Opensourcing our Mailchimp Addon for WordPress

The world of WordPress is filled with too many addons for Mailchimp. For us,  The problem was most of them had too many things that we did not need. All we needed was a very simple, mailchimp subscription form with slide in/slideout box.

After spending 1-1.5 hours on testing the existing plugins, we decided it is not worth spending time on searching.  It will take less time to write the plugin than to keep searching.

That's how our Social Subscribe Box Mailchimp addon for WordPress originated(around 6 months ago). You can see it in action on this site. It is very simple and works great for us. A few weeks ago, One of our members( Thank you Sujee)  asked us for the plugin  that we are using on BuddyDev and we decided to opensource it.

If you are looking for a simple, fun filled experience with Mailchip subscription, Give a try to the plugin. You can even show your social profile links on the plugin.



WordPress.org Page:- http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-subscribe-box/

BuddyDev Plugin Page:- http://buddydev.com/plugins/social-subscribe-box/

Documentation:- https://buddydev.com/docs/social-subscribe-box/installing-social-subscribe-box/

2 Responses to Opensourcing our Mailchimp Addon for WordPress

  • Cool! Thanks for sharing this for free.

    A question not related to code but about the plugin. Can you share how much improvement, in subscriptions, you had after you introduced it in your site?

    I see everywhere how annoying pop-ups can be and sometimes I wonder how those widgets, forms have a real impact on subscriptions.

    Thanks! =)

  • Hi Renato,
    Thank you for posting.

    To be honest, I am unable to comment on that. Earlier, we had a form below the post which had very low visibility. So, It won't be justified to compare with that.

    We don't get too many subscribers, but the visibility is much better than earlier and it still converts better,

    I also don't like annoying popups too much, that's why if you close the slidebox, It won't bug for next 7 days. In future, you can decide how many days you don't wan't the user to see the slideout automatically.