plugin for buddypress I have seen so far….


  • Hey,

    After a few successful uploads, now whenever I try to upload anything I get a "Unable to upload. You have used the allowed storage quota!" How can I change the upload limit to avoid this error? Thanks for any help you could give!

  • @ all,
    Sorry about my absence. I was busy with the MediaPress documentation site/theme. That is almost ready now. i will be replying to all of your comments/questions from today onward.

    Thank you

  • Pat #

    Thanks again for your work.
    I have a question : I would like to have 2 types of galleries :
    – member private galleries visible only by friends. These galleries
    – a generic gallery (unique for all members) where members can place the videos they want to share to all members and visible by all the members.

    Let me know

    • Hi Pat,
      Thank you for the comment.
      It is inbuilt into MediaPress. After installing and activating MediaPress please visit Dshboard->MediaPress->settings and make sure to enable only the 'Logged In' and 'Friends Only' gallery. Also, from the default privacy, please select either of two and the users will only be able to create these two type of galleries.

      You can read more about available configurations in the page below.

      Hope that helps


      • Pat #

        Hi Brajesh
        I understand the settings but my question was on the ability to have a page regrouping all videos that are seenable by all members (not just friends).
        So the videos for friends would be in the "Gallery" of the member that have uploaded the video and the video seenable by all members will be on a specific page of the site (let's call it "Shared videos page"
        In addition, I need to have the moderation feature we spoke some times ago. Is it still planed in Mediapress ?

  • Pat #

    Just another question : how can Mediapress manage the display of the media, especially, the video? When you ar ein a member profile gallery and you click on one of the media, is it possible to view a video?
    Is there a viewer available for this in Mediapress?

    • MediaPress uses MediaElementjs player which is included in WordPress core. you can either show the video/audio as playlist or as individual tracks. An yes, the user can see the video by clicking on it.

      • Pat #

        Thnaks, but when I'm trying to view an avi file, I just have the link that appears in the gallery (no thumbnail) and if I click on it, then the file is downloaded and not played in the site?
        Did I miss something?

  • Hello,
    In the last two days, we have been getting the following error when trying to adjust certain things in the Admin section:
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /nas/wp/www/cluster-40248//wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/admin/functions.php on line 11, referer: https://.com/wp-admin/network/plugins.php


    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /nas/wp/www/cluster-40248//wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/admin/functions.php on line 11, referer: https://.com/wp-admin/network/user-new.php

    Do you know what we may be able to do to fix this?

    • Hi Daryl,
      Please upgrade to the most recent update from github(Linked in the post above ). We have fixed the issue 2 weeks ago.

      Please do let me know if that works for you or not?

  • Thank you! Is there a way to upgrade the plugin without completely removing the old one? I have downloaded the latest version. I would rather not lose the galleries we have created if possible. Can I manually overwrite the files via FTP rather than uninstalling the current plugin and adding the new plugin through the WP Admin interface?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Daryl,
      Please delete the old plugin and use the new use. Galleries will not be lost. There is no data loss on uninstalling the plugin. The data is stored in database and not in plugin.

  • hi i only seem to have the private option in status how can i fix this please

    • Hi Adrian,
      Please visit Dashboard->MediaPress->Settings and make sure that you have checked the other privacy options provided there.

  • Thanks, Brajesh!

  • JK #

    This is a great plugin, good job so far. I was wondering if it is possible to change the url from "mediapress" to something that fits the site it's being used on a bit better?

    • Hi JK,
      Thank you for the comment. You can change the slug 'mediapress' to anything easily. Please take a look at the example in this document.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for answering that question Brajesh… I was about to change the slug, but you just made it easier for me to find the file.. Great Job and Congratulations on such a well tuned plugin… I am using wordpress 4.2 and Buddypress 2.2 without any problems other than user role permissions which I have already fixed.. Outstanding!!!

        • Hi Push,
          Thank you.
          I sincerely appreciate your comment and support here. I am sorry, I was not able to help you in past, but I will do my best to help in future.
          Please do let me know if you need any assistance in future.
          And yes, I am working on more documents for MediaPress. It will take a little more time but things are looking better now 🙂

      • JK #

        Awesome, thanks man! Is it also possible customize the audio player widget?

      • JK #

        Also, I'm noticing that uploads do not work if I use the Amazon s3 and cloudfront plugin. It just says no file or doesn't post after uploading. (I have the plugin set to copy media to s3 then delete on the server)

        I don't want everything being uploaded directly to my server. Is there another way to enable s3 support for the media uploaded through this plugin?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I decided to move from rtmedia to mediapress. So far works fine. But lightbox is not working although I have it on at the settings. Any idea to catch this conflict?

    • Same here! Just to piggy back off Giorgos question, how can I get the media to pop up in a lightbox on the activity stream instead of the media linking the user to the wall gallery?

    • hi Giorgos,
      Thank you for opting for MediaPress. I am sorry i could not assist in time. I will do better in future.

      The lightbox issue seems to be a conflict with the theme. is your theme using magnific popup? We are also using it and It might be loading twice causing the issue. If possible please link me to the site here or via the contact form and I will provide a quick solution.

      Thank you

      • Hey Brajesh,

        Could you possibly do the same for me? I was using easy fancybox to force the links to open in a lightbox. However it brings up the Mediapress lightbox but the comment text is white and unreadable. I've disabled easy fancybox. Could you checkout how to make the stream pictures come up in the lightbox with readable text?


        • Hi Nikea,
          That is giving me a 404 page not found. will love to find out the issue and assist you.

        • Hey sorry about that! I just change over to my main domain. You can reach the timeline at:


          Thanks a lot!

