Installing the BuddyPress Message Privacy plugin is fun.

Complex Way:-

  • Download buddypress-message-privacy plugin from rightside download link on this page
  • Unzip it.
  • Upload buddypress-message-privacy folder to wp-content/plugins directory
  • Login to dashboard as Admin(or Super Admin, which ever applies)
  • Go to Dashboard->Plugins->Installed and activate the BuddyPress message Privacy plugin (If you are on multisite, please go to Dashboard->Network admin->Plugins->Installed  and Network Activate the plugin)
  • Now you may want to visit your own profile(BuddyPress profile)->settings and customize the message privacy

Easy way:-

  • Download the buddypress-message-privacy plugin
  • Upload the zip file using WordPress plugin Installer(It is available in Dshboard->Pluginss->Add New for Standard WordPress and Dashboard->NetworkAdmin-> Plugins->Add New for WordPress Multisite)
  • Activate the BuddyPress Message Privacy Plugin(Network activate if you are on the multisite install)
  • Have fun!

What do you suggest, should I put the easy way before the complex way ?