Sitewide Footer Content Plugin for WordPress Multisite/BuddyPress

Here I present you another small but nifty plugin. We call it "BpDev Sitewide Footer Content" plugin. It will allow you to add some html/javascript or text/image  or what ever you want at the bottom of each page of  your WordPress Multisite. It is a sitewide plugin and ads the text/code to each and every page of the site(including all the user blogs).

What It Does

  • allows WordPress mu site Administrator to add content which will be displayed at the bottom of each and every page of the site(including all user blogs)
  • If you have BuddyPress, the content will be shown at the bottom of each and every BuddyPress page(directory/profile etc)

Why Use it

  • You may give a unique branding on each and every page on the site
  • You may add scripts to collect stats about the whole site
  • or you may think other usage(like showing links for sitewide privacy policy, tos /advertisement etc)






  • Go to dashboard->Plugins->Add New
  • Use Upload(from the top menu) and Upload the plugin file "bpdev-sitewide-footer-content.zip"
  • Activate the plugin "BPDev Site Wide Footer Content" Network wide

That's it. Alternatively you can use ftp to upload the unzipped directory "bpdev-sitewide-footer-content"   to wp-content/plugins or wp-content/mu-plugins.
If you upload to wp-content/plugin, this plugin must be activated sitewide. If you have uploaded to mu-plugins, you don't have to activate, It is activated automatically site wide.

How to Use

1. Login as Site administrator

2. Go to SiteAdmin->Options, here you will see something like this


Insert The text/html/javascript  and click update Options.

That's It, you are done. Now the code will be active/shown on all the site pages.

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4 Responses to Sitewide Footer Content Plugin for WordPress Multisite/BuddyPress

  • Cool, thank you. So Brajesh, do you ever sleep? Cheers.

    • Thanks mercime 🙂 haha … sleep ..what is that btw 😛

  • I downloaded your cosmic buddy theme and I would like to say you are the best, this makes my life so much easier lol THANKYOU

    I downloaded this plugin for the footer in and I was able to change in the site admin section but nothing shows up on front end. Am i doing something wrong.
    Here is the site

    • hi Tarrel
      Your comment was caught in spam. I just checked your site today and your site points to the parked domain. so I am unable to help.