Table Of Content:-

User Guide:-

Developers/Site Administrator's Guide

Update:-  Will be updating the documentation section this week, and we will have complete documentation for 1.0 series by the end of November.

Important:- BP-gallery Rc4 update 4.1 or below Do not work well with maintenance mode plugin activated. Please make sure to deactivate maintenance mode plugin to make bp-gallery work. I am hopeful to fix this in the upcoming release.

Documentation for Bp gallery: This is incomplete and I will be completing it when gallery 1.0 stable is released.

  • Basic Customization(Slug etc)
  • Enabling/disabling gallery for components
    • Disable Group galleries

Customizing Slugs:-

[sourcecode language="php"]

define("BP_GALLERY_SLUG","documents");//change "gallery" to "documents"


Disable group galleries

Disable group galleries you can use the filter “is_gallery_enabled_for_groups”. here is an example

[sourcecode language="php"]
add_filter("is_gallery_enabled_for_groups","disable_all_groups_galleries");//hook to is_gallery_enabled_for_groups

function disable_all_groups_galleries($is_enabled){

return false;//disable entirely the group gallery feature