[Resolved] BuddyPress Group Activities Notifier 1.0.5 (Opt out Option)

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    HansRuedi Keller on #26253

    Hi Brajesh,
    I tried to leave a comment here…
    …what no longer seems to be possible. That’s why my comment is here:

    «Should we allow users to opt out of the notifications?»
    Yes, please add the option to opt out in user settings. I think that’s a must have.

    «If yes, what should we do by default, keep them subscribed and allow to unsubscribe?»
    Yes, keep them subscribed.


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    Brajesh Singh on #26254

    Hi Hans,
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    At the moment, we do not have any intention to further develop this plugin.

    I am sorry, we won’t be adding any new features to i.


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