Changing Video/Audio Player Size

Currently, Bp Gallery does not provide a way in admin to set the specific size for video/audio player. you can control it via this filter.

here is an example

[sourcecode language="php"]

add_filter("bp_get_gallery_media_sizes","change_media_size",10,2);//filter on the media size settings

function change_media_size($settings,$media_type){
if($media_type=="video"){//if video, change settings
$settings['thumb']=array('height'=>270,'width'=>480);//use in activity/thumb
$settings['mid']=array('height'=>270,'width'=>480);//mostly not used
$settings['larger']=array('height'=>360,'width'=>640);//used on single page
//for audio

else if($media_type=="audio"){

//change the settings array similarly as the video


return $settings;//return the size setting


Hope it helps