Blog Categories for Groups – new feature requirements

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    Venutius on #6123

    Hi Brajesh, as requested here is a fresh thread for my BCfG ask:

    1. My ask for paging on the Group>>Blog view has gone away as it seems to work now, not sure why it did not when I texted it in the past.

    2. Would it be possible for Posts using BCfG categories to create an activity update within the group? So in order words, when a post is published and it includes a category that is linked to that group then the group activity stream will show that post as a new item within the group?

    3. Would it be possible to have a setting where a group can only be associated with one category?

    4. Would it be possible for the Blog tab to show how many blogs have been associated to that group? So that group members would know at a glance if there are blogs to see before clicking on the tab?

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    Brajesh Singh on #6166

    Hi George,
    Thank you for opening it. I will be looking into it and will update you before the weekend.

    2. It is difficult when using post. A post type may not have multiple activity types for the same action. It is still possible to link to the group though.
    3. yes.
    4. Yes but I have always avoided it due to performance reasons. I will see if I can cache the counts. In that case , we can certainly provide the count then.

    Thank you

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    Paul Henderson on #6963

    Any word on #2 feature above? BCfG is wroking nicely with Simple front End Post for me. However it is confusing for users to not have the BCfG posts not show up in the activity stream. I would like the blog posts created by BCfG show in both the Group Blog and Activity stream so that Group members will see the new BCfG blogs through the normal stream.

    I notice that the Simple Front End Post does as expected post to both the blog and activity page. However when fed by BCfG, the simple front end does not seem to behave the same and post also to Activity.

    It seems like the current plugin is close but needs this seemingly small enhancement. Is there a code snippet that does this?

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