Add a “contact me” button on the user profile .

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    Christian22 on #44919

    Hello Buddypress

    We want to add a “contact me” button on the user profile in the buddypress member directory. Exactly like the “add as friend” button, “siganle” etc.
    If there is the possibility to customize the button (color) and the redirect url after the click, that would be great.
    Can you give us a code for this please?
    for Example:

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    Brajesh Singh on #44953

    Hi Christian,
    Please copy the buddypress/bp-templates//buddypress/members/members-loop.php to your theme/buddypress/members/members-loop.php and add the button in the loop.

    I have used in place of template pack. If you are using bp-nouvea, you should look into that otherwise in the bp-legacy .


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