BuddyPress Profile Visibility Manager – Feature Request

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    Dave228 on #6768

    Hello Brajesh,

    I just installed the BuddyPress Profile Visibility Manager plugin and it looks awesome.

    Currently the plugin makes changes to ALL profiles. I have used your Member Type Creator plugin to create new member types. What I really need now is a way to control visibility between the member types.

    It looks like I could do this with your BuddyPress Profile Visibility Manager plugin IF I could apply the features each of the new member types that I created.

    Can you modify the BuddyPress Profile Visibility Manager plugin for me to work like this or is there another plugin you think I should checkout.


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    Brajesh Singh on #6771

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you.
    Can you please help me understand it a little more.

    1. Do you want to let users update their setting or you as site admin want to have the control only for yourself?

    2. Do you want to apply the settings to everyone based on member type. Can you please provide me an example to help me understand. I will be very happy to add the feature.

    Thank you

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    Dave228 on #6780

    Hello Brajesh,

    1) Full admin control. If you can do both great. See below for optimal control.

    2) You kind of know my project so I won’t elaborate too far here.
    Basically I want to control who and what my users can see regarding their profiles and if possible, the individual Xprofile fields.

    To really do this right, I should have control over the whole profile as well as the individual profile fields becasue I have needs to hide entire profiles from certain users, and other needs where I only want to hide certain Xprofile fields from certain users.

    If I had visibility settings like Admin only, Member Types, and WP Roles that would be great. I would need to be able to mix and match these methods for selecting who could see a profile, or Xprofile field. Meaning I might need to select a couple member types, or WP roles to define the setting.

    Selection Definitions.
    Admin only – would be like hidden, except admin would see it.
    Member types – should include custom made ones.
    WP roles – should include custom made ones, as well as the standard WP ones.
    Friends – users friends would be able to see this field.

    User Deferred – This could be a way for the admin to allow the user to decide who can see the field. Admin can not be denied visibility.

    Question – Can you make it possible for users to create more than 1 list of friends? that would be pretty cool.

    I know these requests are probably a nightmare to accomplish but I figure I may as well ask for everything and then settle for what is reasonable.

    Thanks for your time.

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