Buddypress ajax register , custom url

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    smart life on #12368



    I used this plugin

    There is “sign up” button

    How do i make “sign up” of bellow plugin will pop-up buddypress register via plugin “buddypress ajax register”

    What code should i added to child-theme php to make change it work as expect?

    2) Register buddypress form
    How do i add url after “complete sign up” button with extra 2 button as following
    + login
    + lost password


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    smart life on #12384

    Hi, don’t take care this topic yet. Let me try something more.

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    More clear.

    I cannot found the file https://domain.com/_auto.js?_req=L2ZvcnVt

    I don’t know why active your plugin appear this file, can you explain me?

    Please use chorme, inspect element/sources tab.

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    Brajesh Singh on #12410

    Hi Julia,
    That _auto.js is not part of our plugin. It is most probably generated by some javascript minifier plugin that you are using.

    1. I just had a look at the screenshot attached and if you see the code is from some WooCommerce related plugin in that file and not from ajax register. I can assure you that we are not adding it and you can verify the same by looking at the code.

    2. The size of the plugin is 38.8KB zipped since it includes a lightbox and css for lightbox. The lightbox is Magnific Popup.

    3. Auto activation is part of experience,. It emulates other social networks where a user gets logged in as soon s they create account. I can post a code to disable auto activation. That will disable auto login too.

    4. We are not adding any specific style. Very minimal and only layout structure. It will not inherit from BuddyPress as BuddyPress css is mostly namespanced under #buddypress but it will inherit from your theme’s default style for form/buttons.

    5. There is no security risk. If you think that you can check the name of the plugin directory in the browser, that is not a security risk. It is needed by all plugins who want to add some asset(js/css/images). I will suggest opening View Source and you will see your theme directory/plugins directory etc. It’s not a security risk. Non sanitized, improperly written coders are security risk.

    Hope that clarifies.


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    smart life on #12422

    Ok i slowly finger out issue. Will update later. Thank for explain.

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