Setting Goals for July 2013

Hi All,
I hope you guys are busy developing your awesome WordPress/BuddyPress sites. Today, I am excited to share some good news and our goals for the month of July 2013. Before going into details, Let me tell you that we are more focused now and as a result I am proud to inform you that we released 7 plugins last month. That's right, We are back with the full enthusiasm again. We did miss the release of our flagship theme and we are going to cover that this month.

Now, let us move to the real thing:-

The focus for July is:-

  • Improve the quality of support on our Support forums
  • More focus/privileges for our Premium Members
  • Allow Our supporters/Members to decide the future(You can decide which plugins/themes we build and update and their priority), We are introducing Community Ideas section on BuddyDev this month.
  • Release 8-10 plugins
  • Update the plugins/Themes for BuddyPress 1.8
  • Release 2 Themes(HiBuddy and 1 more)

Here are the list of plugins that I am considering to release this Month.

Upcoming Plugins:-

  • Limit Members per Groups:- Thanks to @mercime for the Idea, It is half baked at the moment and I will release it soon [Released : Link]
  • BuddyPress User Relationship Plugin:- Β I promised and did not complete it fully. So, going to put it this month
  • Blog Type:- You can categorize WordPress Blogs in a WordPress Multisite Network(Supports BuddyPress too)
  • Blog Avatar:- Half baked, needs finishing
  • Signup Avatar:- Allow users to upload avatars while signing up
  • Private Message Rate Limiter:- Limit the no. of Private Messages sent per unit of time(set by admin) [Released : Link]
  • Private Site:- Gives you awesome caps for making a Private BuddyPress/WordPress site. It is completed, I need to finish the admin panel
  • dPress:- WordPress digital download Manager Β with version support(I am open sourcing the plugin I use on BuddyDev for managing Downloads)
  • Request Invite:- Allow users to request an Invite for the site. An admin can approve/decline the request. If the request is approved, the user will be able to signup for the site.
  • ?
  • ?

The question marks are for your suggestsions. Do let me know if you have some awesome Ideas and I will do my best to realize them πŸ™‚

Upcoming Themes:-

  • Hi Buddy(already delayed from schedule, the new target is 7th July now)
  • BuddySocial(the name may change, will put the designs for feedback after releasing Hi Buddy)

Planned Updates for Plugins/Themes:-

  • Major Update for BuddyPress Multinetwork Plugin
  • Update BuddyBlog(for the popular requests)
  • Update Bp Chat(I am still learning backbone.js and will only get back to bp chat after that)
  • Update Cosmic Buddy(and the huge update to make it lovable again with BuddyPress 1.7/1.8)
  • something secret

We are also changing some strategy for BuddyDev.

In future, we will keep releasing free plugins/themes as usual but the guaranteed support will be available only via the forums.

We have been trying to support via comments section but that takes a large part of our time and we haven't be able to do much justice with our premium members. So, In future, the premium members and forum support will be our focus.

We will keep supporting via comment too, but if you want guaranteed support, please help us and join BuddyDev Premium. We have a 30 days money back guarantee, so If you are not satisfied with our support/service, you are entitled to a refund. And yes, We support all our free/premium plugins and themes via the support forum.

I am looking forward to an awesome month for all of us. Β Please do let me know your suggestions/feedback and correct me If I am going in wrong direction πŸ™‚

25 Responses to Setting Goals for July 2013

  • Hey, Brajesh your BP Chat Beta3 Plugin is not working. I have installed it it shows 0 members online while they are online. I told all users to logout once and then login but then also it shows 0 members. Dude, help please.

    • Hi,
      Please make sure that that the tables are created. Also, I advise using the downloads from here

      Please try using the git version and let me know on BP Chat's post page whether it works for you or not. I will do my best to help.

  • Hi. We really need a good chat plugin that can be used with mobile devices. I know a ton of people searching for this and I do not found a good solution yet…

  • A second question: Your BuddyPress User Profile Visibility Manager is great but can you make it possible to change who can see your friend list?

