Reintroducing BuddyBlog: Supporting Custom post types/Taxonomies for BuddyPress user blogs

We released BuddyBlog 2 years ago and since then, it has been used on numerous projects. With changing time, It was evident that the plugin needed a new life. I am glad to inform you that we got some time last week to work on BuddyBlog. Today, I am feeling proud to present you the new updates.

What is new:-

  • A new admin settings page that allows you to take control over all features of BuddyBlog
  • Any custom post type or built in post type can be used as the user blog post.
  • Any custom taxonomy/taxonomies can be allowed for user to post their blogs.
  • Admin can enable/disable no. of posts a user can create.
  • Admin can enable/disable who can create the post
  • Fine grained control for allowing users to publish/unpublish, edit posts on front end(Using WordPress capability).
  • Admin can prefer to allow users to edit the posts on front end or in the dashboard(only applicable for contributor and above). It can be further customized to allow some users to edit in dashboard while others on the front end.
  • With the new Simple Front End Post, WYSIWYG is enabled by default.
  • Also, we refactored the code to follow WordPress coding standards.





You can access BuddyBlog settings by visiting Dashboard->Settings->BuddyBlog

If you enable taxonomy, please make sure to save the form twice, first time selecting the post type( if you choose a custom post type) and 2nd time, the form shows the proper taxonomies associated with that post type, so select those taxonomies.


You must install BP Simple Front End Post Editor to allow users to post from front end.

Download & Installation:-


Please do let me know in comments if this upgrade caused any issue or you have any suggestions/feedback.


46 Responses to Reintroducing BuddyBlog: Supporting Custom post types/Taxonomies for BuddyPress user blogs

  • my installation of new version buddyblog, after hit submit button, redirect to a blank page, blank, blank page, nothing. switch to the old one, nothing wrong…

    • Which version of BuddyPress/Simple Front end post plugin you are using? Please make sure if you have updated BuddyBlog plugin you should also update the Simple Front End plugin too.

      If it is still happening, can you please post me a screenshot of your BuddyBlog settings page. I will be assisting quickly in future.

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to use a custom type plugin with this, like https://wordpress.org/plugins/types/ or https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-ui/ ?

    • Yes, It does. You can select registered post type from BuddyBlog settings page.

  • How do you hide the "Blog" profile link from non-authors?

    • Hi Jeffrey,
      It is not possible at the moment to remove this. I will add it in a future release.

  • Hi, I installed both plugins BP Simple Front End Post Editor and then BuddyBlog.
    I logged in as student. I am seeing the 'blog' tab and the 'post' and 'new post' tabs too.
    But nothing appears in order to add a post. Do you have any suggsetions?
    Thank you in advance for any help

    • Hi Vasilis,
      Please visit Dashboard->Settings->BuddyBlog and set the status to publish. By default, the posts are saved as draft and not in the publish status.

      • Hello Brajesh,

        Thank you for you immediate response. I checked the status and it was already to publish. I can see the previews blog posts that I made via WordPress Posts But when I am going to add a new post the fields are not active and I can't write anything. These plugins are very useful. Do you have any video or step by step instructions? Do I have to make any changes after plugin instalation?

        Thanks again

  • Hi, thank you for the amazing plugin, it served my purpose. I just want to know how can I change the blog label from my bp profile to something else? I have a requirement to change the label to articles from blog. Cheers and thanks for this awesome plugin

    • Hi Vicky,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Please translate the included languages file to change the label.

      Hope that helps.

  • Great plugin. Is there a shortcode or a link I can use to make a sidebar link for logged in users to take them directly to the "new post" form page? Secondly, would it be possible to extend this plugin to allow users to submit links (just like posts)?

    • Hi Evan,
      There is no shortcode at the moment You can use the condition is_user_logged_in() with the bp_loggedin_user_domain() .'buddyblog/edit/' to point to the new post form.

      About links:- BuddyBlog spports only one post type, so if you plan to allow submitting links only, you won't be able to use it for other post.

      Hope that helps.

  • I love your plugin and have to say Thank you first.

    1. is there any way to use dropdown box for taxonomies instead of check box?
    I don't want my users check 10 categories. just 1 category of post is enough.
    2. is there any way to limit to show category lists to select?
    If I have 4 categories, but I want our users are allowed to select one of 3 categories.
    3. Any plan for tags field? it should be input text box and users can add "tags" by comma(,) and also possible to select tags which already registered.
    I was looking at "selectize" jquery. it might be good one.

    Thank you again!!

  • Hello, Thank you for this plugin. I am having a issue with this plugin, whenever user is trying to upload pic, it is saying HTTP ERROR when the upload is complete. Also sometimes it is redirecting to 404 Error page. Kindly tell me what is wrong with it? I tried both in chrome and firefox but not luck.

    • Hi Vijay,
      I am sorry for the inconvenience.
      the http error is very generic. Are you able to upload the same image using WordPress media uploader? Also, when do you see a 404 error? I will need more details to assist. If it is not a trouble, Please create a topic on our forums with the issue an more details and one of us will help you.