        • Hi Nikea,
          I am sorry for the delayed reply. I see the issue. Please disable the lightbox for now. I will supply more css in the next week's release to fix it.

          Thank you

  • Hi,

    I'm switching from Rtmedia to Mediapress – which look really awesome.

    I'm having a problem in the acvity loop of the homepaage. It just display the new user created. I would like to show their the creation of gallery ad media upload each time.

    Another questions,

    Anyway to have a page listing all the gallery from all user ?

    Thank you for your time,


    • Hi Thibault,
      Thank yu for the comment.
      Currently, Only the uploads from activity page is shown as an activity item(Like uploaded 5 photos etc). i got struck with some structuring issue for the remote media support and that's why i could not work on integrating the generation of new activity when media is uploaded from the profile gallery/group gallery page. Please give me around a week and we will have it. I am almost done with remote media, so will be adding it as the next enhancement.

      About listing of Gallery: Just create a gallery page and assign it to media press component in BuddyPress->pages setting and it will use that for listing. you can also use shortcode to do the same.

      Hope that helps.

      • Hi Brajesh,

        Thank you for the update,

        Sounds good for the Gallery I maked it work, thank you =)

        SOunds awesome to have the gallery in the main acvity stream, WIll you release the update version with this feature next week or should I contact you ?

        Good continuation, your extension is just amazing 😉

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Sorry to be stuck on repeat, but I haven't heard from you since October regarding optimizing media. Are you planning on adding a resize image or optimization feature to MediaPress?

    I've read you want to keep the original file to maximize add-on potential which makes sense, but if that results in lagging performance when viewing images, could the admin have an option to decided which is more important on their site?

    Also, there are still issues with the latest beta when trying to upload images to the activity stream via mobile device. Clicking the icon causes the #mpp-activity-dropzone to briefly show while simultaneously attempting to post, followed by the error "Please enter some content to post.". You can reproduce this issue using Chrome's built in device emulator. Let me know if there's anyway to help.


    • Hi Carl,
      I am sorry that I could not assist earlier. I did not reply yesterday as I wanted to provide you with the solution.
      1. You can optimize any photo uploaded with MediaPress by using Resize Image After Upload plugin or EWWW Image optimizer plugin. Here is a tutorial for that

      2. Please give me a few more days, I need to test it on a mobile device.

      • Hi Brajesh,

        This worked perfect, I can't thank you enough! I'm officially making the switch to MediaPress on my live site.

        Regarding uploading images from the activity feed using mobile devices: I did try displaying the #mpp-activity-dropzone with CSS, essentially bypassing the buttons, but this resulted in a failed upload. This maybe predictable behavior, but I wanted to send the feedback just incase.

        Looking forward to seeing your release later this week! Keep up the great work, and thanks again!

  • Pat #

    Hello Brajesh,
    Thanks for your plugin. I'm currently using it and have a question : I know we can define specific extensions for different medias, but the issue there is that the chexk is done on the server side, which means we need to wait until the upload is completed to have the answer wether the file is OK or not. Would it be possible to add this validation on the client side in order to avoid waiting a quite long time (when managing videos) to get in final a negative answer ?

    • Hi Pat,
      Thank you and that is a valid question. I am updating this plugin by Thrusday and that will do the client side checking for supported browsers.

  • Pat #

    Hello Brajesh,
    Sorry to come back again on this point but as it is quite important for one of my site, I would appreciate to have a good idea if you will integrate the moderation feature (meaning, ability for the admin to validate a media prior to its publishing) and when we can expect to have it.
    Many thanks for your work

    • Hi Pat,
      I am sorry for keeping you stuck on that feature. We are having the stable release of MediaPress next weeke and this will be the first feature plugin for MediaPress I will work on.
      Thank you

      • Pat #

        Hello Brajesh,
        No issue. I know you're working hard in order to provide the best plugin and I appreciate.
        Just one point concerning this new feature : it would be good to have the ability to moderate depending on the media visibility, ie : for example, don't moderate media that are for friends but moderate those that could been seen public.
        Does that make sense ?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Ok I have looked at many of the questions about youtube and I would suggest that you many want to refer them to the BP YouTube Feed as an option. I do not see video being as much as a problem in the future with the increase in hosting server space. I think that concentrating on a solution to linking to outside video services will delay they plugins final release. I would leave that to future releases… My only suggestion is too update the BP YouTube Feed plugin to the new YouTube API.. This will resolve at least some of the questions being posted about loading videos from outside video sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Dailymotion, ect. I understand that you want to please everyone but the sole purpose of the plugin should be uploading files to BP users profiles.

    You have been working for over a Year on this project and it is obvious that you are headed in the right direction.

    Again, Fix the BP YouTube feed plugin and you will reduce most of the questions people are asking about outside API connections.

    Great Job on The Plugin by the way…

    Push Wilson @ PushMusicPro.com

    • Hi Push,
      Thank you for the comment.
      I will update the youtube Feed plugin by coming Wednesday. also, I have one major update of MediaPress lined up by Tuesday-Thursday that already includes oembed support and activity publishing from the single album page. That will make MediaPress stable for now.

      Thank you again for your support and I am looking forward to a highly productive week ahead 🙂

  • Hello

    we can not find any images, videos or whatever else the upload stream, the icons are not visible.

    Need urgent help!


  • Thanks Brajesh,

    that' s it,

    your support ist greatfull.


  • Hello Brajesh,

    I was wondering if you have an update on the bp youtube feed plugin… I am almost done with this site and I am really excited about the new bp youtube feed update.