    And you wrote: "Activity Privacy (Still hoping to manage who can see the activities, do you think, we should include it)." -> I think you should include it πŸ™‚

  • It's always good to hear that your team is motivated and will be more premium focused, as an ex premium member myself, sometimes I felt left behind in the last year or so. I started joining because of the gallery and other great plugins they were made in the past (outdated now, in my humble opinion) but if in the future you show more plugins and updates of those great ones you can count me in to join again then. Overall, you have made great work indeed! Hope the best for BuddyDev

    • Hi Juanma,
      I understand you feelings and value your suggestions/well wishes πŸ™‚ My apologies for the disappointment.

      Yes, I did the mistake last year and everything went in wrong direction. Now, I and the team are trying to focus and give all it counts to BuddyDev.

      The Gallery Plugin(and your views are right about it) could not be updated much. It is working, but it is not yet what we have envisioned. We are certainly going to update it and makeup for all the lost time. I have not included it in July's update as It will take some time. It is my 3rd attempt to re create it from the beginning for better experience and flexibility.

      I am sure you will be happy to see what we are doing and will be doing in upcoming months. I am certainly looking forward to heave you back in future πŸ™‚

    • i more thing Brajesh.. Is there any plugin to add sound notification in your BP-Chat. And your chat is a bit slow as said by my customer's . Seeking Help .

  • I totally agree with the words of Juanma and as he did I have also noticed increased work of always excellent Brajesh team, today's tutorial on adding private button to members directory is one of the very interesting examples I've recently seen, in my case discontinuing premium membership wasn't only smaller productivity of premium plugins but also smaller productivity of myself on working on my websites, and very small necessity for customization all the year, so I personally cannot speak about some disappointment, seeing this recent huge work I was thinking about to join again too. Next month you can count with me too.

    • HI Daniel,
      Thank you for the support. I am looking forward to have a some more good tutorials and things here soon. Hope you will like them as well πŸ™‚

  • I have an idea. What do you think about a page loading plugin? Say a user goes to your site and it takes a 3-4 seconds for the page to load. Wouldn't it look more professional if instead of waiting for the elements to load you get a cool percentage progression bar or some sort of animated .gif to display while the page is being loaded? It would be awesome if the admin can set the display message they want the user to see while waiting and even the animated .gif they choose. Anyway it is just an idea I thought I would add to the suggestions.
    Thank you!

  • Wow thanks @sbrajesh ! Didn't know that one was out there!

  • @sbrajesh, I just upgrade to a paid member because of your coming "Private Message Rate Limiter"

    also please dont forget your BP Custom Background For User Profile, it will be nice if admin can upload some images for user to choose from or a color picker.

    Thanks for your great work

    • Hi Abbey,
      Thank you. Since you have joined specifically for that plugin, I will put it before this weekend πŸ™‚

  • i think in question mark there should be block user plugin
    in which 1 user can block another b which blocked user canot contact him or see him
    and i think its not difficult.like plugin buddypress moderation other than flag if there is an option block user. and if one user block another and try to see that user it shows either his own profile or page that requested user doesnot found
    and in settings there will be list of block user where we can unblock them again
    so i think u shud work on this plugin

    second Fan pages like fbuk .. which is almost same like buddypress groups with anouncement group where only admin or moderators can post but that should not show admin details .should show like that page is posing not owner and people can like or unlike or join or unjoin groups

    brajesh sir i think there must be a plugin to set privacy for users which every user want. every user want privacy and securty so πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • @sbrajesh, please when is your Private Message Rate Limiter plugin coming out, I upgraded to premium club because of this plugin.


  • @sbrajesh, It seems things is getting slow again this month. hope all is well.

    • Hi Abbey,
      Things did not slow down. I was busy writing the plugins. Today, I have released one and it will continue to release all others on almost daily basis for the rest of the month.

  • Hi Brajesh Singh,

    I really like your ideas!

    What we need is a clone of BP Follow as the project seems to be dead.

    But what we would really need is a responsive chat. I know a lot of people searching for something like that!

    I am not sure about the theme I will use but after that I will be a glad member πŸ™‚

  • @sbrajesh here are you sir..need help …in many things please reply

  • i mean where are u sir

    • Hi Pravesh,
      I am sorry, I got a little bit busy. Please PM me with the details. Btw, I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow morning will be back on Saturday night, so most probably will be offline for 36-48 hours.

  • sir i have already sent u PM so many times..no problem sir when you will be back then message me i will tll you my problems sir..like in theme and some plugin..thanku sir.thanks 4 reply.have a safe and happy journey tc πŸ™‚