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    Renaat Sioncke on #44968

    I run into styling and image issues in my BuddyBlog publishing.
    Is there a roadmap to make BuddyBlog compatible with the block editor?

    In this article, I can not style the image in the classical editor used by BuddyBlog.

    So, de upgrade to the block editor of WP would allow me to style my picture, I guess. Or any other solution will be appreciated.

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    Brajesh Singh on #44973

    Hi Renaat,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    Gutenberg is not available for use in plugins as front end editor.
    BuddyBlog and BuddyBlog Pro does not support Gutenberg for that reason. You can use block editor in your site’s backend if needed. This plugin will not use them for front end.

    the assumption with BuddyBlog Classic editor is that you do not style your images individually, It is styled by your theme/css which used to happen in WordPress before Block Editor.


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