    Push Wilson

  • Brajesh,

    I was wondering if you had a chance the BP YouTube Feed plugin… I am about to launch my site in about 3 weeks… If, you need some help with the api feed let me know…



    • Hi Push,
      My apologies for the delayed reply. It seems I forgot to reply back. As far as I checked, Youtube API v3 does not allow fetching feed for a single user. It des allows for channels but not for user like we did earlier. So, the plugin has to be retired and I don't see it serving any purpose in future.

      If you want to discuss further, can we please take this discussion to the BP Youtube Feed plugins post and void MediaPress comment stream.
      Thank you

  • Hi Brajesh, any news about the acvity stream for the homepage ? It just display the new user created. I would like to show their the creation of gallery ad media upload each time. Yo told me a month ago it should be ready in one week 🙂 Just wanted some update 🙂



  • Hi, Brajesh
    thanks for this excellent plugin. I have a question about the Documents component. In order to read documents I had to activate google javascript and when I clicked on the upper right corner to see the document on an external window I saw the adresse https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=http://mysite.com/….
    There I saw an option to open the original file (which is on my site). Does this mean that the document Ι was reading was a copy sent to google servers ? You know not all people like google because of privacy concerns. I think that the problem is serious and you must explain to all of us how the Document component works.

    • Hi Georges,
      My apologies for not clarifying that.
      yes, It uses google doc viewer to show document files. My primary motivation to use the doc viewer was the large number of filetypes it supports. I just did some google today and I see that It is not best suited for viewing files deemed to be private.

      It ca be easily disabled, but the problem is in that case, we will have to simply list the files in case of document type. There are some open source project that support pdf viewing/spreadsheet sheet viewing on web but I could not find any good alternative to google doc viewer.

      Now, I am not sure what should be a better option? Will it be good if I add an option to enable/disable google viewer or do you have other suggestions?

      • Thanks a lot, Brajesh, for this clarification.
        Well, my suggestions are google, zoho and "link to download" and let admins activate/deactivate what they want.
        If I had to chose only one solution I would chose "link to download" because if you click such a link, your browser download manager gives two options 1.open it with your pc tools 2.download it; so you can do what you want.

  • hi,
    1 when I click an image in activity, I'll be right there in the profile and it does not open in the lightbox.
    I checked everything again, where's the error,

    2. How can I Youtube videos in the upload activity. if I want to add a video appear directly my folder.

    Best regards


    • Hi Thomos,
      just to clarify here. you can enable the lightbox from MediaPress settings. I do not recommend it at the moment as I am working on a better lightbox(will have in next 2-3 days), the current one looks messed in some themes.

      2. Youtube/Oembed support is available in BuddyPress by default. Just paste the youtube url in the activity content and BuddyPress will parse it. MediaPress does not parses it currently.

  • is there a way to get media when uploaded to the activity wall to display on the wall with the text? right now when i add audio with a text update the audio only goes to the gallery and doesnt show up on the post with the text talking about the audio file. i really like this plugin since it is doing more for wordpress and social type sites than any other plugin. I am just confused if this is a glitch or if this is how it was intended to work. I have multiple users that are self promoting their dj sets and producers that promote their tracks to dj's.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for the comment.
      1. Can you please check from MediaPress->settings and see if public status is enabled or not? At the moment, to list media with status updates, public status must be active. Please check and let me know. I will have another update that will not require public status for wall/activity media in future.

  • Pat #

    Hello Brajesh,
    I'm a little lost with your mediapress plugin today. Is it now into production?
    And what about the 2 features we discussed some time ago :
    – media moderation
    – validation of the type / size of the uploaded media in the browser (not in the server)

    Thanks again for your nice work on this plugin

    • Hi Pat,
      I am sorry i haven't been paying attension to the comment here recently.

      1. No, Media Moderation is not coming soon. It will need some time.
      2. I am working on and will get client side validation by the end of this week hopefully.(After fully integrating activity, that is first priority)

  • Pat #

    Hello Brajesh,
    When creating a gallery (available for friends only), if we integrate some media in it, the gallery avatar takes one of the media inside the gallery. This is not good as in this case, we do not want other people to see the content.
    Is there a way to use a standard image for all private gallery avatar?
    Thanks again for your work

    • Hi Pat,
      Thank you for noticing. That is a bug I believe. I will update this on github this week.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I came across three bugs I wanted to to pass along. The first is major and breaks MediaPress. The other two are minor:

    1. Conflict with "BP Profile Visibility Manager" and "MediaPress" – When both plugins are active (Latest Versions), the four "Allowed extensions…" fields will not save and show up blank after inputting the file extensions and clicking save. These notices are output above each field when in Debug mode and "BP Profile Visibility Manager" is active:

    When "BP Profile Visibility Manager" is deactivated the Notices clear and you can save the file types, which also brings back functionality to the uploader that shows upload errors if the fields remain blank.

    2. This one has been lingering but I don't think it has caused any issues. After installing MediaPress, then uninstalling, a message shows up in the admin area, "The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Gallery. Repair". I still have BP Gallery active on the site but, but the notice didn't show up until after installing MediaPress and removing MediaPress when originally testing. Also, the BuddyPress settings does have a page assigned to the Gallery Directory, so there is no further action that can be taken to satisfy the notice.

    3. This one's small: When "Editing Media" and using the bulk action "Delete", the "Deleted successfully!" message has an error class "class="bp-template-notice mpp-template-notice error", so the notice shows up red and looks like it failed.

    Let me know if you need anymore details on any of these.

    Also, any luck finding what's triggering the submit on Mobile device Activity feed uploads?

