The plugin automatically filters BuddyPress standard signup links(In the admin bar, sidebar) and activates the modal . So, once you have installed it, you are ready to go.

If you want to show the registration popup box on any other link, just give it a class 'bp-ajaxr' and the the modal box will automatically work for that.

Making popup work with custom link:-

There are 2 ways to do it.

Method 1: Assigning class 'bp-ajaxr' on the anchor(link) element

if you have a link like this

<a href='http://example.com/register' class='xyz'>register</a>

Change it to

<a href='http://example.com/register' class='xyz bp-ajaxr' > Register</a>

Method 2: Assigning 'bp-signup' class to the parent element of the link

If you have a link html like this

<li><a href='http://example.com/register' class='xyz'>register</a></li>

Change that to

<li class='bp-signup'><a href='http://example.com/register' class='xyz'>register</a></li>

For the sake of example I have used li as parent element. It can be anything.

Customizing the Layout template:-

I have included a registration page(ajax-registration-form.php) in the plugin. If you want to use your own registration page, you can create the ajax-registration-form.php in your theme and It will load automatically.

Controlling which Xprofile fields/groups are shown:-

Use the filter 'bpajaxr_xprofile_args' to filter on Xprofile loop arguements. Let us say if you want to show all the fields from xprofile field group 2, you can use it in your functions.php /bp-custom.php as below


function my_custom_registration_fields($args=''){

return 'profile_group_id=2&hide_empty_fields=0&hide_empty_groups=0';



Use a translator tool( I recommend poedit ) and translate the po file in the /languages directory of this plugin. Once you are done translating, save the mo file as yourLocale.mo(e.g en_US.mo if your locale is en_US) and it will load that automatically.

Compatibility with WPLMS Theme

BuddyPress Ajax Registration plugin is compatible with WPLMS Theme. If you have installed and activated "vibe-shortcodes" plugin, Then you may have issues as the vibe shortcodes plugin includes an older version of magnific popup script which conflicts with our requirement.

If you are using vibe shortcode, please download the magnific popup from here
https://github.com/dimsemenov/Magnific-Popup/releases and then put the jquery.magnific-popup.min.js in the vibe-shortcodes/js folder(replacing the old one).
Also, Update your css by putting the magnific-popup.css in the vibe-shortcodes/css folder(replacing the old css file).

After that, everything should work fine.