Set default filter for BuddyPress Activity

If you need to change the default activity filter from Everything to something else, you can do that easily.

Here is an example where I am setting the BuddyPress default activity filter to activity updates.

You can change that and set to anything else(Make sure you are using a valid filter key).  The important thing to remember here is that you will see the 'bp-activity-filter' to the update you want to see as default.

Have fun!

5 Responses to Set default filter for BuddyPress Activity

  • Hello,

    Will this snippet affect only the site wide activity page, I don't want it to affect members activity.

    • Members activity filter should = everything
      Site wide activity filter should = updates only

  • Please change this


    and it will work as expected.

  • Where can I add this? On the buddypress php file?

    • Please put it in your theme/chind theme's functions.php or in wp-content/plugin/bp-custom.php