    Thanks for everything and let me know if there is anything I can do!


    • Hi Carl,
      I am sorry for the delayed reply. The problem was happening due to the use of different versions of Options Buddy framework I used in various buddydev plugins.

      1. I have dropped options buddy in MediaPress to avoid the conflict and now the MediaPress has its own lib for the Options panel, so that conflict is gone.

      2. About second issue:- It is related to the way how BuddyPress handles component to page association. For now, Please bear with me in reassigning it.

      3. Thank you for that. should we show it like normal success message? I just wanted to highlight the deletion as destructive option.

      4. I am doing some major MediaPress updates at the moment and Will message you in next 3-4 days for testing the mobile upload issue.

      Thank you

      • Hi Brajesh,

        Thanks for the responses!

        3. I feel on a UI level, green is best used when any action has succeeded, whereas red means further action will be needed to complete the intended task. But, that's based largely on my personal opinion.

        I don't think you had a chance to address the Activity Upload on mobile with the last round of updates, but as of the latest version, the same behaviors are present.

        I have a few new things to address but, I'll start a new comment.

        Thanks Brajesh!


  • hi Guys,
    my members can' t write any Comments in den Pictures Galeries,

    Why? i don't know where is the Mistake.

    In the settings is all right.

    Thanks for help.

    • Hi Thomas,
      I am sorry I have been busy with the development and could not pay attention on comments here.
      If you have it enabled in the settings, It may be a theme issue. Which theme are you using?

  • The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Gallery. Repair

    The component is not visible.

    • Hi Jaap,
      Please click repair and on that page assign a page to Gallery. Also, Please make sure to upgrade to latest version for better features.

  • Have been trying out Mediapress and no content is showing in the activity stream. Saw the comment from May 11 that mentions a setting for 'enable activity integration'. I cannot see this setting. Have latest github version. Have also checked the documentation page and can find no reference to it there either.

    • Hi Duncan,
      Please visit Dashboard->MediaPress->Settings and make sure you have 'public' status active(checked). Click save and It will be visible in the activity. Please do let me know if that works for you or not?

  • Wow, quick response. Thanks!
    Sadly does not resolve it for me. Have checked the 'Enabled Media/Gallery Statuses' setting and the only one checked is Public. It is also the default status. Have tried changing the settings, saving then changing again and saving but no joy. Have also tried 2 different themes but no success unfortunately.

    • Hi Duncan,
      Can you please visit your Dashboard->Media and see if the uploaded files are present there?
      If yes, The only other reason i can think of is either a plugin is filtering 'pre_get_posts' incorrectly or the theme does not have 'bp_activity_entry_content'. I ruleout the second option as you have tried it on multiple theme and the theme compat always have it enabled.

      If possible, Please PM me the site to have a look at it.

  • Thanks, PM sent.

    • Hi Duncan just replied in PM.
      For others, Please make sure Allow activity upload is set to yes in the MediaPress settings.

      • same problem. When adding a picture on activity no pictures are showing in the activity. The picture however is added and visible in my gallery

        • HI,
          Please upgrade to MediaPress( I have just pushed an update 5 mins ago). It contains the tools menu under MediaPress. Please visit that and you will see the debug info. Please copy that debug info and post somewhere( on pastebin or somewhere else and link me, please do not post in comment as that is a long data). I will be able to help you quickly then.

          PS: The issue with Duncan's site was the activity upload was not enabled.

  • Brajesh,

    It's been a while since I have commented. I was wondering if you had any new updates to the mediapress plugin…


    Stacey "PUSH" Wilson

    • Hi Push,
      There have been many things that I have added in the last week/this week. Now the MediaPress can be configured to allow automatic posting to activity(when a user upload to gallery), Gallery creation can be recorded into activity too.

      Also, I just added Debug tool for MediaPress to make it easier for the site admins to provide debug info.

      I have 2 more things to do( lightbox and some activity work) and we will have MediaPress going stable any time soon.

    • paste bin : http://pastebin.com/Q25hVX2D

      Activity upload is enabled. To make sure it was enabled, I disabled it saved it and then enabled it again.

      When I add new media in my gallery the activity stream is updated and is showing the picture. I just can't directly add a photo.

      Another strange thing is this. When I add new media (photo) to the activity stream a new gallery is created "Wall Photo Gallery". When I go to My Gallery I see 'Test' my own gallery and it is showing a picture, and "Wall Photo Gallery" which is also showing the picture that I just added directly on activity.
      However, when I go inside the "Wall Photo Gallery" I get the message , "There is nothing to see here"..

      p.s. would be nice to be able to set album cover photo, or to have pics randomly displayed. Another thing that I miss is the date added.

      • HI,
        Thank you for the details. As I see from log, you have activity set as home page of the site. I am going to test and report about that in an hour or so.
        About Gallery activity: Please uncheck the record activity for Gallery create and It will be disabled. I just added it for the people who want to record gallery creation as an activity item.

        I am still not sure what error you are seeing on the activity page(I will be more clear after testing activity as home page). Please do note, for a user, We automatically create a wall gallery for each type of media when the media is uploaded from activity(Gallery is created only once)

        About cover:- You can change the cover photo by Visiting you Gallery->edit->Edit details. You will see the option to upload a new cover there.

        Hope that helps.

        • I suppose the problem is a bit bigger then anticipated? 🙂

          I have another problem , apache error log shows:

          call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'MPP_Admin_Debug_Helper' does not have a method 'init' in /home/somewebsite/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 496, referer: http://somewebsite/wp-admin/plugins.php

          The error messages stop when i disable media press

      • Fixed that warning in today's update.

