Blog Categories for Groups does not post to Group Activity stream in all cases

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    Paul Henderson on #6988

    I thought this was a missing feature but the more I look at it, I believe it is a bug.

    I am using AutoBlog plugin (RSS feed plugin) to pull posts in to a user, then Blog Categories for Group to push that in to a related group’s blog. This works but the blogs do not show up into the Group Activity stream.

    I tested various combinations:
    – using the Simple Frontend post plugin you recommend for groups, I can manually create a blog and it will post to the group activity stream. It will also go into the group blog if a category is chosen on the front end.

    – Using Autoblog, I can autocreate blogs for a user (Using BuddPress User Blog plugin) and these will post to both the user blog and user activity page for the Member that is assigned to the feed.

    – However, Autoblogs assigned to a category then pulled by Blog Categories for Groups will only go into the Group blog, not the group activity feed.

    I would expect (and want) the Autoblogs that go to a group blog to also go to the group activity page so that members that are joined to that group will get these new blogs. For some reason this is not working.


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    Brajesh Singh on #6990

    Hi Paul,
    That is expected behavior.

    The things is we do not record any blog activity, BuddyPress does. When a blog activity is recorded by BuddyPress, we check if it was for a post submitted via the Simple Front End post(using a hidden field)
    and if yes, we alter the component/item id to represent that group.

    You will need to do that yourself for the imported posts if the activities are being created.

    Please see our implementation here


    Hope that helps.

    PS: Please use a better title in future. The current title is a bit misleading as the post to group activity works in case of Front End post based posting. Hope you won’r mind that.

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    Paul Henderson on #6993

    Thanks for the response. I understand what you’re saying that you are changing the post status for the group after submission for the Front End, but not on imports .

    I’m wondering why not do this for the imported posts? It seems confusing for the user to have blog updates that are not in the activity stream. I think users expect that when monitoring an activity stream it’s going to have all the activity.

    Is there a reason for not including imported blogs that I am missing? I don’t want to add this but cause another problem but I can’t think of anything.

    I looked at the php link. I’m not enough of a coder to make this enhancements myself. I’ll need to hire someone.

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