Introducing BP Group Activities Notifier plugin for BuddyPress

BP Group Activities Notifier plugin notifies group members of any new activities in his/her group.

It is based on simple idea to add a local notification for user(Like  other social networks) when any activity happens in his/her group.

Here is what it does currently.


  • Notifies members if someone posts an update in the group
  • Notifies members if a user joins the group
  • Notifies members if someone posts a new topic
  • Notifies members on new reply in the forum
  • Should work for any other plugin which adds activity in the group

Here is a couple of screenshots:-


Currently, in the initial release, it only locally notifies the users(Adds these to users notification list on the network).

I am looking forward to your suggestions for the future improvements. What do you think about these ?

  • Should we allow users to opt out of the notifications? If yes, what should we do by default, keep them subscribed and allow to unsubscribe ?
  • Should we send emails on new group activities?
  • Is there anything else you want to do ?

Please let me know your suggestions and I will be more than happy to have them in 🙂

Download & Installation:-

Link: – https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-group-activities-notifier/

Credits: The idea of the plugin was suggested by Jack  in our forums a week ago, so mine and your special thanks to him for the idea 🙂

This is the fourth plugin in the series of 17 plugins we are trying to release before BuddyPress 1.7. Why don't you suggest us a plugin if you need them, I promise, we will do our best to bring them to life 🙂

82 Responses to Introducing BP Group Activities Notifier plugin for BuddyPress

  • Hi Brajesh and thanks for all your work. To answer your questions I say:

    1. Should we allow users to opt out of the notifications? (YES) If yes, what should we do by default, keep them subscribed and allow to unsubscribe ? (GIVE TE OPTION IN THE JOIN PAGE, BY DEFAULT SUBSCRIBED IF IT CAN'T BE DONE IN JOIN PAGE, THEN UNSUBSCRIBED)



    • Hi Andres,
      Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

      I like the way you are suggesting it, we should provide a way to opt out. Putting it on registration does not seem like a good idea, I will put it in the user notification settings.

      For daily email, Boone's plugin already does that perfectly.

      I am sorry but I am not sure about the last point, Can you please clarify ?

      • Hi Brajesh

        I like that, in nottification settings is the best place. If by default is suscribed would be possible than joining the group displays a message telling the users they can change this in that page? maybe with a link to that page?

        About my last point (should be my english, sorry) I meant to have something like modules (as Jetpack) to select (with your different plugins) which of them to activate but all of this in just one plugin. I don't know to much about this but I think this let us use a lot of your great plugins with just one plugin activated instead of 3, 4… (BuddyDev free and premium pack?)

        Pleas let me know if I could explain myself.

        About Dario's reply, I like the idea of "New Group Activities (#)" when are most than one, now if You are in a lot of groups this could became spam.

        Thanks for your time, great plugin!

  • I think this is a great plugin and idea. It's sounds somewhat similar to BuddyPress Group Email Subscription. For me I think having an option to unsubscribe from these notifications is a must. If you have a large community they could really add up quickly and become an annoyance. I think if you could some how bundle these notifications into one notification such as: 'New Group Activities (#)' instead of individual notices that'd be great as well. Maybe by clicking it it'd send you to your groups tab under Activity. Sending emails would be another great option to keep people involved. For me, sending a daily digest of the activities would be more preferable than to sending one out with each new activity.

    • Hi Dario,
      Thank you for the comment.
      BP group Email subscription already does the email digests and I am not planning to work on that.

      Earlier, the first plan was to show the no. of new activities in group but I changed later for individual activity notification. I am putting it in for the final release before bp 1.7 🙂

      • Awesome. Can't wait to try it out. Then I don't think emails will be necessary unless there's an option to turn them off.

  • it would be great if everyone who commented a group post , would get notified on every new comment or reply made on the disscussion just like facebook. 🙂

    • Hi oklol,
      That's a good idea but my other plugin BP Activity comment notifier already does that for activity posts(Including group activity posts). By posts, do you mean group forum posts ?

  • Its an awesome plugin.

    Is there any possible way to edit the "group" name in plugin and change it to something else like "class" or "clan" and so on ?

    For example, can use the language file in BP to change name and stuff. Can this be done for this plugin ?