  • TKD #

    This plugin is looking great but I have a couple of issues:

    1) I can't get the lightbox to work. I'm using the X theme with ethos stack. I've tried adding new lightbox plugins but nothing helps.

    2) Can there be an option for filenames to be renamed to something random, or for it to work with a plugin that does that? There's a risk users will end up uploading pics with their name or location in the filename.

    3) Can the default picture title be blank rather than the filename?

    • Hi TKD,
      Thank you for the comment. Please wait for 1 day. I have a major update coming today or tomorrow. It is a bulk update that has improved the lightbox experience vastly and fixes some other issues/enhances the plugin.
      2. Yes, That is possible and I will post tomorrow about that.
      3. No, Title can not be blank, It has to be something. A user can bulk update the title from gallery edit page.

    • HI Wannabe,
      Yes, I made a mistake and introduced that error. For now, You may want to comment mediapress/admin/tools/debug/debug-helper.php line number 12 and that error will be gone. I will push a major update today or latest by tomorrow that includes a fix for this too.

  • Hi All,
    Just wanted to let you know that I pushed an update today which enhances the lightbox functionality greatly. Also, It enhances the mediapress template structure and a lot more things. Please make sure to upgrade your MediaPress installation to the latest one from github.
    Thank you.

  • TKD #

    I've installed the update, and followed the instructions for obfuscating file names. Unfortunately there's no lightbox and the file rename isn't really working.

    Upload Plus is renaming the files. However, mediapress is taking the original file name as the title and attachment page address. Even if I change the file title from the edit bit of the gallery I can still see the original file name in the attachment page address.

    There's also no lightbox, and I do have the lightbox settings enabled correctly.

    • Hi TKD,
      1. Currently lightbox is only supported on activity entries. Please do check if it is working on activity page or not? If no, then please check the console and see if you note any javascript error. A single javascript error by a theme or plugin can make it stop working.

      2. You are right about the slug. I have updated the code snippet and added a filter in the last change https://github.com/buddydev/mediapress/commit/8b944202e0f590fd6bdc563e1b4af2f760948151 to allow us modify the whole filename/slug/title all of these.

    • Also, If you don't mind, Let us move the file name obfuscation discussion to the other blog post.

      Thank you

  • Here's the new stuff:

    I received 5 "[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)", here are the resources:

    1. (mpp-pure.css, line 0) – http://website.com/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master//assets/css/mpp-pure/mpp-pure.css?ver=4.2.2
    2. (mpp-core.css, line 0) – http://website.com/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master//assets/css/mpp-core.css?ver=4.2.2
    3. (uploader.js, line 0) – http://website.com/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/assets/js/uploader.js?ver=4.2.2
    4. (activity.js, line 0) – http://website.com/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/assets/js/activity.js?ver=4.2.2
    5. (mpp.js, line 0) – http://website.com/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/assets/js/mpp.js?ver=4.2.2

    Also, there still seems to be a few stubborn files that don't want to delete when removing older versions of MediaPress (I don't remember the specific files, but I believe there were three and they only deleted after removing individually). I've been uninstalling via FTP after deactivation.

    I'm afraid the failed resources may cause other issues when testing, but i'll keep looking for anything else.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Carl,
      I had made a mistake in the bulk update and it added an extra trailing slash causing the load problem. Is fixed on the repo now.
      I am taking a look at the files and will remove. I am using linux and If by mistake I use gedit, It creates a hidden temporary file, that was the problem earlier.

      I am dedicating this week to MediaPress again, let us see how much we progress 🙂

  • Hi Brajesh, Sorry for my endless comments today! Quick question on short codes/galleries:

    I want to create a gallary with thumbnails of the last 4 photos a user has added. I would need to embed the gallery into a php file for a pop-up box which uses the arg

    which can be used to identify which member. I've gone over the shortcodes page several times, and I'm thinking this isn't possible, but I wanted to ask the expert before giving up hope 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • TKD #

    Another issue I'm afraid. I've been using Frontend Publishing Pro to allow my users to upload posts and control that by userrole. But with Mediapress active the upload media options disappear for frontend publishing. Have you got any suggestions as to how I can make these plugins both work at the same time?

  • Pat #

    I'd like to share an issue I've just discovered : when a member creates a new gallery and affect it to "only friends", then this gallery is not visible on its member gallery page.
    A friend of him can see the gallery, but not the member who has created it, meaning he is no more able to modify it or delete it !
    In addition, the issue related in a previews ticket concerning the fact that is you modify a gallery in the admin section of the site, the gallery is affected to the admin, is no solved today (just tested with the last Gitub version).

    Let me know

    • Pat #

      Nobody has faced this issue?
      Seems strange as it is something that could be important on a site ?
      Let me know

      • Hi Pat,
        I am sorry, I could not test it earlier. It seems It has appeared in my last few updates.
        Also, I can confirm the admin issue too. Will have a fix for these two today and will reply again here.

      • Hi Pat,
        I have put a fix for the friends,followers and following gallery. It will be visible to the owner now.
        Will fix the admin gallery update issue later and then will reply back again.

        • Pat #

          Sorry for my previws reply that was not at the right place !
          Any idea when theadmin issue will be solved?

  • Pat #

    Hi Brajesh,
    Just tested the "friends only" issue and this is now working well. Thanks for you update.

  • Has anyone found a way to import rtmedia pics / albums into mediapress yet?

    Rtmedia has some major fails lately and has proved to be in a downward spiral – need to move to new for buddypress picture uploads, albums, etc – not sure if it is yet possible to import all the pictures, videos, and audio uploads that have already been added to profiles, groups, etc. (?)

