[Resolved] BuddyPress Activity Shortcode Load More

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    bigkahunaburger on #731

    Lie is not a strong word. It’s a very simple one. You say you are going to do something and either you do or you don’t. You didn’t post a fallow up saying it would take longer than you thought.

    Anyway… best of luck.

    Your not replying wasn’t the main reason we didn’t buy ongoing support. It was this reoccurring billing you have set up. I don’t own a gym membership for the same reason.

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    Brajesh Singh on #768

    Thank you.
    I am sorry that we had an argument. Where I live, we have a different notion of that specific word.

    Also, sorry about the confusion, On BuddyDev, there is no recurring membership or anything. It is on the buyers to renew it manually if they want or not. We do not renew anything automatically. Just clarifying.

    All the best to you too.
    Thank you

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