    Thanks and regards.

    • thanks ! noticed that late , ok the plugin seem to be complet all i can think of is a way to let members to able and disable what notification they want or they don't want , like the ability to disable notifications when somone join a group but get notified when somone post on the group. thank you

    • Hi Arch,
      @anusharma will be working on it tomorrow. We hope to have an update for you by the evening tomorrow.
      Thank you for your patience 🙂

    • hi , my website has somme huge activity on it , and people use groups too much that very time you login i get 100+ notification on groups , the problem is only with "joined a ground notifcations" if only you could help me please to make it so only group admins get notified that , or make group notification settings , like giving the abillity for users to pick the options of "unable get notified when somone join groups"

      that would be usefull for me , thanks 🙂

  • This plugin works great to let my members of groups know when activity has taken place within one of their groups. Nicely done! Thank you, Brajesh. I'm going to keep supporting BuddyDEV in to the future. Your craftsmanship is superb!

    • Hi Kevin,
      Thank you for your generous comments and support. I really appreciate it 🙂

  • An email notification would be a great addition to this plugin. It works perfectly locally, and to have one more means to be notified would be beautiful. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Kevin.

    • Sure. If you have asked it, I am adding it for my next iteration 🙂 will have before 1.7 is finally released.

  • Oh, wow. You are the best, Brajesh.

  • Brajesh, I have a question about the notifications for group activity — when the group is private. When a group is private, the notifications links don't lead back inside the group. Is this correct? They seem to lead back to the member's page who made the comment or performed the activity — except that all that displays is their background image (I'm using your profile background image plugin). When the group is public, however, the notifications links lead back inside the group without any problem. I wanted to tell you this in case you wanted to tweak this aspect of your plugin for the next release. I did not perform tests on a hidden group. I can this, if you wish. Thank you for all that you do. 🙂

  • Hi Brajesh,

    thanks for this amazing Plugin. It's almost working perfect. There's just one problem:
    For me the notification for new forum replies don't get deleted after I saw them. That means that I get more and more notifications.
    I'm using the build in (BP) forum solution and not the stand alone bbPress. Maybe that's causing the problem.

    Thank you so much!


    • Hi Brajesh,

      as I love this Plugin so much I just keep it activated. But now there's a list of 20 notifications about an forum reply. So there seems to be a bug. "New group member", "new message",… is working fine. Just "xxx answered a forum topic …" is not working.

      It would be great if you could give me a hint. 😉

      Thanks a lot!

    • Hi-
      I've found this same issue. I think I'd rather the link didn't work at all, than have it lead to a blank page! The same thing occurs whether the group is hidden or private.
      Sooo close to perfect!

    • Hi-
      I’ve found this same issue. I think I’d rather the link didn’t work at all, than have it lead to a blank page! The same thing occurs whether the group is hidden or private.
      Sooo close to perfect!

      (This is a duplicate reply – sorry, I replied to the wrong post earlier!)

    • HI Phillip,
      sorry I missed your posts and did not reply. I am looking at it.

      !@ Phillip, @ Adam,
      Can you please confirm if you are using the bbpress plugin or the bbpress old forum?

      • Sorry, I replied to the wrong comment. So here again: Thanks for your answer and please apologize my late reply. I’m using the build in bbpress of BuddyPress. Might this cause the error?

  • hi , my website has somme huge activity on it , and people use groups too much that very time you login i get 100+ notification on groups , the problem is only with “joined a ground notifcations” if only you could help me please to make it so only group admins get notified that , or make group notification settings , like giving the abillity for users to pick the options of “unable get notified when somone join groups”
    that would be usefull for me , thanks

    • Sorry, I was busy with something else. Are you still looking for it ?

    • Thanks for your answer and please apologize my late reply. I'm using the build in bbpress of BuddyPress. Might this cause the error?

  • Hi Brajesh,
    Great feature this plugin provides. Any chance you can add a "clear all" button that would clear all the notifications for the logged in member?

    • Hi Vernon,
      Thank you for the comment.
      I am sorry I could not reply earlier. We already have a plugin for that? Do you mean adding the same functionality to this plugin to. Please try Bp clear all notifications plugin. That should work.