    • Hi Steve,
      I am sorry but I haven't seen anyone writing an importer for rtMedia. I will do it someday but at the moment, I regret my lack of time to work on it.

      It should be possible but will need some time to work on an importer.

  • Hi Bresh…..
    Great Job! It looks beautiful!
    Here’s a couple small issues I noticed;
    1. When I first started uploading images, I was getting a red error message like:
    An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.
    I am using Paid PremiumPress Dating Theme.
    When I activate a default theme Twenty Fifteen then I is working, I can upload image.
    2. I am not able to audio, video file also.
    Please help me.
    I am very upset with it.
    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Kovin,
      Thank you for posting it as a comment. Can you please check the following:-

      1. Have you configured MediaPress? https://buddydev.com/mediapress/topics/getting-started/settings-options/configuring-mediapress/
      You need to save the settings at least once after activating MediaPress. You can enable audio/video/doc etc in the settings

      2. If it is not working with your theme, can you please check in the console if your theme is throwing notices. If a theme or plugin throws notice, that will make the JSON response invalid and cause this issue.
      Please check and let me know.

      Thank you

      • It is not working with my theme.

        Please check and let me know.
        How Can i check from console of theme is throwing notice.

        Thank you

  • Please help me!

    Thanks in Advance

    • Please use firefox. Then make sure you have firebug installed. Now, open the page in firefox browser. Click on Firebug Icon, then click on console. Now select images icon(In our uploader). You will see a post request going in the firefox console. After it gives you the error. Click on the post request(It will expand), what do you see in response tab?
      Please post that message on pastebin.com and/take a screenshot and link me here.

    • Hi,
      I haven't approved your last message to stop it from being notified to all. Please do not share the password publicly. The password you have given me in the comment is failing the basic http authentication for your server. can you please PM me the correct details(via message)

      Thank you

  • Pat #

    Hi Brajesh,
    Another question : when you are in the gallery management, you have an horizontal menu (View Edit Media Add Media Reorder Edit Details Delete) which is not covered by the translation file (po).
    The class of this menu is : mpp-menu mpp-menu-open mpp-menu-horizontal mpp-gallery-admin-menu
    Could you indicate where I can find the files that are managing this in order to modify them directly (I cannot wait for any update on this as my client is working with is from now).

  • Very funny bug
    When media press is enabled the mysite.com/privacy (the privacy terms) is showing media press galleries .. when i deactivate the media press plugin, the privacy page works again.. I tried renaming the url, but for some reason when i go to the privacy page, the gallery is shown…

    • Hi Wannabe,
      That is not a bug. It seems that the privacy page has been assigned to Gallery component by mistake. Please visit Settings->BuddyPress->Pages and assign a different page to gallery component. That will fix it. lease do let me know if that works for you or not?

  • Hello! We love your plugin! We are running into an issue where when a user uploads a document or media from their activity stream, it posts to the "wall posts" gallery, but when you look in the galleries, the links don't map to anything. Any thoughts?


  • Hi Daryl,
    I am sorry I could not see your comment.
    1. can you please check fi you have public status enabled in the MediaPress settings?

    2. If yes, Can you please PM me the site url via contact form?

  • Brajesh,
    Thank you and sorry for the delay in response. Our site is membership based. Can I send you login creds through this form?

    • Hi Daryl,
      No problem. Yes, Please send me the login details by the contact form.

  • Hi Brajesh, any news on script to bring BP Gallery/Mediapress compatibility? Thanks.

    • Hi Duncan,
      The MediaPress is now stable enough and we will make an announcement anytime soon( 5-8 days ), so the BP Gallery importer will be high on priority. Within 2 weeks( 15 days from day), we will have it ready.

  • Just realized you meant the other contact form. Sorry!

    • Hi Daryl,
      I have marked that comment as draft now. Will delete the details after testing. Yes, I was assuming you will use contact form, but not problem 🙂

      • Thanks, Brajesh! I look forward to anything you find 🙂

        • Hi Daryl,
          I will update it today. Due to stricter security policy, any user without 'unfiltered_upload' is not able to upload our docs file types(pdf zip etc) currently. I was able to fix it but currently in the middle of another update, so haven't pushed changes to github. Will do that today and reply back.
          Thank you for the patience.

  • Hey Brajesh,
    Just checking to see if you had a chance to update the plugin to allow the PDF uploads for unfettered users. As always, and in advance, thanks for your awesome support!


    • Hi Daryl,
      Please update MediaPress. I have pushed an updated that contains fix for Multisite installations doc type security warning( pdf upload) and a lot more. I have also revamped the setting panel completely.

      I will advise all of you using MediaPress to upgrade to this release. I guess we are going RC on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Hello everybody,
    Thank you for this wonderful plugin and soory for my bad english.
    I am looking for German Translation and cannot find anything . Maybe you can help me with any contacts or informations.
    Thank you René

    • Hi Rene,
      Thank you for the comment.
      I haven't seen any German translation yet. If you or someone from community translates, please do send us a copy. We will include the translation with the proper credit 🙂

      PS: I have just updated the languages file and pushed it to github.

      • Hello Brajesh,

        Thank you for your fast Answer. Yesterday i try to localize the Plugin. With poedit it works really easy. But the Problem ist not everything is localized. In Dashboard all is in english and some words in interface of buddypress – gallery also stay in english.
        Whats the problem?

        • Hi Rene,
          Thank you for the comment. have you downloaded the plugin after my last reply to your previous comment? I haven't audited the strings, but the admin panel should be fully translatable now.

