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    Chetan Sonar on #19200


    I am trying to add some fields in the registration page but not succeeded. Check below screenshots of my settings, kindly help to rectify the issue :

    1) User profile fields : https://prnt.sc/lq6b9x

    2) LMS settings registration form : https://prnt.sc/lq67zd

    3) buddypress settings : https://prnt.sc/lq67yl

    4) WPLMS buddypress : https://prnt.sc/lq681r

    Result : still it is showing the default registration page : https://prnt.sc/lq680n

    I have also tried copying the shortcode of the registration form see the output here : https://prnt.sc/lq6g6b

    The only thing I would like to highlight is, I am using multisite environment so to add profile fields I have to use Network admin dashboard.

    I am worried, what I am missing here.


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    Brajesh Singh on #19201

    Hi Matt,
    I am sorry but I am unable to provide assistance for 3rd party themes/plugins which are not related to us in anyway. Our community support is limited to BuddyPress. I will suggest contacting WPLMS or the other plugin developers for assistance.


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    Brajesh Singh on #19202

    I had another look.
    Since you are limiting fields to member types, BuddyPress won’t show them on registration page.

    If you need field on registration page, do not limit them to certain member type.


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