      Thank you

      • Hello,

        Thank you for the prompt reply, i am see the error when i click the post button, or sometimes when clicking on new post. I am using KLEO Theme. Can you please help me to sort out this issue? I am in development mode but soon the website will be launched.

        THANK YOU

        • Hi Vijay,
          That is a very strange behavior. either will give 404 for all requests or not for any. Can you please post on our forum and provide more details about the site.
          We will be happy to assist you promptly.

          Thank you

  • Thank you Brajesh, this is a great plugin. In my opinion it will be much better if this is a group component. Allowing group admins and mods to monitor group member posts. Moreover, having the group URL slug instead of member slug. Thank you.

    • Hi Puanthanh,
      I am sorry for the delayed reply. Please check "Blog Categories for groups". That does almost same thing for groups.

      hope that helps.

  • This looks very useful Brajesh, as Buddypress suffers greatly from not having a simple Blog front end for a single site install. I would suggest you make this plugin available from the official WordPress plugin site. Good work!

    • Hi Richard,
      Thank you. That is a very good suggestion.
      The problem is this plugin depends on BuddyPress Simple Front End post plugin and WordPress repo guideline will not allow publishing the Simple Front End Post plugin(It is a library kind of thing).

      That's why We haven't yet published it on WordPress plugin repo.

  • I love this idea and I have install the plugin and activated it.

    But when I make a blog post it won't show on the activity stream. It mentions on my profile. Is it a way to show on both places?

    Also, is it possible to make the whole post shown? or just a part of it? so my users can see what others have written.

    I hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

    • Hi Kristina,
      Thank you.
      1. Please make sure you have blog tracking enabled. If yes, It will be visible on both places(Try clearing the filters on activity screen)

      2. Yes, It is possible. Please post on our forum and we will assist. It will need a little modification in included template files.

      Thank you

  • Hi brajesh and team.

    Can I recommend integrating select2 js support for the plugin? There are several other plugins of yours where I believe could benefit greater from this, or a similar improved selectbox setup?

    I say Select2 because of it's presence in several other ideal Buddypress plugins and being able to use the default selectbox as the fallback for those with certain usability requirements.

    As buddypress continues it's to gain more momentum in "online brand community building" the taxonomies will be requiring greater support that provides an improved user-blogging experience on the frontend.

    Even just from the tagging standpoint.
    Wanting to quickly and conveniently multi-select several related tags to a post created in the frontend is a nice "experience feature" for the user.

    Many of your plugins combined with Dominiks Profile Fields Plugin (https://github.com/donmik/buddypress-xprofile-custom-fields-type) makes for a pretty powerful toolset for developers working with buddypress.


    Thanks! So much great info on your site!

    • HI Crossifixio,
      Thank you for the suggestions.
      In my personal opinion, select2 and selectize etc are just overhead. A 50KB extra just because of improving select appearance is not a very good idea. May be we should post someway for users to enable it but not include it in the core.

      PS: We will have more features coming to BuddyBlog next month.

  • Thank you for this incredible plugin. You are great!!

  • Hello! Is this plugin compatible with WordPress multisite?

    • Hi Chole,
      Thank you for asking. Yes, It is compatible with Multisite+BuddyPress.

      Please do note that it will not allow managing multiple blogs though.
      Hope that helps.

  • Hello,
    Great plugin you have.

    My users are able to make there own posts, which is great. but one thing I'm not liking is the ability for my users to 'edit' comments that are been posted on their posts, because they are being redirected to the WordPress backend.
    How do I disable this?..if its possible.

  • Hai
    ik kan niet meer berichten plaatsen
    wat gaat er fout?

  • Just wanted to say thanks and this plugin seems to work great. I created a custom post type for user blogs and I see them showing up as expected in the admin under "User Blog Posts". However, can't for the life of me figure out how to add a link in menu to to list them as separate blogroll?

  • Hi. Great plugin. After posting, the Edit button take user to admin… which we block. Is this a bug?

    • Hi James,
      My apologies for the delayed reply.

      It will only happen for admin users. For others, they will get to the front end edit post.

  • hi there, I like you plugin! i have a question is it possible to make more inputfields? I have 4 different post types (recipes, blog, ads, tips) is it possible to create different input fields for different post types? greetings Mike

    • Hi Mike,
      I am sorry, My reply is too late. yes, It is possible to do so. The current version needs some code to do that(we have plenty of example in the forum). BuddyBlog 2.0 will have visual form builder for the same.

  • Hello Brajesh, is there any method to add a button for "Save Draft"? I mean giving users choice to either save or publish.

    • Hi Sahid,
      Thank you for using the plugin. At the moment, the allowed status can be set by admin only and you cam either use 'draft' or 'publish'.

      We will have it in our future updates(allowing draft will need a complete workflow).