        • I download it again and its the same 🙁 Im really sad i love this Plugin and need it so much for my community.

        • Can you help me with this problem? Why i cannot localize all words and phrases

  • Hello Brajesh,

    I know you have been working hard on MediaPress and I was just checking in on the progress of the officially completed plugin. Do you have a estimated time to completion.


    Push Wilson

    • Hi Push,
      Thank you for the comment.
      we have been comiitting a lot to MediaPress recently. A look at the changelog will reveal where it is going.

      After today's update, I believe MediaPress is ready for prime time now. Before announcing a release, We are working on the Documentation site and A few important addons + Importer for Bp Gallery.
      Please feel free to use it on live site now. If you face any issue, we have a dedicated support forum for MediaPress here.

      I welcome any feedback for improvement on the forum. We will be there to support you in case you have any issues 🙂

      Thank you

      • I am implementing the recent master from GitHub… I installed it on my dev server and it works great… Had a few issues with the CSS, but that is because I have a customized theme, but mediapress is performing very well… Great Job!

  • Hi, Brajesh
    what do you think about a Like button ? I suggest you to have a look at WP Ulike https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-ulike/
    This plugin has Likes for posts, comments, bp activity, bbpress topics and statistics as well. A good integration with mediapress could allow to have the same Like buttons in all the network and a common statistics board. Well, maybe you have a better idea. That is only a suggestion. Personnally, I find that having the possibility to like media is necessary for a community site.
    Have a nice day !

  • Hi Georges,
    Thank you for the comment. I strongly believe that we should have rating/like/view counter available for MediaPress.
    This is the reason we added Logging API to MediaPress today.

    We will make the bridge for Wp Ulike as well as some other plugins available in next week. Other than that, we do plan to have addon plugin for MediaPress that provides reports and many other features for rating etc.

    To be honest, MediaPress is ready for the prime time now, It is only the addons that we strongly feel, we must have ready to make the experience feature rich has delayed our release.

    I am looking forward to provide a bridge this week for the Wp Ulike plugin 🙂

  • Hi All,
    If you are looking for MediaPress support, Please use the dedicated MediaPress forums.


    Community support forum is available to all registered members of BuddyDev and take good care of our members 🙂
    Thank you

  • Hello Brajesh,

    I am wondering what file you are using to enqueue scripts and styles… It looks like there is no enqueue set for the core, scripts, and styles… I am working on trying to lower http requests and isolate all of the scripts and styles to specific pages…

    What is your thoughts on this and how would you implement mediapress enqueues to control http requests and handle conditional controls over enqueues.


    Push Wilson

    • Hi Push,
      Please look into mediapress/assets/script-loader.php
      I am not sure how to go with conditions as MediaPress widgets/shortcodes can be used on any page. I do hope to keep learning about the usage patter from developers and based on that provide optimal loading.

      PS: There will be a major update of MediaPress( hopefully within 2-3 days ), That changes everything till now except the API. Dashboard galleries are much more meaning full, Site wide gallery creation/management from front end is there and so are views loaders etc. Will get into details after I push the changes on github. Also, after the update, MediaPress can be used as standalone WordPress gallery plugin.

      • Hello Brajesh,

        I am actually using mediapress on my live server for our Beta-Test… It seems to be working very well…

        How do I style the actually player and where is the code located?


        Push Wilson

        • Hi Push,
          Thank you.
          It is using the standard WordPress Media Players for both video, audio and playlist. We just calling wp_audio_shortcode, wp_video_shortcode and wp_playlist_shortcode.
          Simply, It is using the MediaElement.js player. You can skin that easily.

      • I thought it was the default wordpress audio player… I will look into customizing the player and give you the code when I complete it… The live test is going well… You are a great coder.. I appreciate all of the work that you have done and look forward to the new update on GitHub…

  • Hello Brajesh,

    Are you aware that editing user galleries as a administrator make the gallery show that there are NO galleries when viewing it from the front-end… The steps that I took were editing the users galleries by uploading a cover photo and saving the gallery changes. Upon saving the gallery the resulting action was showed the following message under the gallery tab… "There are no galleries available!" … Is there a way to fix this by manually logging in as the user…

    Please let me know if you have a fix for this or a work around… I am using last months github update…

  • I checked the option "Automatically Publish to activity When Gallery is created". But when I create a new gallery, the gallery doesn't show up on the activity stream. Instead, an empty post appears.

  • Hi Justin,
    I am sorry for the inconvenience. Is it happening for the user galleries created from user profile page or is it happening for the sitewide galleries created from Dashboard?

    • user galleries.

      activity stream example: http://mucube.com/justinchen/

      • Hi Justin,
        Thank you.
        Just tested and I see it is a bug that came after our last major update for activity handling. Please allow me to push an update today to fix it.

        Thank you

        • Thank you for your prompt reply. Your support is truly amazing

        • One more thing. The type input for "photo, audio or video" and also the status input for "public, private, followers, etc." shows an input but the text of the selection doesn't appear.

          Example: http://imgur.com/1eH9lYo

      • Hi Justin,
        1. The boxes are blank as you need to enable the statuses/types which will be available to the users. Please visit Dashboard->MediaPress->settings and under general tab, check mark the types/statuses. Then after saving, please visit the Members tab and checkmark the types you want to enable for the users. That will show all the things correctly.

        Also, I have updated the plugin and fixed the new gallery activity bug.

        Thank you

  • Brajesh,
    Do you have plans to add video and image preview thumbnails to Activity posts? While the automatic Activity Feed posts are fantastic, the generic thumbnails of a video camera and picture icon take away from the power of this feature.