      Please do let me know if that is not what you are looking for.

    • yes, that would be great
      for example to let user notified only when a post is made by the admin or mods of the page (like facebook)

      and maybe the admins and mods of group get notified on all activities 🙂

  • Hi,

    I installed this plugin but I founf out a bug.
    For instance, if an action has been done: ex: member accepted in a group, the notification appear, then if the group is closed or whatever, and the user login he will see the notification but it will be blank.

    Do someone faced the same problem ?
    Do you know if its possible to add a button such as "'clear notification"…. It could be quite useful !!!! which code should be add ?

    Thank you a lot.

  • Hi ! Yes Thank you a lot, I download and installed this pluging, which was working great, however now i upgrate to 3.5.2, I found out the plugin was not more working/ at least the "clear button" doest not appear 🙂

    Thank you,


  • Hi Brajesh

    If I delete an update from the group activity stream e.g 'John Smith joined group X' the notification is not deleted from wp_bp_notifications in the database. This means that I end up with blank notifications in the notification drop down…

    thank you


    • Hi Joe,
      in fact, you are right. It seems to be a bug. Will have some fix this weekend. Thank you for taking time to report.

      • Hi Brajesh

        Have you made any progress with this?


        • Hi Jo,
          Got struck with some personal things last week and was away for a couple of days, s could not make much progress. Just been back to work yesterday, so hoping to update this week.

  • Hi-
    I absolutely LOVE this plugin (and its companions).
    I have found, though, that when you click on a Private or Hidden group's notification, the page comes up blank. When you switch the group to Public, the message appears. Is this by design?

    I’d rather the link didn’t work at all – or perhaps just link to the group activity page, than have it lead to a blank page.

    Sooo close to perfect!

    • Hi Adam,
      Thank you for the comment. I was not aware of the blank page issue. Please allow me 2-3 days to update this plugin.


    • Hi Brajesh, Do you have an update yet?

  • Joe #

    This works well, but I seem to have a problem when something has been deleted, as it shows up as blank in the notifications section and if you click there it takes you to a 404 page and doesn't remove itself from the notifications drop-down.

    • Hi Joe,
      Thank you for the comment. That issue was reported earlier but I could not find time to update it. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Fo now, please use bp clear notification plugin. I am trying to find some time this week to update it. Will let you knwo how it goes.


  • Hi,

    I vote for option to choose what notifications to include.
    In my case, I would like to notify members only about "posts" and nothing else…

    Perfectly would be to notify only about "group Admins posts"… (posts that only admin or moderator posted)


  • I would also like to suggest:
    – to include avatar of the "group" or the person who posted…(perfectly would be to be able to choose which avatar to show)
    – to include "post text" (X amount of letters) in the notification


  • Hi Brajesh,

    My group activity notifications works perfect for the Public Group but as for the Private groups only one works but not the rest. The one that works is notifying the member when he joins. I need all the other notifications like member wall update and comments notifications. I 'am running on buddy press 2.2.1 plugin and my theme is the boss theme or login to my test social site and chech it out 'http://gabaspotwifi.net/gabs ' Thanks Guise Vere.

  • Hi,

    It is an awesome plugin. I've just tried it and it worked super. I believe sending emails option is a must. it is gonna be just like facebook!

    Thanks guys for your efforts

  • Hi, I love this plugin, it's perfect for my social community!
    Unfortunately, i've got just one problem.

    I've both bbpress and buddypress installed
    When someone post a normal update on a group, the notification appeared and disappeared when the user read it.
    However, when a post il published on a bbpress group topic, the notification appeared but doesn't disappeared when the user read it.

    There is a way to fix it? ^^

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Elan,
      Thank you for the comment. It is a possible bug. Please give me 24-48 hours and I will update the plugin.

      Thank you

      • Hi Brajesh, thanks for your work! ^_^
        Have you got any lucky with the bug?

        Wish you a great week!

      • I am having this same problem, how can I fix this? The idea for this plug in is great but this bug is making it unusable.

        • Hi Dario,
          I am sorry I am not sure of the current status. Will invest sometime this Tuesday and let you know/update the plugin.

