It is very easy to install MediaPress. Please follow the steps below and you can get MediaPress ready in 2 minutes.

Method 1 : – Using Plugin Installer

  • Visit Dashboard->Plugins->Add New screen
  • Search “MediaPress”
  • Install

Once you have installed, please activate it. All done, please move to Configuring MediaPress section.

Method 2: By uploading zip file

Step 1:

Go to WordPress.org plugin download page and download the zip file.


Step 2:

Go to WordPress  admin dashboard and click on add new plugin tab.


Step 3:

Click on upload plugin button to upload plugin file.


Step 4:

Now click on browse button and upload mediapress zip file.



Step 5:

Now activate MediaPress plugin from installed plugin tab as shown below.


That’s all.

Next Step:- Configuring MediaPress