    • Hi Daryl,
      MediaPress has built in support for it. If there is a cover image embedded in the audio/video file that should be used instead of the icon. If there are no covers, In that case MediaPress uses the icon at the moment.

      In future, the plan to to provide a small addon for the users who have ffmpeg installed, so the image can be extracted from the video and be used as cover.

      If you are on a VPS/dedicated server, then this upcoming addon will certainly help you.

  • I tried your plugin about 5 months ago, but was unable to use it because most of my users avatars (gravatars actually) were showing up with the following error message:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_dirsize() (previously declared in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas06_data02/47/2433547/html/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/core/storage/local-storage.php:706) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas06_data02/47/2433547/html/wp-includes/ms-functions.php on line 1664

    I tried it on the site again this week and the error is still there. Is this a bug? Or is there a setting I can modify to fix this? It only happens when I use the gravatar or other avatar types of plugins.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Thank you for coming back.
      If you see this line

      We are checking for the existence of this function before declaring it. So, MediaPress does not cause this problem directly. This is a function borrowed from multisite and many plugins use it to provide compatibility. The problem is the plugin at fault should check for the existence of the function before re declaring. If you can tell me the names of the plugin, I will try to submit patches to their respective authors.
      That way, It will be better for future.

      Thank you

      • Ahhh, yes it does appear to be my avatar plugin which is conflicting somehow and is unfortunate, because the kids really like it. It's a pretty simple piece of code however so I'm unsure as to how it would actually be causing the problem. I'm just a mom trying to help out a group of kids with their website, so I'm a bit out of my league here. If you have any suggestions I'll welcome them.

        The plugin is called Minepic and can be found here:

        By the way, thanks for getting back with me. I appreciate it.

        • Nevermind, one of the other parents is a java developer and was able to take what you had given us and find the issue in the other plugin code. Thanks for you help. And all your other wonderful work.

  • Great Plugin! Have been very happy with the ease of use.

    Question: Is there anyway to integrate this plugin with the Paid Membership Pro plugin? I'm looking to restrict free members from uploading media and leaving that only to members who have setup a subscription.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tyler,
      Thank you for the comment. It will be very easy to setup with Paid Membership pro or any other plugin. I will look at PMPro in a day or 2 and add an addon or code depending on what suits this best.

      • I can't wait to see it! Thanks for the quick response!

        • Hey there! Just checking in. I know these things can take time and you're working a other projects as well. Just curious if you've had a chance to look this over yet.
          Have a great day!

        • I did a work around and got this to work by adding a quick filter to my code! It works like a charm. If you want to continue working on this, go right ahead but don't worry about doing it for my sake.
          Have a great day!

  • Hi, we use on our buddy press community Bp Gallery we like to change to mediapress plugin, we have many users with Bp galleries is possible change to mediapress our users and galleries ?


    • Hi,
      Welcome back.
      I am sorry but I am not in a position to provide the migrator plugin before 15th December. I will be publishing BP Gallery migrator to MediaPress and other migrators too after 15th December. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    The latest version of MediaPress looks incredible! Great work!

    I've run into a little trouble using gallery short codes. I'm trying to create a gallery with these parameters:

    1. Displays last 4 galleries (Either by date created or last updated).
    2. Of a Single User

    I figured it should look something like:

    [mpp-list-media user_name=mark… ]

    with two additional options for "Most recent" and "Number of galleries to display".

    The short code is going to be used within a php file so I can dynamically change the user_name parameter, but when testing just:

    [mpp-list-media user_name=mark]

    in a post, MediaPress seems to ignore the user_name option.

    My two questions are:

    A.) Are the shortcode options available to create the gallery I'm trying to?
    B.) Do you know why the user_name is not working?

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    • Hi Carl,
      Thank you. I am glad that you are finding it useful. I have tried to fix all the bugs and add enhancements that you had mentioned earlier. Hoping that we are going in the right direction.

      For listing gallery, the above shortcode is incorrect. [mpp-list-media] is for listing media not gallery. To list gallery, you can use this

      [mpp-list-gallery user_name ="mark" max=4 per_page=4 ]

      You can list gallery by modification date using orderby=modified but please do note that the modification date is the date when you updated gallery details( I believe we need to improve this behavior and it should be the date/time the last media was uploaded/deleted). The default order is descending and by the date gallery was created. The user_name will work( I just tested before confirming)

      For more details, please see here

      Please do let me know if that works for you or not?

      Thank you

  • Hi All,
    Just wanted to let you know that MediaPress is available on WordPress.org now. For more details, please see https://buddydev.com/mediapress-development/presenting-mediapress-stable/

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    I`m using now rtmedia. But I am tinking to change this with Mediapress.
    This is because rtmedia is really slowing down my site. But I have one question before I download this one. What will happinging to the pictures I already upload with rtmedia? Maybe you can check my site? I want the styling the same as what is is now. Is this possible? And can you maybe help me out? im not a programmer 🙂

    • Hi Christian,
      Thank you for the comment and interest in MediaPress.
      At the moment, MediaPress does not support import from RT Media, we don't have an importer available yet. So, the old media may not be visible if switching from RT Media. I will suggest to wait a little longer to allow us(or the community) put an importer for the RT Media.

      Thank you

  • Hi

    It seems like a really great plugin, I have an old site which uses the "BP Album" there are about 5000 images in it – I was wondering if it is possible to import BP Album pics into mediapress.


    • Hi Peter,
      Thank you for the comment. The importer is not available yet. Sorry about that.

  • Hi Brajesh, great plugin! The pagination reloads the whole page. Any better way to do that?