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    Jimmy Cheung on #34907

    Hi Brajesh,

    OMG! I realized buddypress 7.0 has database problems!!! Took me a long time to see it. By luck, I uploaded the 6.4, the errors is gone, worked on the users field again. It’s all good.

    They all are now totally separated by gender and counts.


    PMPro Add-on? Can you tell me which add-on plugin I need to download?

    Also, when I set the membership level, does it HAVE TO set the same Member Type name, or set as FREE , Silver, Gold that it will automatic interact within PMPro and Member Type Pro plugin?

    Please advise on add-on and membership level setting,
    Thanks Jimmy

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    Brajesh Singh on #35390

    Hi Jimmy,
    Marking it resolved as the issue with role was fixed in member types pro earlier.


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