admin-ajax.php loads in 3.5 seconds+

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    Vivek Mathur on #32924

    Hi just wanted to check if you had any suggestions for this. I am hosted on Siteground gogeek plan, and have very little traffic, yet my CPU utilisation is high and they have asked me to look at heartbeat.

    I checked hte admin-ajax.php takes 3.5s + to load.

    Any pointers on what i should be doing about this will be very helpful-

    thanks very much,

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    Ravi on #32927

    Hello Vivek,

    Thank you for the posting. There are some plugins or themes that perform some extra functionality using WordPress heartbeat API. Please try to disable plugins and switch to default theme temporarily and check if the issue still persists. If no, Please activate plugin one by one and check which one using heartbeat API and slowing down ajax.


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