          Thank you

      • Tom #

        This did not get fixed, there is a ticket open for this bug report already:
        Please read your issues.

        • Hi Tom,
          Thank you. Noticed your reply on the github. It seems all the issue are related to bbPress forums. I will need at least 2-3 days to do a test/update.

          Will update you on github.

          Thank you.

  • Hi,
    this is a perfect plugin. It perfectly does that what I need. Its mandatory that group members see what happened in his/her group. Thanks for that!

    I just need one feature in advance. Because when you starting a new community your member count is not too big which daily checking the site. Therefore its really important that when someone posted into the group, that all group members get for the notification an email in advance. It should hook into the same notification as the other does in the core. Like when someone sends you a private message.

    I have also tried out the mentioned plugin, but thats not what I need.
    Can you add these feature?

    Then it would be perfect.

    • Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for the comment.

      Though I won't be able to add this feature in the plugin itself, I will be happy to provide you some code snippet to make it work like you have described. Please create a topic in our forum and I will post the code there. Just to be sure, you want to send email notification to all members on each new activity?

      • Did this forum ever happen? I am having the same issue, and the email group plugin I am using sends all notifications etc, but it is not sending initial topics for some reason, which is what we need most.

        Any updates on this?

        • Hi David,
          I am sorry but this plugin does not support forum topic notification. It is only about group activities notifications.

      • Hi Brajesh,
        would be interested in a solution like this aswell. Did you manage to hook into the Email notification system of Buddypress?
        Is there a chance to let group members decide, if they want to get emails for each activity or a daily summary or no email notifications? I know, the Group Email Subscription Plugin does this but not supporting the Buddypress/Wordpress Email notifications.

        • Hi Mario,
          I am sorry for the delayed reply.
          It is one of the small plugins I did in free time and I honestly don't have time to invest on it at the moment. I am sorry but I won't be able to add any new features at the moment due to other priorities.

  • Hi,
    is there a way to stop the notifications when someone join a group?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Raffaele,
      Thank you for asking. Please upgrade to 1.0.2 and then you can use the following snippet in your bp-custom.php


      Hope that helps.


      • Thank you very much for answering.
        I've tried to do this, but creating bp-custom.php give me error when users try to login (Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress). Is there any other way to use the snippet?

  • Hi

    Good work… Excellent add on… Here i need to stop notifying people about new member joining group.. This would be great help to avoid to many notification to the group members..

  • Hi Brajesh,
    I've noticed an error on this 'You Don’t have permission to do this' to users below administrator level and the notifications don't go the the group with the notification, it just refreshes the page you're on as admin, below admin it refreshes the page and give the error message above.

    • Disregard my post, I narrowed the issue down to the 'BuddyPress Lock Unlock Activity' plugin, Was giving users the error 'You Don’t have permission to do this' on any notifications they had, be it group/comment/reply, only thing that worked right was the private message.

  • Is there a way to let members opt out of the notification but stay in the group?

    • Hi Robert,
      Currently there is no way to do it. It can be added in future though. We can provide the options to user to receive notification(Like a button on the group to subscribe/unsubscribe).
      I won't be able to update for next 1-2 weeks due to my schedule but will love to take on it after that.

      Thank you

  • Just discovered and love this plug in. Is there a version where users can decide which groups they receive notifications? Right now, my site is small enough to where having notifications on every group post is nice, but in the future, it might get excessive when there are a lot of users on it.

    • Hi Ken,
      Thank you.

      Completely agree with your points. At the moment, BuddyPress does not have the system to allow per group notification control. It can be either all or none. It can be added in this plugin, but at the moment, we are not in a position to spend time on this.

      Thank you

  • Hello Brajesh, I am using your nice plugin on a network where members cannot display activity page. So that when they click on a notification, they are redirected to a 404.
    So I would need to be able to send them directly to the group page the notification comes from.
    May you help, or maybe others would be interested in choosing where to redirect members after clicking on a notification, and this could be an option on your plugin ?

    Thanks for your attention

  • Is this plugins still developed and compatible with newer versions of buddypress

  • Is this plugin still being updated. Was it tested with a latest buddypress version ?

    • Yes, The plugin is tested with the latest version of BuddyPress and it works.