Presenting MediaPress Stable

It has been a long time, quite long. Since the initial release, MediaPress has gone through 368 commits by now. We have built it to be the most loved media gallery plugin for BuddyPress.

It seems our efforts have paid. The reviews on our forum and emails have made us smile. Thank you, for using MediaPress. Thank you, for writing to us.  We appreciate all the bits.

Today, We are happy to announce that MediaPress is stable enough and is available on the WordPress.org plugin repository. We will cover little details on features here, you can find more details on the MediaPress site.

Basic Features:-

Gallery/Media Types:-

  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Audio Gallery
  • Document Gallery
  • File types can be configured from admin settings
  • Can be extended

Media/Gallery privacy

  • Public
  • Private
  • Logged In Users Only
  • Friends Only
  • Groups Only
  • Followers Only
  • Following Only
  • and extendible

Media/Gallery Views:-

MediaPress provides an easy-to-use media gallery solution for BuddyPress & WordPress. It is built to allow you to extend easily.

If you are a site admin, checkout or configuration guide to explore all options. Give MediaPress a shot on your BuddyPress site and I bet you won't use any other BuddyPress media plugin again.

Our goal was to provide a secure, flexible, and reliable media gallery solution that makes the site admins' and developers' life easy. We are proud to say, we did it. If you are a developer, We guarantee that you will fall in love with MediaPress. It will feel familiar to you and It will cut down the development time greatly. For example, adding a new privacy type takes at most 2-5 minutes.


Thank you again for using MediaPress and helping us shape it into what it is today. We hope that it meets your expectations. Please do let us know your thoughts and suggestions. We value your suggestions and we will keep improving them.

3 Responses to Presenting MediaPress Stable

  • Congratulations!

  • I would like to suggest tag and category support please, with a way to display them on the front-end. Also is there a way to display all MediaPress uploaded content on the front end?